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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Anbessa Orchestra - Negestat [2018] [usa+eth]

       Anbessa Orchestra is a 7 piece band based in Brooklyn NY that draws its inspiration from the diverse musical culture of Ethiopia, combining these unique sounds with the more western sounds of Funk, Jazz, R&B and Rock. The band has been a prominent figure on the NY scene and has played alongside legendary Ethiopian keyboardist and composer Hailu Mergia. The band has also been featured on the "Beyond Addis Vol.2" compilation featuring new music inspired by Ethiopia.

"No one does Ethio-Jazz quite like Anbessa Orchestra" -

Anbessa Orchestra Live at National Sawdust - LIONS

     In the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, during the 1960’s and ‘70s, the sounds of American jazz and James Brown-style funk rocketed through the clubs there, combining with Ethiopia’s own exotic scales to produce the golden age of Ethiopian pop. The New York-based 7-piece band Anbessa Orchestra draws from this era and aims to take the listener on a musical journey from Addis Ababa to Brooklyn, with the loping grooves, buoyant brass lines, moody organ, crisp guitars, and solid percussion. Their new album is called "Negastat", which means “Kings” and it is full of Ethiopian-style, horn-heavy funk. 

Anbessa Orchestra - 01 - Negestat (Kings) (5:59)
Anbessa Orchestra - 02 - Gurage (3:42)
Anbessa Orchestra - 03 - Gize Suite (6:16)
Anbessa Orchestra - 04 - Get'err (Village) (4:47)
Anbessa Orchestra - 05 - K'edema (City) (2:35)
Anbessa Orchestra - 06 - Yeleleu Hager Lidl (Son of No Country) (6:00)
Anbessa Orchestra - 07 - T'sahai (Sun) (3:29)
Anbessa Orchestra - 08 - Gurage *Single (3:42)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Nega Addisu - Ambassel Tewesta Instrumental Vol 6 [2017] [ethiopia]


Nega Addisu - 01 - Guramayle (6:37)
Nega Addisu - 02 - Esele (7:31)
Nega Addisu - 03 - Selamu (4:15)
Nega Addisu - 04 - Gumaye (6:39)
Nega Addisu - 05 - Mejemeriya Fikri (4:58)
Nega Addisu - 06 - Segemeye (5:47)
Nega Addisu - 07 - Leminey (6:38)
Nega Addisu - 08 - Meley (7:31)
Nega Addisu - 09 - Saba Sabina (6:00)
Nega Addisu - 10 - Bekutaki (5:44)
Nega Addisu - 11 - Keren Tse'ada (5:47)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Theodros Mitiku - Fiker Ayaregim [Instrumental] [2016] [ethiopia]

Theodros Mitiku - Awash

Theodros Mitiku - 01 - Enigenagnalen (6:33)
Theodros Mitiku - 02 - Balegariw (6:06)
Theodros Mitiku - 03 - Fiker Ayaregim (3:08)
Theodros Mitiku - 04 - Ene Weshetennew (7:36)
Theodros Mitiku - 05 - Ketesmamash (6:34)
Theodros Mitiku - 06 - Man Ende Enat (8:12)
Theodros Mitiku - 07 - Yeabay Wuha (6:49)
Theodros Mitiku - 08 - Eshiruru (6:07)
Theodros Mitiku - 09 - Tegegnetual (2:10)
Theodros Mitiku - 10 - Mushiraye (6:58)
Theodros Mitiku - 11 - Teshebere Hode (6:29)
Theodros Mitiku - 12 - Mewdeden Wodedcut (5:36)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jonovan Cooper - [2015] - Suite Abyssinia [usa+eth]

       Dr. Jonovan Thomarcas Cooper

       Jonovan Cooper, a native of Windsor, NC USA, started playing music while in Kindergarten where his mother introduced him to the keyboard. Using the keyboard (organ) that she bought for him, he practiced and began making appearances in his local church playing and singing. He later began taking piano lessons and when he became old enough, he joined his school band. That’s when he picked up the saxophone, which became his instrument of choice. Despite an accident  in the 8th grade that almost ended his career before it even started, he kept pursuing his dreams of playing professionally. He played throughout high school, studied Jazz at North Carolina Central University, Music Education at Norfolk State University and Saxophone at The American Conservatory. He thus acquired his BM, MM and DMA degrees and even studied Business Administration at American Intercontinental University where he received his MBA.

       Jonovan was a member of the US Navy where he was stationed in the Atlantic Fleet Band in Norfolk, VA. There he lived for about six years also playing in local bands including “Right On,” a seventies show band well known throughout the US and countries around the world and his own jazz quintet. He also volunteered in the music ministry at his local church, “Calvary Revival Church” in Norfolk. 

      Later Jonovan moved to Orangeburg, SC after being hired as an Assistant Professor of Music Industry at South Carolina State University. There he also served as assistant band director and director of the university jazz ensembles (both vocal jazz and instrumental jazz ensembles). He taught there for four years before leaving for Ethiopia in 2008. After his initial move, Jonovan somehow found himself sailing around the world playing on cruise ships for Princess Cruises where he managed to see six of the seven continents within a time span of less than two years. 

Jonovan Cooper - Anchihoye For His Majesty

       Finally in 2011, Jonovan settled in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he taught music at a local international school and at a seminary school in the city. He also kept a heavy performance schedule throughout the city while taking care to learn the local music and giving it its due respect. He was so intrigued by Ethiopian music from the beginning that he made it a point to learn and write new compositions solely around the modes and rhythms of the country. Now Jonovan ministers through music at Beza International Church where he directs the music department. He also is an assistant professor of music at Yared School of Music, Addis Ababa University and teaches at Jazzamba School of Music. 

      While in Addis Jonovan has performed with several musicians and singers including Mulatu Astatke, Kalkidan Tilahun (Lily), Samuel Tesfamichael, and Dawit Getachew. In spite of all the teaching and music directing, Jonovan still manages to study the music of Ethiopia and has managed to record his first project under his own name, “Suite Abyssinia", which features various rhythms and modes of Ethiopia. He currently lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with his wife and children.

       In the words of Jonovan,
“Music should move people spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I choose, therefore, to strive to always affect people in a positive manner acknowledging my spiritual inspirations in my compositions and performances. I dare not claim to have some power to move people, however, people are moved when I perform.  That, my friends, is not me but the God in me. My philosophy as a musician is to tell a story that the audience can relate to. Through this philosophy, I am able to be innovative and entertaining simultaneously."

Jonovan Cooper - 01 - ደስታ የኔ ነው (Joy is Mine) (8:42)
Jonovan Cooper - 02 - ተነሱና አመስግኑት (Get Up & Praise Him!) (11:23)
Jonovan Cooper - 03 - ብርሃናዊ መጋርጃ (Curtain of Light) (8:03)
Jonovan Cooper - 04 - 150 በጉራጊኛ… (150 With Guragegna…) (9:36)
Jonovan Cooper - 05 - አንቺሆዬ ለልኡሉ (Anchihoye For His Majesty) (7:27)
Jonovan Cooper - 06 - አማን ይሁን (Let There Be Peace) (6:12)
Jonovan Cooper - 07 - እንቁ የሆነ (Priceless) (6:41)
Jonovan Cooper - 08 - ኢትዮ ገነት (Ethio-Heaven) (9:16)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Jorga Mesfin - The Kind Ones: Degagochu [2008] [ethiopia]

       Jorga Mesfin is a self taught musician with influences that span the spirit and innovation of Jazz and the ancient and diverse sounds found in Ethiopian music. 

Wudasse - Ete Mate

    A professional performer since the age of 17, his career boasts appearances with Tsegaye Gebremedhin, Carolyn Beard Withlow, The Last Poets, Vijay Iyer, Wayna Wondossen, Kirk Whalum, Takana Miyamoto, Gizze Reggae band, Dionne Farris, Aster Aweke, Mahmoud Ahmed and Mulatu Astatke. 

     He is the founder of Ethio-jazz group Wudasse, and composed the score to Haile Gerima’s epic Ethiopian movie Teza, for which he won the award for Best Music Selection at the 22nd Carthage Film Festival and Best Composer Award at the 5th Dubai International Film Festival. As a saxophone and piano instructor, Jorga teaches at the at African Jazz School, Mekanisa Mekanyesys Music School and the Wusate Berhan Abere Music Training Center for the Visually Impaired.

Jorga Mesfin - 01 - Eretcha (Thanksgiving) (8:05)
Jorga Mesfin - 02 - The Portal (1:10)
Jorga Mesfin - 03 - Longing (7:50)
Jorga Mesfin - 04 - Pilgrimage (12:15)
Jorga Mesfin - 05 - The Kind Ones (12:57)
Jorga Mesfin - 06 - Tizita (11:42)
Jorga Mesfin - 07 - Spring Water (7:58)
Jorga Mesfin - 08 - Yeabay Gizo (6:18)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tilahun W/Georgis - [2008] - Leb Leleb [ethiopia]

Tilahun W/Georgis - Kbriena Destayie

Tilahun W/Georgis - 01 - Amen (5:31)
Tilahun W/Georgis - 02 - Genet (5:49)
Tilahun W/Georgis - 03 - Heart To Heart (5:47)
Tilahun W/Georgis - 04 - What Do I Know (6:27)
Tilahun W/Georgis - 05 - Walk Of Life (5:17)
Tilahun W/Georgis - 06 - One For Maritu L. (7:55)
Tilahun W/Georgis - 07 - My Other Half (4:54)
Tilahun W/Georgis - 08 - Friend (5:15)
Tilahun W/Georgis - 09 - Let It Be (5:10)
Tilahun W/Georgis - 10 - I Am On The Road (4:56)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Yared Tefera - Park Center Mood [1997] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

Yared Tefera is one of the greatest ethiopian saxophone player. 

01. Yared Tefera - Tzeta (4:08)
02. Yared Tefera - Bedesasa Gojo ° (6:06)
03. Yared Tefera - Ney Ney (6:21)
04. Yared Tefera - Menem Salasebew/Fekren Belebae ° (5:41)
05. Yared Tefera - Anchi Hoyew Lene ° (6:01)
06. Yared Tefera - Gara Sernew ° (4:28)
07. Yared Tefera - Ambasel ° (6:19)
08. Yared Tefera - Uuta Ayaskefam ° (6:05)
09. Yared Tefera - Bemeshit Chereka ° (4:52)
10. Yared Tefera - Ewedeshalehu (8:01)
11. Yared Tefera - Bemeshit Chereka ° (5:11)
12. Yared Tefera - Park Center Mood ° (6:37)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex - Live At The Rio Loco [Toulouse, France, 17/6/11] [2011] VIDEO

   V I D E O   

the great ethiopian saxophonist 
Getatchew Mekuria 
died today, on the april 4th 2016, 
at the age of 81

MARCH 14, 1935 - APRIL 4, 2016

Getatchew passed away today. At the age of 81 and after a musical career of 68 years. He was a truely unique saxophone player. Born in the countryside of Ethiopia, he heard the saxophone on the radio at the age of 13 and went to Addis Abeba straight away. He wanted to play saxophone! And soon after that he got himself into the Municipality Band. Later he played in the Haile Selassie Orchestra's, the National Theatre Orchestra and more.
Since 2004 he played regularly with The Ex. It was his choice after hearing us at one of our festivals. He recognized something in our music which reminded him of the early groups he was in, like the Fetan Band (Speed Band). He loved playing with us and for us it was also an incredible experience. He was always totally himself, full-on intense and dedicated. We played more than 100 concerts and made two beautiful albums together.
The last few years, his health was not very good. He couldn't really go on tour anymore. As a kind of farewell concert for his fans, we organized a big event in the National Theatre in Addis Abeba. He got lots of attention and respect that night: 1500 people in the audience, three TV stations and a legendary concert. Getatchew was playing while sitting on a chair, but his playing was stronger than ever.
His whole life was music. With his unique sound and approach he leaves behind an eternal inspiration!

We will miss him.

The Ex & Friends

Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex

       Getatchew Mekuria is the most revered veteran of the Ethiopian saxophone -  a physical and musical giant whose “Negus of Ethiopian Sax”  album featured in the acclaimed “Ethiopiques” reissue series. Now 76 years old, he has collaborated with all the great Ethiopian singers over the years and is still in full voice with his own, powerfully distinctive style of playing. His huge vibrato, both forceful and fragile, plays around the vocal lines, using typical Ethiopian embellishments. He dons a lion’s mane when he plays and cuts loose with furious solos that come over like a kind of free jazz from before free jazz existed.

     Since 1979, Amsterdam’s The Ex have consistently pushed the envelope, plotting a restless course from their anarchist punk origins to embrace everything sound could throw at them. Their thrillingly raw and rhythmic rock sound is born from their ideals, musical friendships/networks and work ethic. They are one of the most visceral rock units in action today.

     Ever hungry to place themselves in unfamiliar contexts, The Ex toured Ethiopia twice and fell in love with its music, which led to them inviting Getatchew to perform at their 25th anniversary party in Holland. His contribution to proceedings blasted everyone off stage, and, suitably inspired, The Ex invited him on tour with them, their incendiary live collaboration bearing fruits in a blistering album released on the band’s Terp Records imprint in 2006.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Imperial Tiger Orchestra - [2013] - Wax [swiss+ethiopia]

Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Le Le Le

       After two albums and a short but well-documented history, Imperial Tiger Orchestra (aka the Tigers) strikes back with a mighty new album, “Wax”, comprising nine killer tracks of tight funk and free-spirited trance wrapped in luscious arrangements. Still inspired by African masters – but not necessarily those you might have thought of – The Tigers have this time delved into the traditional azmari repertoire to uncover astonishing nuggets of synth- and horn-heavy grooviness. Get ready for a journey into the heart of Ethiopia.

          When Imperial Tiger Orchestra first started unravelling the yarn of Ethiopian Music from the Golden Age (1969 – 1975), no one expected the thread to be so long and no one knew where it might end.

          Inspired by original albums that the band found while shopping for rare musical gems on a first visit to Addis Ababa in 2009, Imperial Tiger Orchestra released a first record in 2010, the aptly-named Addis Abeba, which explored

          Ethiopian music from the 70s – when traditional Ethiopian brass bands began feeding off American soul. The second release, Mercato, veered towards a more pop-inspired repertoire from the 80s, and the latest release goes one step further, taking the listener deeper into Ethiopian culture, from the unique sounds of the azmari repertoire to the hypnotic groove of the major tribes.

       After three years touring Europe, Imperial Tiger Orchestra has acquired a solid reputation as a mighty groove machine. The band has also taken its acid riffs to the African continent, touring South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe back in 2010. Having been invited to Addis Ababa by the renowned producer of the Ethiopiques series, Francis Falceto, the Tigers were proud to meet many of the local musicians who work to reshape traditional Ethiopian music. Based in and around Geneva, Switzerland, Imperial Tiger Orchestra has also worked with musicians and dancers from the Ethiopian diaspora, receiving their rewarding approval and blessing for their own original take on Ethiopian music.

        Wax: 80s synths meet traditional kebero percussions and daring rhythms. Gorgeous horn arrangements enwrap powerful bass lines and saturated electronic beats. All of this in a room where the sun pierces through the walls, where spirits dance and bodies are entranced.


1. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Konso    06:19 
2. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Lelele    04:55
3. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Yasheryshery   05:33 
4. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Bechereka moshete   05:15 
5. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Che Belew    04:01
6. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Shered    03:21
7. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Tgeregna   07:03
8. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - El Naas Elgiafa   04:38
9. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Sudani Tune   04:16 

   band members :  

Raphael Anker - trumpet, keyboard 
John Menoud - sax, electronics 
Alexandre Rodrigues - keyboards 
Cyril Moulas - bass, phin, krar, guitar 
Luc Detraz - kebero, pads, kayamb 
Julien Israelian - drums, wax machine 
Getu Tirfe - dance 
Emebet Tezazu - dance

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nadav Haber - Summer Song [2014] [israel+ethiopia]

Nadav Haber - Summer Song

         Nadav Haber started to learn the clarinet at the age of 10. In 1988-89 he lead a qaurtet in the Tel-Aviv clubs in Israel, and played in a blues duo. In the 90's nadav has switched to the tenor sax, and began to explore Ethiopian music

       He played in Ethiopian dance bands all over Israel, in Ethiopian clubs and weddings. This has lead to the issue of Ethiopian Blues, and other smaller productions that were aimed at the Ethiopian Israeli market. In recent years Nadav moved back to playing jazz, and in 2003 led a hard bop quintet in Jerusalem. He is currently working on two projects - an Ethiopian Jazz program and a “Favorite ballads” program.

01 - Nadav Haber - Summer Song (4:37)
02 - Nadav Haber - Ambassel (5:45)
03 - Nadav Haber - Blue Morning (4:26)
04 - Nadav Haber - Morning Coffee (4:45)
05 - Nadav Haber - Goodbye Romance (4:39)
06 - Nadav Haber - In a Spanish Mood (Malaguena) (5:09)
07 - Nadav Haber - Yes, He Will ! (5:52)
08 - Nadav Haber - No More Heartache (5:31)
09 - Nadav Haber - Nanu Nanu Jazz (6:13)
10 - Nadav Haber - Lake Tana Blues (5:34)
11 - Nadav Haber - From Wollo to Madrid (4:55)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Live at Diksmuide [2006] [bootleg]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

      The meeting of the mythical Dutch punk-rock band The Ex and the legendary Ethiopian saxophonist Getatchew Mekuria has given rise to a CD (Terp Records) as well as many performances to enthusiastic audiences in various venues and festivals, among them the concert in Diksmuide.  

      Most compositions come from the Ehtiopian repertoire. While The Ex do not speak Amharic and Getatchew understands only a few words of English, communication flows between them, in the sensitive way they find musical solutions, the energy they put in and the instant pleasure of playing together.

Getatchew Mekuria (Mekurya) Biography

Gétatchèw Mèkuria is an Ethiopian jazz saxophonist.

       Mèkuria began his musical studies on traditional Ethiopian instruments such as the krar and the messengo, and later moved on to the saxophone and the clarinet. Upon reaching adolescence, he began his career in 1949 as a part of the Municipality Band in Addis Ababa.

       In 1965 he joined the famous Police Orchestra. He was also one of the first musicians to play an instrumental version of the Ethiopian war chant “Shellela.” 

      With the album Negus of Ethiopian Sax (since re-released as part of the Ethiopiques CD series), Mekuria became known as internationally as one of the most important proponents of Ethio-jazz.

    He has had a long career working alongside many of the biggest orchestras in the Ethiopian capital. He has also accompanied Alemayehu Eshete, Hirut Beqele and Ayalew Mesfin. He still lives in Addis, and shows up regularly at the Sunset Bar at the Sheraton.

     In 1974, he became a professor of police orchestras (?) in Addis, where he still lives.

     The album "Negus of Ethiopian Sax" caught the ears of Dutch avant-garde/punk band The Ex who invited the septuagenarian sax player to perform at their 25th anniversary show in Amsterdam. In turn, Mekuria asked The Ex to be the backup band for his 2006 album, Moa Anbessa. The Ex and Mekuria toured The Netherlands, Belgium and France together in 2006 and 2007.

01. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Muziqawi Silt (5:24)
02. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Ethiopia Hagere (7:01)
03. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Sethed Seketelat (5:05)
04. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Ambassèl (5:06)
05. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Belomy Benna (6:16)
06. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Che Belew Shellela (4:41)
07. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Aynamaye Nesh (5:08)
08. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Aynotche terabu/Shemonmwanaye (8:08)
09. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Eoleyo (6:51)
10. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Aha Begena (6:57)
11. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - Tezalegn Yetentu (11:17)
12. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex Orchestra - (Getatchew Mekuria solo encore) (4:35)

The Ex – Biography

      After their start in 1979 The Ex developed over the years into a melting-pot of divergent musical styles: noise, rock, jazz, improvisation, and ethnic music have been interweaved under one unique umbrella: ‘Ex-music’. Discordant, highly rhythmic guitars, the rolling, almost African drumming style, and the furious delivery of the often sarcastic lyrics give the music of The Ex its special character.

      So far, in almost 28 years, The Ex played 1,270 concerts all over Europe, Northern America and Africa, and made over 20 CD-albums. Never pigeon-holed into one of pop music’s corny corners, The Ex is continuously in development, and always open for new ideas and collaborations with people of all kinds, people who’s spirit inspires and appeals to the group. The main principle remained; to make music with heart and soul, out of reach of commercial trends or expectations. The consequent independent approach of the group and the manner in which they organize their concerts and release and distribute their records themselves, set a significant example for the alternative music circuit.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Tilaye Gebre - Endless Dream [Fitsame Yatta Hilm] [1995]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

       Tilaye Gebre took music lesson in a music school affiliated to the Ethiopian National Theatre. He was later employed by the National Theatre where he served as a singer, Song writer, music arranger and Saxophone player in the Dewitt Band, the band for modern music in the National Theatre. He also worked in The Venus Band, The Equator Band and The Dahlak Band as a music arranger and saxophone player. He went to America with The Walias Band and he settled there. He was among the musicians who accompanied such great names like Ephrem Tamiru, Aster Aweke, Tilahun Gessesse and others. Tilaye is also known to have played instrumental music using tenor sax and alto sax as well as flute

       Tilaye Gebre also stakes his claim to the jazz idiom. His Endless Dream (Shakisso Music Productions 001, 1995) wouldn't be out of place on one of those "Smooth Jazz" radio stations, with it seamless blend of synthesizer and saxophone, but I love it nonetheless - Gebre's just too talented a musician.

Here is his only album, so far :

                             Tilaye Gebre - Endless Dream [1995]

1. Tilaye Gebre - Yehem Ale Leka/Gizze Biansegnim (6:56)
2. Tilaye Gebre - Yenigat Kokeb/Yelelit Berehane (9:30)
3. Tilaye Gebre - Muzika Hiwote (6:04)
4. Tilaye Gebre - Fitsame Yatta Hilm (7:08)
5. Tilaye Gebre - Estti Enechewawot (6:38)
6. Tilaye Gebre - Ethiopia Hagere (5:53)
7. Tilaye Gebre - Enkilfen Wosedkew (6:00)
8. Tilaye Gebre - Ayne Hulgizze (5:49)
9. Tilaye Gebre - Gubeleya (6:39)