Friday, March 14, 2014

Ali Birra - 5 albums [ low bitrate]

       Ali Birra (born September 29, 1947) is a famous Oromo singer, composer, poet and nationalist. He was born in Ganda Kore village in the city of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.

Ali Birra - [1992] - Sin Afán

Ali Birra - [1998] - Hin Yaadin

Ali Birra - [2005] - Jaalala Biyyaa

Ali Birra - [2005] - Remix

Ali Birra - [2009] - Falmi Mirga Keetiif & Barnoota


2b0rn0t0b said...

Feilimid O'Broin said...
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Feilimid O'Broin said...

I know some listeners loathe low bit speeds but I'll take whatever you offer and am just grateful that you expend the time and energy to provide this music for us. I have a fair amount of Ethiopian albums, tapes, and compact discs but this blog has expanded my knowledge and appreciation greatly. There is so much great music that I often download and overlook remarking on what is posted but silence doesn't translate into lack of appreciation and gratitude.

I will always be madly in love with Aster Aweke, Mahmoud Ahmed, and Gigi Shebawbaw and other vocalists but I have gained a great appreciation for Ethiopian jazz musicians from your posts. Thanks for all you do and please continue keeping on keeping on. There is no other blog of which I am aware that offers this music in such depth

2b0rn0t0b said...

Feilimid, thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Felimid O'Broin. Could you be kind enough to share us Ethiopian Musics you have. Thank you.