Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Elias Negash - Jazzed Up [2012] [ethiopia]

       Elias Negash is an accomplished musician who has combined his Native Ethiopian music with his jazz education, and influences from the world music segment. He played through the seventies and became one of the pioneering figures to have brought Reggae and African music to the Bay Area with smash hit groups including Obeah, Axum, Caribbean All Stars and the Rastafarians

      After moving to Los Angeles Elias worked on the Royal Princess Cruise ship out of South Hampton England for four months. He has also done soundtrack for Television Movie in titled Glitz and also preformed on a TV series Murder She Wrote. Elias has also traveled as a Solo pianist and with Magyk Band to Japan.

Elias Negash - Belew Bedubaye

In addition to his role as a musician, Elias dedicates his time in multiple humanitarian efforts such as fundraising HIV Aids research and treatment, building schools and water-well in the rural areas of Ethiopia. Further, Elias is currently the president of Ethiopian Arts forum that strives to accomplish its objectives through the presentation of Ethiopian Music, Dance, Poetry, Drama and Visual Arts to the community.

Elias has put out five solo CDs titled Love, Harrambe (lets pull together), Peace, Feel Like Dancin’ and his new CD titled “JAZZED UP”

01 - Elias Negash - Perfect Ten (6:02)
02 - Elias Negash - I Lied to You (7:10)
03 - Elias Negash - Sway (8:29)
04 - Elias Negash - Antchim Endelela (5:26)
05 - Elias Negash - Memories Overwhelmed Him (4:52)
06 - Elias Negash - I Dare You (5:39)
07 - Elias Negash - No Women No Cry (6:15)
08 - Elias Negash - Tizeta Garedew (5:01)
09 - Elias Negash - Crazy (4:32)
10 - Elias Negash - Our Love Is Here to Stay (7:20)
11 - Elias Negash - Harlem Nocturne (5:34)
12 - Elias Negash - Elias Salsa (4:54)
13 - Elias Negash - Addis Ababa Bete (7:44)

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