Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Le-alem Band - Le-alem Band [fin+eth]

       Le-alem Acoustic is, as the name suggests, an acoustic band from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia formed in 2014 G.C. It consists of friends with varied musical backgrounds. This band is reviving the powerful and melodic sound of classic Ethiopian music with a fusion of diverse foreign influences such as alternative, jazz and reggae.

     The varied musical tastes of the members gives the band a unique sound that is hard to classify into one genre. Their playlist mostly consists of songs from the “Swinging Addis” Era of Ethiopia from the 60’s to 70’s rearranged and modified to their own unique sound.

      Our sound is a combination of Scandinavian and Ethiopian tradition and carried out by showy instruments such as double bass, jouhikko, violins, acoustic guitar, kantele, masinko, bongo drums and Cajon box.

Le-alem Band - Ambassel Jam

Le-alem Band - 01 - Metch Dershae by Seifu Yohannes (4:18)
Le-alem Band02 - Fikir Ende Kirar Ethio Groove acoustic cover by Le alem acoustic (2:34)
Le-alem Band - 03 - Fikir Ende Kirar by Girma Beyene (3:27)
Le-alem Band - 03 - Woub Nat by Girma Beyene and Menilik Wessnachew (3:49)
Le-alem Band - 05 - Anchi Yene by Sami Dan (4:05)
Le-alem Band - 06 - Tsigereda by Seifu Yohannes (3:06)
Le-alem Band - 07 - Yekereme Fikir by Getachew Kassa (3:51)
Le-alem Band - 08 - Kalatashiw Akal by Teshome Assegid (3:52)
Le-alem Band - 09 - Vem Kan Segla and Ambassel Jam (5:57)

Mikimac (Jurry): lead vocals and percussion
Kidus Tamiru: acoustic guitar
Tariku Arega: violin, masinko
Henrica Fagerlund: double bass
Veronica Solje: backing vocals, violin, kantele
Filippa Salo: backing vocals, jouhikko


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