Friday, March 28, 2014

Alemayehu Eshete - Addis Ababa [1992] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

             This is a great CD of Alemayehu's (the Ethiopian Elvis) greatest works of his seasoned musical career. The old authentic Ethiopian melodies are composed with mixed symphonyish, jazzy, rich musical extrvaganza. With his powerful bass voice, his vibrant and jubliant immersion in his performance is apparent in his songs. 


       He offers his beatuful versions of Tizita and Ambassel (classis Ethiopian melodies). My favorite is however, Marign Biyeshalo with poetic rhymes ('Kodaye tegefo yihunilish chama'- peel my skin off and make a shoe out it for her). I recommend it to anyone who loves the original Ethiopian melodies and appreciates its composition with 21st century instruments.

PS: Watch out for the saxophone solos. 

01   Addis Ababa Bete 5:53
02   Yewoine Haregitu 4:20
03   Manihun Tilek Saw 4:29
04   Yeworma Zengada 3:44
05   Ambassel             7:30
06   Denyew Denaba    3:21
07   Marign Biyeshalo 4:08
08   Chigerish Bene Alfoual 5:14
09   Kotuma Fikrie     4:31
10   Tizita            5:34

Bass - Deredge Tefera
Clarinet - Ivo Papasov
Drums - Tamara Haregu
Engineer - Stephane Caisson
Guitar - Jean-François Pauvros
Keyboards - Berhane Kindane , Nebiyu Tesfaye
Producer - Francis Falceto
Saxophone - Philippe Herpin
Saxophone [Tenor] - Daniel Pabœuf
Trumpet - Yohannes Tekola
Violin - Pascale Meley


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