Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Teddy Mak - Time Out [2013] [ethiopia]

       TEDDY MAK has been a composer, arranger, producer, songwriter, and an accomplished performer for over twenty eight years. He is one of the pioneer, performer and major contributor to the development of Ethiopia's innovative 'new age' music. 

     Teddy Mak developed a passion formusic in German school Addis Abeba at an early age of eight, which was accompanied with hours of rigorous practice on the piano at home. Teddy’s youthful talent was enthusiastically supported by his father, Teddy's family provided an enabling environment that encouraged young Teddy to put in enough hours of practice on the piano which laid a firm foundation for his life’s work in Ethiopian music. Teddy Mak first studied music at the Yared Music School in Addis Ababa, which was followed by studying music, majoring in American Jazz, at the Northern Virginia Community College. He had his chance playing with great bands, which included, among others, the Shebelles, the Dahlacs and the Ethiostar band in Addis Ababa. This was the time when Teddy Mak got a chance to meet and perform with Bob Marley at the Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa.

     Throughout his career, he has compiled and created numerous melodic sounds and rhythmical beats that have made his musical compositions distinguishable. His masterful compilations have been soothing the ears of a broad range of listeners, for the past 3- decades. 

Teddy Mak - Wetatuan Lidj

     Teddy Mak’s musical accomplishments include over 573 arrangments and musical compositions, a cultural musical presentation, in the presence of delegates from fifty countries, at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Addis Ababa, composed sound tracks for twenty five documentary films and, wrote original soundtrack for a fifty-four segment Ethiopian movie drama series “Gemena” for Ethiopian TV. 

   Teddy Mak has presented a commissioned musical presentation and album on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the African Union.

Teddy Mak - 01 - Sam Mak CV (7:31)
Teddy Mak - 02 - Langano Endless Cruise in Minor (5:43)
Teddy Mak03 - Celebration Song Tribute for Au 50th Anniversarry (5:46)
Teddy Mak - 04 - Time Out (26:05)
Teddy Mak - 05 - Ethio Mak Jazz (7:33)
Teddy Mak - 06 - Tribute for Girma Beyene Set Alamnim T. Mak Style (5:47)
Teddy Mak - 07 - Mak Funk (5:57)
Teddy Mak - 08 - Ghion (6:38)
Teddy Mak - 09 - B.rock Chichica (3:47)
Teddy Mak - 10 - Mak House (5:48)