Wednesday, February 27, 2013

uKanDanZ & Asnake Guebreyes [2011]

                                                  R  E  U  P  L  O  A  D   

      Between ethiogroove and modern music you find a musical hybrid called UkandanzIntense and powerful songs, mixed with energetic rock, jazz improvisation and Ethiopic soul. 

      Asnake Guebreyes originates from the vibrant music scene in Addis Abeba where he’s worked with traditional vocal- and drum styles. He appears on the Ethiopiques vol. 18 compilation and has worked with Han Bennik amongst others. 

     The members of Ukandanz willingly cross different musical borders, at the same time they also maintain the musical identity and origin. 

      Asnake Guebreyes - Vocals
      Lionel Martin - Tenor sax
      Fred Escoffier - Keyboards
      Damien Cluzel - Guitar 
      Guilhem Meier - Drums

        Ethiopia is a world unto itself; European colonists never got a grip on the inaccessible country; not even the Italians. Ethiopian music reflects its’ history; the conspiratorial, oriental melodies and elusive rhythms have little in common with any other form of music. 

The members of the Ethiopian/French formation uKanDanZ – being heard for the first time in The Netherlands! – play a staggeringly potent blend of traditional melodies, groovy lines from Addis Abeba and hardcore rock. The intensity of their music makes many punk formations seem pale in comparison.

uKanDanZ is the future of ethiogroove !!!!