Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Samson Kidane Band - [eritrea + germany]

Samson Kidane and Friends

       Samson Kidane, singer and songwriter from Eritrea, live in Cologne, Germany and  writes his songs on the krar, the national musical Instrument of Eritrea. This plucked instrument is similar to the ancient lyre European and West African kora harp. 

This rare instrument is played today only in the zones adjacent to the Nile countries of Africa, and the Arabian peninsula. 

With his music Samson Kidane miraculously combine his African roots with modern music styles such as hip-hop, reggae and rock. But still you can hear his songs with East African and Arabic influences. 

           Samson Kidane is as cosmopolitan who is looking for the unifying between cultures. He sings in Tigrinya, the outsider a melodious, musical language. The lyrics of his songs are influenced by his early life in a war-torn Eritrea, and deal critically with the situation of his homeland. 

       They also tell of depth and passion, love and religion. His band plays in a classic line: with guitar, bass, drums and percussion support the four musicians discreet and reserved the own music style.

01 - Samson Kidane Band - Celdi (3:24)
02 - Samson Kidane Band - Fithi (3:22)
03 - Samson Kidane Band - Mesiluni ich dachte (2:56)
04 - Samson Kidane Band - Natuju sein (3:56)

Samson Kidane - krar, singing 
Wolfgang Reinermann - guitar 
Peter Dickas - drums 
Miguel Diaz - bass

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dereje Makonnen - Ibex Instrumental [1999] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

 Dereje Makonnen  (1962 - 2011)    
keyboardist, guitarist, arranger

Dereje DJ Makonnen - a tribute

         To most of his adoring fans that got close to knowing him by first name, he was just simply known to them as "DJ" and more importantly to his own family and ours, we called him Dereje. The 5th one down from a family of eleven (also his favorite chord progression...) and in my humble opinion: the most gifted keyboard player there is among Ethiopian Musicians. 

        Go ahead and ask any well-established musician in the Ethiopian Music circuit... they all know him as just simply "DJ". His composition style and rhythm arrangement has mentored many of the up-and-coming musicians in our own communities.

          Dereje "DJ" Makonnen was not one to drop names nor pre-occupy his time and energy with whom he has worked with and/or help bring them to stardom, he wanted to play music since he can actually see the blueprint of what the song should be each time the singer/artist bring the lyrics and the "Zema" (pronounced Zay_MAH: a word in amharic which means melody). 


 The lyrics of a song always send the message across to the listening audience but it is the song that carry the tune into everybody's ear and make them remember it each time they hear the first few bars of the song. After few years of tenure with the Dallol Band in Chicago, IL whom during the last heydays of the band they were touring with Ziggy & the Melody Makers on both Conscious Party (1988) and One Bright Day (1989) albums. It was right after the tour that DJ along with Ruphael, Bryan "Rocket", Asrat and Kahali Makonnen who was later replaced by Clem Julien formed Gizzae in 1991. Gizzae soon became a fan favorite in the Chicago and Midwest reggae scene. Every Sunday night, if you were a reggae music lover, you were at the Wild Hare waiting for Gizzae to take the stage. 

      Dereje Makonnen was one of the key element in revolutionizing modern Ethiopian Music (meaning using non-traditional musical instruments) He was always playing the guitar [his favorite instrument] the keys and also the bass at the forefront of trying new sounds and arrangement styles that no one was attempting. Many of the current Ethiopian musicians refer to him as a mentor.

01. Dereje Makonnen - Yezemed Yebaed (5:40)
02. Dereje Makonnen - Yene Fikir (5:23)
03. Dereje Makonnen - Zerafewa (8:15)
04. Dereje Makonnen - Kemdelaye (4:46)
05. Dereje Makonnen - Yene Nesh Wey (4:01)
06. Dereje Makonnen - Dinq Nesh (5:27)
07. Dereje Makonnen - Yedenqal (6:18)
08. Dereje Makonnen - Meleyayet Mot Naw (7:09)
09. Dereje Makonnen - Shemonmounaye (3:52)
10. Dereje Makonnen - Assa Abelashaleho (5:14)
11. Dereje Makonnen - Ashqaru (3:36)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Daniel W/Gabriel - Wube [1990] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

01. Daniel W/Gabriel - Almaze (7:14)
02. Daniel W/Gabriel - Ye-Enat Wuletawa (8:09)
03. Daniel W/Gabriel - Ayenishin Ayiche (4:51)
04. Daniel W/Gabriel - Belet Kedame (5:05)
05. Daniel W/Gabriel - Yiberdatal Bileh (4:03)
06. Daniel W/Gabriel - Lenerebet/Ehedaleu Hagere (9:18)
07. Daniel W/Gabriel - Ines Wusheten-New (3:53)
08. Daniel W/Gabriel - Helm-Elem (4:41)
09. Daniel W/Gabriel - Yiwodehal (7:46)
10. Daniel W/Gabriel - Lidgemer Chewata (5:27)
11. Daniel W/Gabriel - Eshururu (12:18)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nadav Haber - Summer Song [2014] [israel+ethiopia]

Nadav Haber - Summer Song

         Nadav Haber started to learn the clarinet at the age of 10. In 1988-89 he lead a qaurtet in the Tel-Aviv clubs in Israel, and played in a blues duo. In the 90's nadav has switched to the tenor sax, and began to explore Ethiopian music

       He played in Ethiopian dance bands all over Israel, in Ethiopian clubs and weddings. This has lead to the issue of Ethiopian Blues, and other smaller productions that were aimed at the Ethiopian Israeli market. In recent years Nadav moved back to playing jazz, and in 2003 led a hard bop quintet in Jerusalem. He is currently working on two projects - an Ethiopian Jazz program and a “Favorite ballads” program.

01 - Nadav Haber - Summer Song (4:37)
02 - Nadav Haber - Ambassel (5:45)
03 - Nadav Haber - Blue Morning (4:26)
04 - Nadav Haber - Morning Coffee (4:45)
05 - Nadav Haber - Goodbye Romance (4:39)
06 - Nadav Haber - In a Spanish Mood (Malaguena) (5:09)
07 - Nadav Haber - Yes, He Will ! (5:52)
08 - Nadav Haber - No More Heartache (5:31)
09 - Nadav Haber - Nanu Nanu Jazz (6:13)
10 - Nadav Haber - Lake Tana Blues (5:34)
11 - Nadav Haber - From Wollo to Madrid (4:55)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Streets & People of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia [video]

Streets & People of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa through the eyes of a 20-something Australian hoodlum on a motorcycle, first visit to an African country. 


0:04 Piazza
0:41 Meskel Flower
1:03 Chechnya
1:11 Ghana Street
2:51 Merkato
3:48 Haya Hulet
4:24 Kazanchis
5:53 Kechene
6:29 Entoto
7:22 Shiro Meda
7:27 Bole Medenhaleum
8:13 Meskel Square
9:10 Churchill Avenue


0:02 Mulatu Astatke - Nètsanèt

1:12 Teddy Afro - Abebayehosh
2:57 Lafontien - Addis Ababa
4:25 Ziggi - Blaze It (Last War Riddim)

6:29 Semere Kiros (feat. Hailu) - Reggea Kemise
8:26 Sayat Demessie - Hasabun Mesrek

Camera: GoPro HD Hero (version 1)
Date: September 2011