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Woubeshet Feseha - [1976] - [ethiopia]

many thanks for this post goes to my ethiopian friend
     Yednak Fikru       
who digitalize this album and saves it from slow decaying on the tape

           Woubeshet Feseha (or Wubshet Fiseha) found his great passion for singing in his youth age in school and at his living areas. His friends listening to his great talent used to encourage him to carry on with his potential. Kibur Zebegna band and Yepolis orchestra was Woubeshete’s childhood music icon, he has always looked up with hope to join the band someday, his dreams eventually came true to join the band which hosts many famous singers in town.

            Woubeshet Feseha is great singer which sang his works in stage from the 1960’s to 1970’s Ethiopian Calendar. Woubeshet has worked from his first band Kibur Zebegna to different bands all around Addis playing in different night clubs and hotels. To name the few, in Hilton hotel with Walias band, in Shebele Hotel with Ethio Star band, Shebelle band, and other famous bands.

Wubeshet Fisseha - Lakiligne Shikina

       Besides his singing career, he also was a great guitar player. This talent have made him contribute to accompany the famous artist Aster Aweke in her concerts and recordings which were produced by prominent local producers. Woubshet Feseha has produced different melody and lyric compositions, and has released more than six music albums.

       Woubshet Feseha was the lead singer in the famous band Walias  band and Ethio-Star band in the 1960’s and 1970’s E.C. 

       Out of the many famous albums releases, Wubushets albums such as “Maleda Maleda”, and his last release “Aseb Shegaw Wende Late” were a hit album.

       He went on a tour with Walias Band to U.S.A., in this tour Woubshet gained a wide fame from Ethiopian diasporas who went to U.S. in the Derg regime, performing traditional music to the Ethiopian audience in U.S. After leaving Ethiopia to tour in the U.S. with Walias band, he has made his living in the United States, coming to his mother land Ethiopia for an occasional visit for recordings, worked in the U.S. as a singer for some time.

      Woubshet Feseha have made more than 100 amharic songs which are listened from generation to generations, Woubshet passed away but his works still follow his great legacy being listened to the audience till present.

01 - Woubeshet Feseha - 01 (5:55)
02 - Woubeshet Feseha - 02 (4:51)
03 - Woubeshet Feseha - 03 (6:20)
04 - Woubeshet Feseha - 04 (5:09)
05 - Woubeshet Feseha - 05 (7:21)

06 - Woubeshet Feseha - 06 (6:08)
07 - Woubeshet Feseha - 07 (5:43)
08 - Woubeshet Feseha - 08 (6:53)
09 - Woubeshet Feseha - 09 (6:40)
10 - Woubeshet Feseha - 10 (6:14)


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