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Friday, May 13, 2016

Afro-Zen Allstars - Live @ WRIR!!! [2015] [usa+eth]

                 Afro-Zen Allstars' primary inspiration is the the haunting and danceable sounds created during Ethiopia's "Golden Age" (late '60's-mid '70's). This is music that takes hold of both mind and body and never let's go, and Afro-Zen Allstars present it in updated form with compelling new arrangements and world-class soloists.

            Established by guitarist/arranger George M Lowe, Afro-Zen Allstars features the formidable talents of past and present members of such luminary Richmond ensembles as Bio Ritmo,   No BS Brass!, Rattlemouth, Fado Nosso, Glows In The Dark, Hotel X, Monk's Playground, The Flavor Project, Ululating Mummies, and more. 

Afro-Zen Allstars - Bemin Sebeb Litlash

CJ Alicea, drums
Adrien Bayo, percussion
Brian Cruse, bass
John Lilley, alto and tenor sax
George M Lowe, founder, guitar and arrangements
Chris Sclafani, baritone and alto sax
Chris Vasi, guitar
Toby Whitaker, trombone

Afro-Zen Allstars - 01 - Yekermo Sew (6:00)
Afro-Zen Allstars - 02 - Lemon (Lomiwen Teqebeletch) (4:53)
Afro-Zen Allstars - 03 - Netsanet (6:27)
Afro-Zen Allstars - 04 - The Pillar of Truth (Yewnet Messosso) (5:00)
Afro-Zen Allstars - 05 - Muziqawi Silt (6:27)
Afro-Zen Allstars - 06 - Here Is Freedom (4:57)
Afro-Zen Allstars - 07 - Yekatit (4:21)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Black Flower - Abyssinia Afterlife [2014] [b]

      Born out of a surreal experience and with strong devotion Black Flower takes you on a lucid voyage through the gardens of the Abyssinian afterlife. A highly remarkable place, far away from what you and I would call reality. It is a place where strange creatures and unfamiliar sounds merge into a harmony of the weird and the beautiful.

       It is said that these are the secret realms of the long past legendary ruler of Ethiopia, Sir Prester John. Some even claim that he composed these sounds as a way of ruling his ancient land. Whether this is fact or myth, nobody knows for sure...

     Now, for the first time, we have the chance to get a glimpse of this mystical empire. It is no secret any more that Nathan Daems has been chosen to witness this special place. Being such an overwhelming experience, he felt the urge, even the obligation, to share this with the real world. The result is a record he applicably called “Abyssinia Afterlife”.

     It was no easy task finding the right people for this job. In his years of musical exploration, Nathan kept searching for the right people to team up with. A challenging process, because they needed to embrace the idea of looking to music from a whole new perspective. They needed to be able to capture the Abyssinia Afterlife as if they had visited it them-selves. Finally he found four young and dedicated spirits who could do the job.

 This is the moment Black Flower was born.

  Black Flower - Upwards  

 Track list:

    1. Solar Eclipse 6:39 
    2. Upwards 4:59 
    3. I threw a lemon at that girl 5:20 
    4. Jungle desert 4:50 
    5. Winter 5:35 
    6. Star fishing 5:42 
    7. The legacy of Prester John 3:41 
    8. Again I lost it 4:57 
    9. Abyssinia afterlife 7:45

 Nathan Daems - Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Melodica, Flute 
 Jon Birdsong - Cornet 
 Simon Segers - Drums 
 Wouter Haest - Piano and keyboards 
 Filip Vandebril - Bass, Effects