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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Smizz Mayle - Manew Esu [2018] [ethiopia]

Smizz Mayle - Manew Esu

Smizz Mayle - 01 - Manew Sew (4:01)
Smizz Mayle - 02 - Shelemechigne (4:30)
Smizz Mayle - 03 - Ahun (4:31)
Smizz Mayle - 04 - Semaw Weree (3:07)
Smizz Mayle - 05 - Wesdeshiwal (3:28)
Smizz Mayle - 06 - Konjiye (3:45)
Smizz Mayle - 07 - Hugni Wuste (3:37)
Smizz Mayle - 08 - Banchi Yamral (5:01)
Smizz Mayle - 09 - Atawikewim (4:29)
Smizz Mayle - 10 - Wastina (4:15)
Smizz Mayle - 11 - Bichayen Silefa (4:15)
Smizz Mayle - 12 - Endih New Mamar (4:38)
Smizz Mayle - 13 - Merchaye (4:33)
Smizz Mayle - 14 - Sitawkibet (4:42)
Smizz Mayle - 15 - Anchin Bicha (3:39)
Smizz Mayle - 16 - Semaw Weree (4:03)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Nega Addisu - Ambassel Tewesta Instrumental Vol 6 [2017] [ethiopia]


Nega Addisu - 01 - Guramayle (6:37)
Nega Addisu - 02 - Esele (7:31)
Nega Addisu - 03 - Selamu (4:15)
Nega Addisu - 04 - Gumaye (6:39)
Nega Addisu - 05 - Mejemeriya Fikri (4:58)
Nega Addisu - 06 - Segemeye (5:47)
Nega Addisu - 07 - Leminey (6:38)
Nega Addisu - 08 - Meley (7:31)
Nega Addisu - 09 - Saba Sabina (6:00)
Nega Addisu - 10 - Bekutaki (5:44)
Nega Addisu - 11 - Keren Tse'ada (5:47)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Girum Gizaw [aka Tinishu Girum] - [2016] - Color [ethiopia] [2008EC]

       Girum Gizaw is one of the renowned jazz artists in Ethiopia. After he got his first degree from the music college in Addis, He directly started to play jazz music in different band. He has over ten years of experience in music industry. During those years he has performed with various well known bands in the country such as Blue Notes and Axumite. Girum founded a band called Meleket six years ago. The band has become one of the regular features of Addis’s jazz music scene and offers a brand of “Ethio-Jazz” music that is built upon a seamless fusion of jazz tunes with Southern Ethiopian Ethnic rhythms and musical arrangements.

Girum Gizaw - Color

       Girum Gizaw who is one of the well-known young Ethiopian jazz guitarist and composer to release his long awaited album this June titled Kelem or Colors. Growing up in the church Girum got exposed to music at early age.

         Having more deep and rich blend of sounds Girum’s playing  easily connect  whether you are a professional musician or a lay music lover you will clearly notice this distinct sound that separating him from what you are normally used to hearing.

           Girum  explains this by reveling that his music is not only derived from different techniques and forms of playing taken from what he’s observed from other African sounds but also by extracting the different African dialects and the accentuations of different individual sub divisions of tribes. His musical interpretation of languages of this multi-cultural continent makes his music one of a kind and creates a mystical and unforgettable journey in to the unfamiliar world of creativity and beauty that defines Africa in her wholeness.

       It is clear for anyone who listens to the sounds of this young, deeply talented musician that his biggest form of reflection comes from the southern part of Ethiopia. To this he accredits his biggest inspiration “the godfather of Ethio-Jazz” Mulatu Astatke. And the icing on the cake was when Girum had the chance to perform on the same stage with this living legend. He says it’s a moment like no other and one he’ll never forget.133

      While it is safe to say that Girum has come a long way with his music in his short years it was no smooth sailing. To him his biggest achievement is his band, Meleket Band. This band has been around for the past 7 years and it is one of the very few all jazz bands in the country. Their style focuses on the different Ethiopian cultural sounds with a fusion of jazz creating an amazing blend of experimental Ethiopian jazz. This is no new thing for Ethiopia but for sure anyone who has ever heard this band perform will attest to their creative interpretation. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that they’ve defiantly redefined the narrow understanding of Ethio-Jazz that people had.

         What makes this band special for Girum is that this band came at a crucial time for him. After graduating from Music school, Girum had joined a few pop bands just to make a little extra cash. After that he joined a Jazz band called Blue note yet this band also stopped performing after working together for 2 years. It was hard for Girum to get back up and start yet another band. But it was during this time he got together with two of his close friends Abiy W/mariyam and Mebratu Shewa and created the now amazing band Meleket. And after 7 years of performing together they are still high and running to this day. This is a true, inspirational achievement for not only the members of the band but to all other aspiring musicians.

        Girum Gizaw’s life is defiantly like an exhilarating and freeing roller coaster ride. That has its own share of challenges and victories. And Girum has tried very hard to depict all these moments in his upcoming Album.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Dereje Mekonnen - Dereje Mekonen With Shebele Band [ethiopia]

                  Dereje Mekonnen began his career in the early 1980s as a keyboardist in the Ibex band, who accompanied the R&B singer Mahmoud Ahmed on three albums. He then founded the formation Dallol, a reggae band with whom he played in Chicago and accompanied Ziggy Marley on his albums Conscious Party (1988) and One Bright Day (1989), which were awarded the Grammy. 

              After numerous tours with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, he founded the band Gizzae in 1991, with whom he performed primarily in Chicago and the Midwest of the USA. He also worked with Ethiopian musicians such as Tilahun Gessesse and Ephrem Tamiru. He also produced the first album of Ejigayehu Shibabaw, One Ethiopia (1998). 

                     Dereje Mekonnen died at the age of 49.

Dereje DJ Makonnen - Alemen Zorialehu [ደረጄ መኮንን አለምን ዞሪያለሁ]

Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 01 - Etitu Beredegn (6:13)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 02 - Yagere Lidje (6:34)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 03 - Selewebetu Sadenk (5:02)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 04 - Atawerulegn Lela (4:33)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 05 - Laley Laley (Tegregna (6:14)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 06 - Temar Lidje (5:49)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 07 -Emu Eadigere (Guragegna) (4:23)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 08 - Besebara Fole (6:23)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 09 - Shilela (3:52)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 10 - Hagerua Wasa Megera (4:43)
Dereje Mekonen with Shebele Band - 11 - Yaleselesea (Oromegna) (4:27)

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Ex + Fendika - [2015] - Lale Guma-Addis Hum [nl+eth]

       The Ex are an underground band from the Netherlands that formed in 1979 at the height of the original punk explosion. Initially known as an anarcho-punk band, they have since released over 20 full-length albums of musical experiments and numerous collaborations blending punk and free jazz with styles of folk music from all over the world.

The Ex - Lale Guma (Aha Begena, አሀ በገና)

The Ex + Fendika - 01 - Lale Guma (4:43)
The Ex + Fendika - 02 - Addis Hum (5:25)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Yemane Kidane - Yeaklena [2016] [eritrea]

Yemane Kidane - 01 - Yeaklena (6:13)
Yemane Kidane - 02 - Karibu (5:59)
Yemane Kidane - 03 - Sidet (5:32)
Yemane Kidane - 04 - Asho Asila (5:40)
Yemane Kidane - 05 - Haqi nebala misikir iya (5:01)
Yemane Kidane - 06 - Mother (6:06)
Yemane Kidane - 07 - Tefkireni Zineberet (5:12)
Yemane Kidane - 08 - Tibeb (3:56)
Yemane Kidane - 09 - Peace & Love (3:28)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Filmon Zekarias - Mama Africa [2013] [eritrea]

Filmon Zekarias - 01 - Mama Africa (6:57)
Filmon Zekarias - 02 - Men Gedenga (6:46)
Filmon Zekarias - 03 - Hashweye Melesa (4:34)
Filmon Zekarias - 04 - Hayal Fresegna (6:53)
Filmon Zekarias - 05 - Mleketgna (6:44)
Filmon Zekarias - 06 - Nebat Fekri (6:01)
Filmon Zekarias - 07 - Handebet Tesewira (6:44)
Filmon Zekarias - 08 - Gasa Betna (6:14)
Filmon Zekarias - 09 - Afkireya (5:01)
Filmon Zekarias - 10 - Yekeneley Heyabe (2:47)

Monday, September 19, 2016

v.a. - Oromo Guitar Songs [ethiopia]

Abitew Kebede - Ijaan Nalaalte [በአይኗ አይታኝ]

        Poor rip of 7 folders containing some of the famous Oromo guitar players and singers, such as Abitew KebedeAdem Harun, Kedir Said, Abdullahi Jirma, Abdi Qophee and many other.

Abitew Kebede

Adem Harun and  Kedir Said