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Tilahun Gessesse - Tilahun Gessesse Vol 1 & 2 [2001] [ethiopia]

                       R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

Volume 1

01. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Alchalkum (5:15)
02. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Engudaye Neshi (5:08)
03. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Fikir Lebechaye (4:14)
04. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Meleyayet Mot New (4:17)
05. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Migibima Motlwal (3:32)
06. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Monalisaye Neshi (5:55)
07. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Sema (4:18)
08. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Yehiywote Hiywot (4:32)
09. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Yene Mastwawesha (5:26)

Volume 2

01. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Akal Aynishin (7:33)
02. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Bemisht Chereka (4:48)
03. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Ere Men Yeshalegnal (5:33)
04. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Ewdish Neber (5:40)
05. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Hulunem Neger Ayichewalehu (4:35)
06. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Japanwan WoDJe (7:19)
07. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Min Largechew (4:59)
08. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Min Yilalu Sewoch (3:50)
09. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Ououta Ayaskefam (5:09)
10. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Satewadegne Wodijayat (4:12)
11. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Tiz Alegn Yetentu (4:24)
12. Tlahoun Gèssèssè - Yehiyote Ater Nesh (4:09)

Monday, May 29, 2017

Tamene Mekonnen - Tamene Mekonnen and His Krar [ethiopia]

Interview with Kirar Player Tamene Mekonnen - Part 1

Tamene Mekonnen - 01 - Che belew (7:32)
Tamene Mekonnen - 02 - Hulum sew (5:04)
Tamene Mekonnen - 03 - Ambassel (6:49)
Tamene Mekonnen - 04 - Tekelkel (4:37)
Tamene Mekonnen - 05 - Tezeta (3:51)
Tamene Mekonnen - 06 - Gum - gum (2:31)
Tamene Mekonnen - 07 - Fanno - Erminew menew (5:37)
Tamene Mekonnen - 08 - Gra gebagn (4:07)
Tamene Mekonnen - 09 - Temesgen (4:21)
Tamene Mekonnen - 10 - Ibakesh atrakign (3:32)
Tamene Mekonnen - 11 - Ante ager zor bel (6:15)
Tamene Mekonnen - 12 - Satenaw (5:02)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Lemen Yewashal [2010] [ethiopia]

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   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   


Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Shemanena Fetaye

1. Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Lemen Yewashal (4:34)
2. Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Shemanena Fetaye (6:56)
3. Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Shuruba & Loti (8:12)
4. Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Festal (5:26)
5. Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Dengayena Biret (6:38)
6. Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Yetnbualel Visa (7:18)
7. Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Tewmenew (5:06)
8. Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Work Work (6:52)
9. Fenta Bele & Alemayehu Tesfaye - Tewdemam (5:30)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reshad Kedir - Reshad 2 [2014] [ethiopia]

Reshad Kedir - Nunaw

Reshad Kedir - 01 - Reshad (01) (5:11)
Reshad Kedir - 02 - Reshad (02) (5:37)
Reshad Kedir - 03 - Reshad (03) (1:44)
Reshad Kedir - 04 - Reshad (04) (5:47)
Reshad Kedir - 05 - Reshad (05) (4:46)
Reshad Kedir - 06 - Reshad (06) (4:39)
Reshad Kedir - 07 - Reshad (07) (5:30)
Reshad Kedir - 08 - Reshad (08) (5:05)
Reshad Kedir - 09 - Reshad (09) (4:22)
Reshad Kedir - 10 - Reshad (10) (6:01)
Reshad Kedir - 11 - Reshad (11) (6:06)
Reshad Kedir - 12 - Reshad (12) (4:46)
Reshad Kedir - 13 - Reshad (13) (4:32)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mahmoud Ahmed - Tizita vol 1 [1996] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

01. Mahmoud Ahmed - ANCHI BALE GAME (6:43)
02. Mahmoud Ahmed - YENURO METENSHIN (6:14)
03. Mahmoud Ahmed - TEYIKESH TEREJI (6:35)
04. Mahmoud Ahmed - ASHKARO (4:40)
05. Mahmoud Ahmed - TIZITA (11:10)
06. Mahmoud Ahmed - TEW LIMED GELAYE (7:55)
07. Mahmoud Ahmed - TERESASH WOY (5:08)
08. Mahmoud Ahmed - ENGEDAYE NESH (2:55)
09. Mahmoud Ahmed - YESHI HAREGITU (3:31)
10. Mahmoud Ahmed - ENDEGENA (4:49)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pamfalon - Dersual [2013] [ethiopia]

       By combining element’s of Hip-Hop and Reggae, Pamfalon’s music gives a refreshingly honest look at the everyday life struggles and the uncertainty that lies within all of us. Aside from his unique and eclectic delivery, his music offers inspiration and lyrical substance that seems to be lacking in contemporary Ethiopian music. His artistry represents a lifestyle inevitable to a globally connected society.

      This marks the core of a revolution in Ethiopian Hip-Hop history. He may not be a household name yet but Pamfalon is on the fast track.

Pamfalon - Dersual


Let’s start with where you were born and when you moved to Germany
I was born in Ethiopia. I was 8 when i moved to Germany, and that was 1994.

You have an interesting name, what does Pamfalon mean? How did you come up with it?

I was a fifth grader when we first read a story about a guy called Pamphalon. He was described as a man of this world and was an imposer. There was another man in the same story who spent most of his life on an isolated rock praising God. He was always asking God for a like-minded person. One day God sends him to Phamphalon, to make a spiritual connection. He was very sad and upset, why God would send him to Pamphalon, who seems to be very worldly. God’s response was, that he shall not look on the outside but the inside of a person. I was inspired by this story and therefore decided my alias to be Pamfalon from the first day I started to rap. Back then, I had no idea about life. The more I matured, I realized that this name was meant to be mine.

How did it all start for you, your love for making music? Did you always have a passion for music?

Growing up in a foreign country without parents, I was looking for role models that would fit to me. And those Youth Care Workers were simply not it. On the other side, there was Hip Hop which happened to rescue me. I think, it was 97 where I started rapping and fell in love with it. From then it was just a logical progress; studying the Elements of Hip Hop, and do whatever I had to do, to be “real” in terms of Hip Hop.
I have to say I was not mature yet, all the things I was rapping about was not representing what I stand for now. How can you know about life when you are 15 or 16? But I was noticing that I was blessed with some talent. Then there was a time I decided to take time from the music world, because real life was chasing me, or the other way around. Though I did not stop freestyling and so forth, my focus has slowly shifted.

Your sound is very distinctive and different, especially in your most recent songs, How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I think other people should describe it, but there are a lot of different influences in me so it just happens to be this style, my style. I like all kinds of music by now, so the genre would be Pamfalon…

Who produces your music?

Well, it is different from song to song. Sometimes I just voice a riddim I like, or friends send it to me and I voice it, or I just produce it ; all vocal recordings, compositions and mixing are done by myself. All the projects I am working on right now are produced by myself starting from the scratch. There might be a solo guitar or a brass element that a friend of mine will play for me, but 95% is done by myself.

And Qedamawi Records?

Qedamawi Records, is a Music Label that my brother and me put together. Pamfalon is not the only artist on this label. We have really good artists that will make their way within the next years. It is going to be an Ethiopian Label to release authentic music.

You like to talk about real life struggles in your music, what inspires your song writing?

Whenever I write a song, I am always inspired by life. It is just a way I get over things. I won’t just sing about an issue and leave you there without a solution, but provide it within the lyrics, hoping it inspires someone dealing with the same issues.
I learned early enough that, whenever I open my mouth and talk through a microphone, no bullshit shall I spit. The melodies and styles just come while I create.

What do you want the message in your music to be?

The one and only message I always want to get across my music is God’s existence. We Ethiopians know that, but when you grow up surrounded by non believers, you even start to doubt sometimes. So whenever I mention God in my songs, it is not like I am bragging about my spirituality, but I want to encourage other to hold on to their faith.
Another thing, which is also on my agenda, but not in many songs yet, is Ethiopianisim. It is so exciting being Ethiopian, but what does it mean being Ethiopian? I do not have the perfect formula yet, but I give my best to find it out. I think all blessings come with a task, and need a careful treat, so I want my talent to be a contribution to my people. Though I haven’t contributed anything to my country yet, it is my engine that keeps me going each day.
And of course there are some other things I sing about, all I can say is that I am just a man with emotions and feelings. I am nor perfect or the best, but I try to be as real as I can get.

If you were to describe life, how would you put it into words?


Who are your greatest musical influences?

Probably not different from those of my Generation. But if I was forced to name just 5 : I would say Tupac.

Lastly, what would you like to get out from your music in the next few years?

I am working on my EP now, and also producing songs for other Qedmawi artists. I don’t want to put any pressure on me and talk about any deadline. It is done when it is done. Those who are following me, will now it early enough.

Pamfalon - 01 - Hypnotic (2:50)
Pamfalon - 02 - Almeshem (3:31)
Pamfalon - 03 - Dersual (3:48)
Pamfalon - 04 - I need you (2:50)
Pamfalon - 05 - Kokeb (4:22)
Pamfalon - 06 - Inasibihalen (Ft. Jacky Gosee) (4:04)
Pamfalon - 07 - Hedech Embi Bela (3:20)
Pamfalon - 08 - Idersalew (3:10)
Pamfalon - 09 - Inkwan Aderesen (3:29)
Pamfalon - 10 - Ithiopian Gyal (2:13)

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Enana Dubale - Cora Cora [2000] [ethiopia]

       Singer Enana Dubale was born in Gonder region. She descended from a family that has a line of famous traditional singer who took music seriously as a profession. Enana joined the proud family tradition early in singing cultural Amharic songs accompanied by a male “Masinko” (a string instrument resembling cello) player. She was doing this entertainment business moving from one refreshment spot to the other. Although the experience is hard there is no doubt that through the process she acquired as excellent voice control develop an ability of having a deeper breath.

       Enana is one of the groups of five singers collectively known by their mothers name “Ergoye” consisting of her their 3 sisters and a brother.

      This group of five came to the notice of the larger due to an album released under the name “Ergoyewoch”.

    She became well known by the public due to the song “Chir Sil Alwedim” and later her other individual album “Cora Cora” was a hit that definatly placed her among the best known young talents.

Enana Dubale - Almaze

            Enana Dubale, the member of the famous Ethiopian singers ` The Dubale families`` A.k.a " the five Ergoyes" died in august 2014.  

             Known for her collaboration with Artist Abebe Befekadu in the traditional song “Gomlalaye”, Enana has been receiving treatment at a hospital in Addis before she passed away. Sources said, the late Enana was working on her new album. The 35 years old Enana Dubale released a total of five albums including collaboration with her family members. Enana is survived by her three kids.

Enana Dubale - 01 - Gojam Yegenagnale (4:02)
Enana Dubale - 02 - Kebiraraw Gondere (5:59)
Enana Dubale - 03 - Ahun Ahunima (4:44)
Enana Dubale - 04 - Hedkulih (5:15)
Enana Dubale - 05 - Cora Cora (4:22)
Enana Dubale - 06 - Almaze Atebelegn Dar Dar (4:40)
Enana Dubale - 07 - Atebelegn Dar Dar (5:07)
Enana Dubale - 08 - Hulem Na (6:42)
Enana Dubale - 09 - Sewedih Wededuh (5:14)
Enana Dubale - 10 - Siwer Sew (4:24)
Enana Dubale - 11 - Enes Bagere (5:42)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Girum Gizaw [aka Tinishu Girum] - [2016] - Color [ethiopia] [2008EC]

       Girum Gizaw is one of the renowned jazz artists in Ethiopia. After he got his first degree from the music college in Addis, He directly started to play jazz music in different band. He has over ten years of experience in music industry. During those years he has performed with various well known bands in the country such as Blue Notes and Axumite. Girum founded a band called Meleket six years ago. The band has become one of the regular features of Addis’s jazz music scene and offers a brand of “Ethio-Jazz” music that is built upon a seamless fusion of jazz tunes with Southern Ethiopian Ethnic rhythms and musical arrangements.

Girum Gizaw - Color

       Girum Gizaw who is one of the well-known young Ethiopian jazz guitarist and composer to release his long awaited album this June titled Kelem or Colors. Growing up in the church Girum got exposed to music at early age.

         Having more deep and rich blend of sounds Girum’s playing  easily connect  whether you are a professional musician or a lay music lover you will clearly notice this distinct sound that separating him from what you are normally used to hearing.

           Girum  explains this by reveling that his music is not only derived from different techniques and forms of playing taken from what he’s observed from other African sounds but also by extracting the different African dialects and the accentuations of different individual sub divisions of tribes. His musical interpretation of languages of this multi-cultural continent makes his music one of a kind and creates a mystical and unforgettable journey in to the unfamiliar world of creativity and beauty that defines Africa in her wholeness.

       It is clear for anyone who listens to the sounds of this young, deeply talented musician that his biggest form of reflection comes from the southern part of Ethiopia. To this he accredits his biggest inspiration “the godfather of Ethio-Jazz” Mulatu Astatke. And the icing on the cake was when Girum had the chance to perform on the same stage with this living legend. He says it’s a moment like no other and one he’ll never forget.133

      While it is safe to say that Girum has come a long way with his music in his short years it was no smooth sailing. To him his biggest achievement is his band, Meleket Band. This band has been around for the past 7 years and it is one of the very few all jazz bands in the country. Their style focuses on the different Ethiopian cultural sounds with a fusion of jazz creating an amazing blend of experimental Ethiopian jazz. This is no new thing for Ethiopia but for sure anyone who has ever heard this band perform will attest to their creative interpretation. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that they’ve defiantly redefined the narrow understanding of Ethio-Jazz that people had.

         What makes this band special for Girum is that this band came at a crucial time for him. After graduating from Music school, Girum had joined a few pop bands just to make a little extra cash. After that he joined a Jazz band called Blue note yet this band also stopped performing after working together for 2 years. It was hard for Girum to get back up and start yet another band. But it was during this time he got together with two of his close friends Abiy W/mariyam and Mebratu Shewa and created the now amazing band Meleket. And after 7 years of performing together they are still high and running to this day. This is a true, inspirational achievement for not only the members of the band but to all other aspiring musicians.

        Girum Gizaw’s life is defiantly like an exhilarating and freeing roller coaster ride. That has its own share of challenges and victories. And Girum has tried very hard to depict all these moments in his upcoming Album.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kennedy Mengesha - Kennedy Mengesha [ethiopia]

       Singer Kennedy (Kenedi) Menegesha died at the age of 29 and in his short lived carrier, he left behind 57 songs through 9 cassettes that he presented to the public. Kazzanchis was his last residence before his untimely death.

    The reason he got the name "Kennedy" is that he was born in november 1963, the assassination month and year of J.F.Kennedy (35th President of the United States from January 1961 until he was assassinated in November 1963).

       Kennnedy  Mangesha was one of Ethiopia's top modern artists with a string of hits to his credit. Beautifully backed by the Roha Band with their usual fast paced sax and guitar line up. Great vocals with Kennedy weaving and warbling his way through the octaves. Lovely.

Kennedy Mengesha - Zares (ዛሬስ)

Kennedy Mengesha - 01 - Andd Neng (7:45)
Kennedy Mengesha - 02 - Gella Yennee (4:41)
Kennedy Mengesha - 03 - Akal Deme (6:21)
Kennedy Mengesha - 04 - Be Mela (6:09)
Kennedy Mengesha - 05 - Gela (5:38)
Kennedy Mengesha - 06 - Demam (6:21)
Kennedy Mengesha - 07 - Atkelkluat (5:22)
Kennedy Mengesha - 08 - Yemata Yemata (5:50)
Kennedy Mengesha - 09 - Yefikir Geday (4:20)
Kennedy Mengesha - 10 - Esti Felguat (6:23)
Kennedy Mengesha - 11 - Yaleamalaji (5:12)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hamelmal Abate - Marewa [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

   Hamelmal Abate, born in Harar, Ethiopia, is the queen of Ethiopian music. Her incredible voice and timeless arrangements appeal to traditional and modern tastes alike, which is why her live shows play to sold out crowds around the world.


01. Hamelmal Abate - Behig Belulign (5:48)
02. Hamelmal Abate - Ehud Bemaleda (5:26)
03. Hamelmal Abate - Marewa (7:07)
04. Hamelmal Abate - Tew Demam (4:57)
05. Hamelmal Abate - Anten New (7:06)
06. Hamelmal Abate - Leyu Jano (6:23)
07. Hamelmal Abate - Gelaye Zemede (6:27)
08. Hamelmal Abate - Nafikehalehu (7:51)
09. Hamelmal Abate - Manem Sew Alireta (4:18)
10. Hamelmal Abate - Essalihalehu (4:46)

Kuku Sebsebe - Akal Demame [ethiopia[

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

01. Kuku Sebsebe - Akal Demame (5:27)
02. Kuku Sebsebe - Fikir Keager Lij New (6:01)
03. Kuku Sebsebe - Yechi Nech Sefere (6:59)
04. Kuku Sebsebe - Demo Demo (5:27)
05. Kuku Sebsebe - Rikogn Seferu (3:51)
06. Kuku Sebsebe - Alem Shega (5:25)
07. Kuku Sebsebe - Bitmetalign Maldeh (4:25)
08. Kuku Sebsebe - Tizita (9:19)
09. Kuku Sebsebe - Fikrihin Anike (5:14)
10. Kuku Sebsebe - Ajire Mewded (5:55)