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Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - Arada, Vol. 2 [2018] [ethiopia]

Teddy Yo & Gentleman ft King Kong & Yemaryam - Africa

Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 01 - Arada (feat. Abraham Shalaye) (0:56)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 02 - Wa (feat. Get Anley) (3:42)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 03 - Africa (feat. King Kong & Yemaryam) (3:18)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 04 - Amalay (3:45)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 05 - Alew Belegn (feat. Lij Eyasu) (3:44)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 06 - Lo'o Lo'o (3:18)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 07 - Werea (feat. Ziggy Zagga) (3:08)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 08 - Chisu (feat. Lij Eyasu) (3:07)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 09 - Esregna (3:13)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 10 - Ketsehay Betach (feat. Jo Lax & Bitanya) (4:01)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 11 - Endezi Endeza (3:06)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 12 - Habesha Hip Hop (feat. Lij Eyasu, Alex & J Matik) (4:27)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 13 - Yene Nesh (4:18)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 14 - Banchiw (4:17)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 15 - Andegna (feat. Jo Lax, Godana & Yemaryam) (3:41)
Teddy Yo & Gentle Man - 16 - Medhanit (feat. Abraham Shalaye) (2:14)

Friday, January 18, 2019

Yeshimebet Dubale and Fasil Demoz - 2 Famous Singers [ethiopia]

Two outstanding singers with their favorite songs.  
The music of Gondar, Wollo, Gojjam, North Shewa.
The Amharic Music of the Amhara Region

Fasil Demoz and Yeshimebet Dubale - Enchewawet

Yeshimebet Dubale and Fasil Demoz - 01 - Yeshiye (አዎ ሰላም) (6:19)
Yeshimebet Dubale የሺመቤት ዱባለ - 02 - Zemezemew (የሺመቤት ዱባለ) (6:04)
Fasil Demoz ፋሲል ደሞዝ - 03 - Lomi Nat (ፋሲል ደሞዝ) (5:38)
Yeshimebet Dubale and Fasil Demoz - 04 - Enchewawet (ኤንቹዋውት) (6:33)
Fasil Demoz ፋሲል ደሞዝ - 05 - Afi (አህ) (6:11)
Yeshimebet Dubale የሺመቤት ዱባለ - 06 - Fikri Mecheresha (ፍቅር መጨረሻ) (5:03)
Fasil Demoz ፋሲል ደሞዝ - 07 - Tebelahu (ተበላሁ) (5:55)
Yeshimebet Dubale የሺመቤት ዱባለ - 08 - Selam Selam (ሰላም ሰላም) (6:07)
Fasil Demoz ፋሲል ደሞዝ - 09 - Anchi sew (አንቺ ሰው) (6:06)
Yeshimebet Dubale የሺመቤት ዱባለ - 10 - Izezibachewi (እዘዝባቸው) (6:59)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Jano Band - Lerasih New [2018] [ethiopia]

Jano Band transcend the Rock genre by infusing traditional Ethiopian melodies and percussions, adding instruments of masinko, krar, and the washint, and bringing you to your feet with unforgettable languages of love and celebration.

Jano Band became the first Ethiopian band to feature on Coke Studio Africa when they collaborated with South African singer Shekhinah in Nairobi, Kenya, last year.

The band – which consists of two female vocalists, two male lead vocalists and six musicians on bass, guitars, keyboards and drums – was brought together by Addis Gessesse in 2011.

Since the release of "Ertale" in 2012 (also posted HERE), the group has collaborated and worked with American producer Bill Laswell who helped the group sparkle on the international arena.

Jano Band - Darigne

In September 2017, news broke that the band was on the verge of a breakup. The band disputed the reports through its current manager Sammy Tefera who went on to announce that the band would be launching its second album in early 2018.

Music In Africa caught up with one of the band’s lead vocalists, Dibekulu Tafesse, to talk about their 16-track album, Lerasih New, which was released on 1 February 2018.

MUSIC IN AFRICA: What was the inspiration behind Lerasih New?  

DIBEKULU TAFESSE: We named the album Lerasih New because it is a commonly used word which translates to 'For Yourself'. Our songs carry different themes that our fans relate to and in this album we choose to urge our fans to be conscious of their actions. As human beings we ocassionally do things without thinking about the consequences. So in this album we are pushing for self-awareness because no one should intentionally hurt themselves or ruin their lives simply because they made the wrong choice.

MUSIC IN AFRICAWas the album produced in Ethiopia?

DIBEKULU TAFESSEThe assembling of the music, which is normally the first stage of recording, was done in Ethiopia but the engineering process was done in Italy at the Blumusica studio in Turin, and the final mastering was done at Lurssen Mastering Studio in Los Angeles, Califonia.

Working with good recording studios and producers has set us apart from other Ethiopian artists since the music that we produce is of high quality. On this project we worked with producer Kistet.

(brief interview is taken from site Music in Africa and it's posted HERE)

Jano Band - 01 - Leba (4:26)
Jano Band - 02 - Hadekiya (3:53)
Jano Band - 03 - Shegiye (4:09)
Jano Band - 04 - Engida (5:15)
Jano Band - 05 - Zew Zew (3:51)
Jano Band - 06 - Wey Zendro (3:24)
Jano Band - 07 - Gudie Fela (3:49)
Jano Band - 08 - Keteraraw Mado (6:22)
Jano Band - 09 - Hamza (3:48)
Jano Band - 10 - Tiz Alegn (5:03)
Jano Band - 11 - Hager Alegn (4:59)
Jano Band - 12 - Lib Sireta (5:21)
Jano Band - 13 - Kal (4:23)
Jano Band - 14 - Adagn (5:15)
Jano Band - 15 - Kenat Wediya (4:54)
Jano Band - 16 - Darign (4:28)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Akalé Wubé - Ethiopian Groove Greatest Hits [CDR, 2009 / self-released] [FLAC]

                          R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

                       Akalé Wubé is an Ethio-groove band from Paris

       It is an improbable story: one that reunites, a group of young Parisians with the Swingin' Addis sounds of the seventies. In October 2008, five musicians got together on a wild project: to delve into the repertoire of the Ethiopian golden age, as defined by the producer Francis Falceto, to whom we owe the series of reissues “Ethiopiques”. “The idea was to transcribe songs from this period and rearrange them to the sound of our times. First off, it eliminated the need to write songs that risked falling into ethio-jazz clichés. 

       The aim was not to bring about some artistic revolution through our work but simply to give and take pleasure by performing this music!” Through this retro-futuristic alchemy, the Akalé Wubé quintet was born: a curious name borrowed from a song by the great saxophonist Getatchew Mekurya, a bit of an old-fashioned expression which can by translated as “my beautiful” in Amharic, a poetic metaphor which also means “beauty of the soul”.

  “Since our very first concert in December 2008 we were surprised by the audience’s enthusiasm.” Since then, Akalé Wubé have played more than forty concerts, including a residency at the Lavoir Moderne Parisien and a tour around Morocco. A year later, they were finally ready to record their debut album. It took them four live sessions in the famous “Cold Rooms” on the bank of the river Seine, in order to capture the warmth and fervor of an acoustic and organic sound. 

      The result is a retro sound which resounds perfectly with the contemporary aesthetic of a generation of musicians that juggle genres around. Funk, reggae, jazz, tango... “All of this is found in the vocabulary and aesthetic of the ethiopian productions of the sixties and seventies. It is a cross-bred style of music - so much so, that even by sticking to the repertoire, it can be taken in different directions...” A mix of stripped-down funk soul and smart pop, of garage rock and vintage jazz, this spatiotemporal collision offers them the ideal platform to establish a solid base in 2010. The objective: transcend all genres and swing the future in the most quirky of ways. This is the attracting force of their record: a UFO which targets above all to deliver good vibes at any tempo, and move you from head to toe.

Akalé Wubé - Ayalqem tedengo (remixed version)

Akalé Wubé - 01 - Yèkatit (5:13)
Akalé Wubé - 02 - Ayalqem tedengo (5:59)
Akalé Wubé - 03 - Muziqawi silt (3:22)
Akalé Wubé - 04 - Ragalé (5:09)
Akalé Wubé - 05 - Kulunmanqueleshi (3:36)
Akalé Wubé - 06 - Yèkermè sew (3:17)
Akalé Wubé - 07 - Tezatayé antchi lidj (5:07)

Akalé Wubé are :

Paul Bouclier : trumpet, percussions 
Etienne de la Sayette : saxs, flutes, organ 
Loïc Réchard : guitar 
Oliver James Degabriele : bass 
David Georgelet : drums 
Pierre Dachery : sound

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Express Band - Tiwiwik [2008] [ehiopia]

  R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D  


      In a dramatic departure from the Ethiopian music of the 1980s and 90s, the daring Express Band is credited with changing the sound of Ethiopian music. Drawing on their extensive experience with some of the most renowned bands in Ethiopia, these four innovative musicians have pioneered their own unique sound. As a result, they are currently the #1 band in Ethiopia. Introduction is the bands debut album. 

Express Band - Interview with the Band Founders - Part 1

      The Express Band has toured extensively and performed with many legendary singers, including Ephrem Tamiru and Jamaican singer, Tony Rebel. Talented musicians, composers and lyricists, they were instrumental in the arrangement of Dawit Mellesses Lottery. AIT Records is excited to be working with these creative musicians as we help introduce their unique sound to listeners worldwide, and we look forward to producing future albums with the Express Band.

       Founded in 1994 with three musicians - Dereje Tefera (bass), Kibret Zekiwos (guitar) and Feleke Hailu (keyboards and saxophone) - the daring Express Band is credited with changing the landscape of Ethiopian music. Performing in clubs throughout Addis Ababa, the Express Band has been joined onstage by the likes of Dawit Mellesse, Theodros "Afro" Kassahun, Shewandagn Hailu, Zeritu Kebede, Tigist Bekele and Abdu Kiar, and they have performed on recordings by a number of Ethiopia 's leading singers. Drawing on these experiences, they have pioneered their own unique sound and remain one of the busiest and most sought-after bands in Ethiopia .

Express Band - 01 - Set Alamnim (3:32)
Express Band - 02 - Sira (4:27)
Express Band - 03 - Chinkim Mekeraye (6:26)
Express Band - 04 - Ye-Hiywote Hiywet (5:53)
Express Band - 05 - Hallo Hallo (4:56)
Express Band - 06 - Ye-Har Shererit (5:00)
Express Band - 07 - Innate Nesh (4:29)
Express Band - 08 - Alchalkum (6:20)
Express Band - 09 - Libesh Kabashin (4:16)
Express Band - 10 - Mignote (4:08)
Express Band - 11 - Kurtun Nigerign (4:25)
Express Band - 12 - Ye-Fikir Migib (4:15)

Band members: 

Dereje Tefera - bass instrument
Elias Bekele - drums
Feleke Hailu - clarinet, saxophone, keyboards
Kibret Zekewos - guitar

Additional personnel: 

Abegasu Kibrework Shiota - keyboards
Urbano Sanchez Jr. - percussions

Monday, January 7, 2019

Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret [1976] [ethiopia]

originally posted here on Lola Vandaag blog

   for Sergej and others who asks about this release - enjoy!   

Asselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - Metche New

Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 01 - Ene Yalant Feker (3:00)
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 02 - Meche Neow (3:25)
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 03 - Kenawtte (2:40)
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 04 - Anlak Abet Abet (4:31)
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 05 - Amerewal Shegenuo (3:18)
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 06 - Lametew (3:31)
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 07 - Wegenne (5:58)
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 08 - Yenafaktiwou Tersseh (3:42)
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 09 - Ayinouma (4:47)
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - 10 - Jegenaw Belaye (5:51)