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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Jano Band - Lerasih New [2018] [ethiopia]

Jano Band transcend the Rock genre by infusing traditional Ethiopian melodies and percussions, adding instruments of masinko, krar, and the washint, and bringing you to your feet with unforgettable languages of love and celebration.

Jano Band became the first Ethiopian band to feature on Coke Studio Africa when they collaborated with South African singer Shekhinah in Nairobi, Kenya, last year.

The band – which consists of two female vocalists, two male lead vocalists and six musicians on bass, guitars, keyboards and drums – was brought together by Addis Gessesse in 2011.

Since the release of "Ertale" in 2012 (also posted HERE), the group has collaborated and worked with American producer Bill Laswell who helped the group sparkle on the international arena.

Jano Band - Darigne

In September 2017, news broke that the band was on the verge of a breakup. The band disputed the reports through its current manager Sammy Tefera who went on to announce that the band would be launching its second album in early 2018.

Music In Africa caught up with one of the band’s lead vocalists, Dibekulu Tafesse, to talk about their 16-track album, Lerasih New, which was released on 1 February 2018.

MUSIC IN AFRICA: What was the inspiration behind Lerasih New?  

DIBEKULU TAFESSE: We named the album Lerasih New because it is a commonly used word which translates to 'For Yourself'. Our songs carry different themes that our fans relate to and in this album we choose to urge our fans to be conscious of their actions. As human beings we ocassionally do things without thinking about the consequences. So in this album we are pushing for self-awareness because no one should intentionally hurt themselves or ruin their lives simply because they made the wrong choice.

MUSIC IN AFRICAWas the album produced in Ethiopia?

DIBEKULU TAFESSEThe assembling of the music, which is normally the first stage of recording, was done in Ethiopia but the engineering process was done in Italy at the Blumusica studio in Turin, and the final mastering was done at Lurssen Mastering Studio in Los Angeles, Califonia.

Working with good recording studios and producers has set us apart from other Ethiopian artists since the music that we produce is of high quality. On this project we worked with producer Kistet.

(brief interview is taken from site Music in Africa and it's posted HERE)

Jano Band - 01 - Leba (4:26)
Jano Band - 02 - Hadekiya (3:53)
Jano Band - 03 - Shegiye (4:09)
Jano Band - 04 - Engida (5:15)
Jano Band - 05 - Zew Zew (3:51)
Jano Band - 06 - Wey Zendro (3:24)
Jano Band - 07 - Gudie Fela (3:49)
Jano Band - 08 - Keteraraw Mado (6:22)
Jano Band - 09 - Hamza (3:48)
Jano Band - 10 - Tiz Alegn (5:03)
Jano Band - 11 - Hager Alegn (4:59)
Jano Band - 12 - Lib Sireta (5:21)
Jano Band - 13 - Kal (4:23)
Jano Band - 14 - Adagn (5:15)
Jano Band - 15 - Kenat Wediya (4:54)
Jano Band - 16 - Darign (4:28)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jano - Ertale [2012] [ethiopia]

JANO - An Ethiopian rock explosion melodies, massive bass and drum poly rhythms, metal guitar assault, soaring vocals, dense electronic textures.

A devastating energy blast! So far, there has been nothing this powerful and versatile that might be associated with "word music". African futurism at its most liberated and intense, a hard rock element unheard of in Ethiopian music, until now, its the New Rock Revolution.

JANO BAND - Erikum

The ensemble cast drips with talent. Guitarist Michael Hailu supplies the force with huge metal riffs and a detailed harmonic sense. The dual vocals of Debekelu Tafesse and Hailu Amerga are complete contrast with each other. Back and forth, one after another, creating a completely unexpected dynamic that never let's up.

The vision of this music is awe-inspiring.The raw talent, energy and power of the group is overwhelming. It is a musical earth quake the likes of which we haven't seen in generation.the next generation of world music has arrived with a mighty explosion. Stand and behold!

The tracks on JANO's debut release are a tour de force of Ethiopian music reinvented with the intense energy of a rock band and the barley restrained fury of a youth already seeking redemption-a clear parallel to the smoldering volcano in northeast Ethiopia that is namesake for the album, Ertale.

ERTALE was produced by the legendary producer and musician Bill Laswell who has worked with an extraordinary range of musicians, artists and thinkers around the world. In the Americans Africa, The Caribbean, Europe, The middle East, India, China and Japan.

JANO was created and managed by Trio Entertainment, which was founded by Addis Gessese (Ziggy Marely, Teddy Afro and Gigi) and Ermiyas Amelga, Founder Chairman and CEO of the Access Group of Companies. JANO is destined to conquer the world.

This is not just an introduction to a new music but to the history of a diverse culture unlike any other. Ethiopia, the only African Country not to be colonized by foreign powers, champions of the battle of Adwa.

Enjoy JANO band!

Jano - 01 - Ethiopiawit Konjo (4:07)
Jano - 02 - Yigermal (4:59)
Jano - 03 - Irasen (6:21)
Jano - 04 - Ayrak (5:05)
Jano - 05 - Irrekum (5:06)
Jano - 06 - Gude (6:53)
Jano - 07 - Mariye (6:55)
Jano - 08 - Mehed Mehed (6:28)
Jano - 09 - Tazebkut (7:06)
Jano - 10 - Anchi Hegere (4:04)