Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tadesse Alemu - missing/unknown album [ethiopia]

Tadesse Alemu (Amharic: ታደሠ ዓለሙ) was an Ethiopian singer from Wollega who sang traditional Ethiopian songs, sometimes Christian-based, in an upbeat pop-music style with the modern-day electronic instrumentation that is characteristic of today's Ethiopian popular music. His sound, comprised primarily of traditional songs, made liberal use of electronic instrumentation.

Tadesse Alemu - Arada

Active since 1997, nothing was known about his origins. However, an interview with Alemu's wife on Voice of Ethiopia radio during fall 2007 confirmed that he had become sick and died that July in Addis Ababa of a short disease, which resulted from an infection that was caused by a stabbing wound from several years previously that had not healed properly, just before he was set to leave the country on a concert tour.

Tadesse Alemu - Partial discography:

Ethiopian Wedding Songs (1997)
Erikum (1998 or 1999)
Mahider Zema (2000)
Mishamisho (2001)
Wedding Songs (2003)

Tadesse Alemu ታደሰ ዓለሙ - 01 - የአውዳመት ቀን (5:20)
Tadesse Alemu ታደሰ ዓለሙ - 02 - ነይ ደማ (5:58)
Tadesse Alemu ታደሰ ዓለሙ - 03 - እሪኩም (6:34)
Tadesse Alemu ታደሰ ዓለሙ - 04 - ተይማነሽ (6:04)
Tadesse Alemu ታደሰ ዓለሙ - 05 - አካል ገላ (5:55)
Tadesse Alemu ታደሰ ዓለሙ - 06 - መላ ነው (6:19)
Tadesse Alemu ታደሰ ዓለሙ - 07 - አያማሩ ገላ (8:46)
Tadesse Alemu ታደሰ ዓለሙ - 08 - ወይ አራዳ (7:11)
Tadesse Alemu ታደሰ ዓለሙ - 09 - አማሌሌ (7:11)

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