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Thursday, October 31, 2013

JANO - Ertale [2012]

JANO - An Ethiopian rock explosion melodies, massive bass and drum poly rhythms, metal guitar assault, soaring vocals, dense electronic textures.

A devastating energy blast! So far, there has been nothing this powerful and versatile that might be associated with "word music". African futurism at its most liberated and intense, a hard rock element unheard of in Ethiopian music, until now, its the New Rock Revolution.

The ensemble cast drips with talent. Guitarist Michael Hailu supplies the force with huge metal riffs and a detailed harmonic sense. The dual vocals of Debekelu Tafesse and Hailu Amerga are complete contrast with each other. Back and forth, one after another, creating a completely unexpected dynamic that never let's up.

The vision of this music is awe-inspiring.The raw talent, energy and power of the group is overwhelming. It is a musical earth quake the likes of which we haven't seen in generation.the next generation of world music has arrived with a mighty explosion. Stand and behold!

The tracks on JANO's debut release are a tour de force of Ethiopian music reinvented with the intense energy of a rock band and the barley restrained fury of a youth already seeking redemption-a clear parallel to the smoldering volcano in northeast Ethiopia that is namesake for the album, Ertale.

ERTALE was produced by the legendary producer and musician Bill Laswell who has worked with an extraordinary range of musicians, artists and thinkers around the world. In the Americans Africa, The Caribbean, Europe, The middle East, India, China and Japan.

JANO was created and managed by Trio Entertainment, which was founded by Addis Gessese (Ziggy Marely, Teddy Afro and Gigi) and Ermiyas Amelga, Founder Chairman and CEO of the Access Group of Companies. JANO is destined to conquer the world.

This is not just an introduction to a new music but to the history of a diverse culture unlike any other. Ethiopia, the only African Country not to be colonized by foreign powers, champions of the battle of Adwa.

Enjoy JANO band!