Friday, September 12, 2014

Zeleke Gessesse - [2010] - Come to me [ethiopia]

       A political refugee, Zeleke Gessesse, was forced to leave his beloved homeland of Ethiopia 30 years ago after the nation fell into a crippling state of political suppression and economic strife. His personal eventually led Zeleke to the United States, where he persued studies studies at the university level, and focused intently on developing his burgeoning musical career. Eventually, Zeleke was joined by his brothers and fellow musicians from Ethiopia. As a musical collective, they formed a band called Dallol. Zeleke’s band was signed in the early eighties to Bob Marley’s TUFF GONG label. In 1984, Zeleke’s musical innovations and talents earned him an invitation to join Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers. For nine years, Zeleke served as a integral member of the band, touring the world, and echoing Jah’s message to the masses.

       Throughout his tenure with The Meloday Makers, Zeleke was a key contributor to the albums Conscious Party and One Bright Day. In particular, his musical input was critical in the development of the tracks “Tomorrow People,” and “Black My Story,” two of the bands most popular and widely adored songs.

       During his successful musical career Zeleke was able to, eventually, accumulate enough capital to purusue a dream he had long harbored. He had always dreamed of owning and operating a world class, live music venue. His vision was to create a venue where the best Reggae and World Music artists could showcase their talents in a positive environment.

       In 1986, Zeleke became a partial owner of The Wild Hare, which is located in Chicago, Illinois, and he has spent the last 24 years investing his heart and soul in to crafting it into something truly special. The results of Zeleke’s hard work are evidenced by the celebrated reputation The Wild Hare now enjoys on an international scale. In 2007, major interior renovations were completed; the most dramatic to date. These enhancements serve to enforce the visitor’s perception that they’ve entered into a dynamic and exciting cultural oasis. The beauty of the new interior, combined with highly sought after artists routinely stalking the stage, has created a common perception amongst music lovers that The Wild Hare in the same pantheon as Chicago’s most regal musical landmarks. 

       In addition to The Wild Hare into the respected venue it is today, Zeleke has never stopped recording, producing and performing his own transcendent music. His critically acclaimed albums include Come to Me, Out of Africa and Selam. The eclectic musical infusion one hears in Zeleke’s music is truly unique. He often employs Ethiopian and reggae rhythms. Lyrics are sang in both Amharic and English - with a spattering of Jamaican patois mixed in as well. This unique music results in a pleasing, signature sound which has gathered him a fiercely loyal following. As most critics agree: Zeleke’s music is truly a rarity in its universal ability to inspire, enlighten and entertain.

       Though very much a musical icon in Chicago, Zeleke’s heart belongs to his motherland. In fact, his ultimate dream is to build another Wild Hare, along with a recording studio, back home in Ethiopia. In doing so he will come full circle and complete the journey he began decades ago as a refugee fleeing his homeland with only a dream.

01. Come On Down 3:27
02. Don't Let Me Down 3:57
03. I Don't Want To Lose You 4:24
04. Shivering Me 4:48
05. Ahun Ahun 4:33
06. Slippin' Into Darkness 4:07
07. Universal Children 4:41
08. Kotumae 4:49
09. Ethio Melody 4:01
10. Inner City Blues 3:52
11. Ashkaroo 4:18

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex - Live At The Rio Loco [Toulouse, France, 17/6/11] [2011] VIDEO

   V I D E O   

Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex

       Getatchew Mekuria is the most revered veteran of the Ethiopian saxophone -  a physical and musical giant whose “Negus of Ethiopian Sax”  album featured in the acclaimed “Ethiopiques” reissue series. Now 76 years old, he has collaborated with all the great Ethiopian singers over the years and is still in full voice with his own, powerfully distinctive style of playing. His huge vibrato, both forceful and fragile, plays around the vocal lines, using typical Ethiopian embellishments. He dons a lion’s mane when he plays and cuts loose with furious solos that come over like a kind of free jazz from before free jazz existed.

     Since 1979, Amsterdam’s The Ex have consistently pushed the envelope, plotting a restless course from their anarchist punk origins to embrace everything sound could throw at them. Their thrillingly raw and rhythmic rock sound is born from their ideals, musical friendships/networks and work ethic. They are one of the most visceral rock units in action today.

     Ever hungry to place themselves in unfamiliar contexts, The Ex toured Ethiopia twice and fell in love with its music, which led to them inviting Getatchew to perform at their 25th anniversary party in Holland. His contribution to proceedings blasted everyone off stage, and, suitably inspired, The Ex invited him on tour with them, their incendiary live collaboration bearing fruits in a blistering album released on the band’s Terp Records imprint in 2006.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics- Live @ Jazz à La Villette 01/09/2011 [VIDEO]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics- Live @ Jazz à La Villette 01/09/2011 


           In 2005, thanks to Jim Jarmusch film Broken Flowers, the name of Mulatu Astatke finally came out of the small circle of aficionados of Ethiopian music. A 65 years ago, the father of Ethio-jazz then found a new audience ready to taste the unique rhythm of his music. Behind his vibraphone and percussion, Astatke signs unconventional jazz, steeped in Latino sounds, instrumental soul, Ethiopian folk music, where brass and percussion converse in a new way. At home, the samba is shifted, jazz borrows often tortuous spicy funky. 

       Beside him on stage, we note the presence of Heliocentrics saxophonist James Arben, Danny Keane on cello, also part of the project with the Heliocentrics Mulatu and heard alongside Gorillaz, and that of Alexander Hawkins, young British pianist already spotted by the BBC.

Mulatu Astatke (vibraphone, congas), 
James Arben (saxophone, flute), 
Byron Wallen (trumpet), 
Danny Keane (cello), 
Alexander Hawkins (piano, keyboards), 
Liran Donin (bass), 
Richard Olatunde Baker (percussions), 
David De Rose (drums)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Black Jesus Experience - Arada/Brand New World [2011] [EP] [australia+ethiopia]

The Black Jesus Experience - Arada

       Black Jesus Experience is an 8-10 piece band playing an irresistibly danceable blend of traditional Ethiopian song and 21st century groove. With backgrounds as diverse as the 5 continents the members of 'BJX' hail from, their music reflects the multicultural vibrancy of the band's hometown, Melbourne, Australia.

         When not touring BJX run a weekly session at cultural hub The Horn where BJX create new songs live on stage. The comfort BJX has with this practice lies in the improvising traditions of that feed BJX including hip hop, jazz, azmari and rutu pa'u.

           The music is also fed quite literally before each performance by the ritual of a group meal prepared by singer Enushu and MD Peter Harper in the Ethiopian tradition, "those who eat from the same plate will not betray each other". This inspires and reinforces bonds musical, social and spiritual, bonds BJX invite their audiences to join.

         Enushu began entertaining her local community as a child in Addis Ababa. Forced to leave Ethiopia, Enushu migrated to Australia bringing hauntingly beautiful compositions inspired by her remarkable life story and the unique vocal traditions of Ethiopia. Enushu is joined on vocals by poetic giant and lyrical miracle The Monk, Zimbabwe born and Outback bred.

      Highlights for BJX include two tours of "the Motherland" Ethiopia, performing sellout shows with Ethiojazz legend Mulatu Astatke in Europe and Australia (an association which won BJX and Mulatu "The Age Best Tour" award) Glastonbury, Big Chill, City Of London Festival, WOMADdelaide, the Big Day Out, Golden Plains and Melbourne International Jazz Festival and supporting Tony Allen among other great festivals.

        The rhymes and chimes of Black Jesus Experience deliver the power and beauty of Africa through the vocal prism of Hip-Hop and freedom of Funk.

   Discography :    

Dark Light (2009)
Yeluinta (2010)
Migration (2014)

    band members are :    

Enushu Taye - vocals
Peter Harper - tenor saxophone, composer
Ian Dixon - trumpet, flugelhorn, composer
Liam Monkhouse - mc/vocal
Chris Frangou - electric bass
Matt Head - drums
Hue Blanes - keyboards
Nashua Lee - electric guitar

                 listen Black Jesus Experience live stream here                

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mahlet G/Giorgis - Wesine [2008] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   


      Mahlet Gebre Giyorgis was born in Mekelle, the capital city of Tigray, in August 1986. Mahlet, with an inborn vocal virtuosity, commenced the art of music in Mekelle five years ago. In those few years of dexterity, when she was working as a singer at Yared and Selam.

     Music Bands in Mekelle, she devoted herself with perseverance to serious studies of music that dramatically gave rise to the happiest expectation of her present success. A year before, with a view to evaluate the standard of her genius as a vocalist in manipulating the public taste and sensitivity, she released a single melody in Tigrigna, known as Beyneye Terife, that unexpectedly resulted in adding an extraordinary value into the standard of Tigrigna songs and catching hold of a wide range of public reputation and acceptance throughout Ethiopia. Indeed, despite the fact that it was her fresh attempt to breakthrough the arena of our country's music industry , Beyney Terife was a yardstick that won her the 2005-2006 Tigray All Arts Award (TARTA), which was organized by the Mega Creative Arts Center in 2005. 

     Now, Mahlet Gebre Giyorgis is once again appearing into the scene of the Ethiopian 3rd Millennium with a breathtaking mastery of a new melody, called Wessine. This new music album expresses lots of issues that are associated with the day-to-day lives of human society, in its sweetest form in away it captivates all of us. It is a great pleasure and honor to Mega Creative Arts Center while providing you with the original version of Mahilet's new album as a novel souvenir in the new Millennium. Cheers!

01. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Wesine (7:57)
02. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Lesaney (6:21)
03. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Emihilelu (6:22)
04. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Aytbel seeireya (5:32)
05. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Kokeb drar (6:18)
06. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Hdmona (6:33)
07. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Hlubey (5:55)
08. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Zena fetye (6:41)
09. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Kendil (6:48)
10. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Kalaytey (4:59)
11. Mahlet G/Giorgis - Skay zkalyu (5:18)