Friday, March 14, 2014

Betsat Seyoum & Abbebe Fekade - Urban Azmaris of Ethiopia [1996]

       Born in 1965 in Addis-Abeba, Betsat Seyoum Abrha began in 1985 in a couple of the many bars in the capital before opening her own cabaret in 1990, which has now become one of the most popular in Addis. She aspires to the glory of the modern pioneers of Ethiopian music who play with synthesizers, saxophones, and rhythm boxes, while remaining faithful to the essence of the azmari art. 

       In opposition to Betsat who has not inherited her gift from any family member, Abbebe Fekade comes from a long line of azmaris from the Gondar region, one that has always been the source of a large portion of the country's musicians. He acknowledges his longing for "modernity", but he also knows how to express all the admiration that he holds for the venerable and venerated azmaris like Yirga Dubale and Bahru Qenie.

       In Ethiopian musical tradition, an azmari is a wandering entertainer, a minstrel, or a travelling troubadour who crisscrosses through the Christian regions of the country with his voice and instrument. He is the priviledged vector of popular music and is as fundamental in Ethiopian society as are the griot in Mandingo countries or the lautar in Moldo-Valachia.

01.  - Enegenagnalen (3:37)
02.  - Ambassel (5:28)
03.  - Bati (9:57)
04.  - Abeba Abeba (5:12)
05.  - Anteye (3:12)
06.  - Tizita (7:39)
07.  - Aysh Ayshenna (5:15)
08.  - Bati: [Live] (13:07)
09.  - Anteye / EndeneshGedawo / Yelewen  Abay [Live] (8:39)
10.  - Enegenagnalen [Live] (3:40)   


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