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Monday, February 15, 2016

Bezunesh Bekele - Unknown Tape of Bezunesh Bekele [1972-1977] [ethiopia]

        I have a surprise in store for you in the forthcoming posts. After official albums and compilations it is time for a couple of cassettes of Ethiopian authors found on the internet. 

     I have been delaying  with the posting until I found enough information to support them, but as usual, when it comes to older Ethiopian music, it is practically impossible to find it. 

Insight Bezunesh Bekele Her Life Her Music
(english translation)

       To start with, here is a cassette of Bezunesh Bekele. Except two CDs of her compilations and what was released in the Ethiopiques edition, there are no official releases of her on the market. Specialist music sites do not give her full discography, and my Ethiopian sources cannot help.

      The cassette obviously was made as a compilation of her single records made in the period of 1972-1977. In the tags I have listed all the details related to the publication of her singles records, and the folder contains all the covers I could find. Since the music was recorded onto the C-60 cassette of a relatively poor sound, and the songs recorded from crackly records, the sound quality is not particularly good, but it is passable. 

       Track number 7 from side A A7 Bindnew Tizitah is interrupted after 1:49, as it obviously could not fit. The only change I have made is the addition of the complete last song. B8-Tigil New from a disc I own. Everything else is recorded in  a relatively good quality rip.

     If you know anything about this cassette, please get in touch and share your information with the readers of this blog and its author. The cassette arrived with the picture of the cover with track listing. The name of the label is given as Lupano Video Cassette from Amhara. The main cover is made by me, using an internet photo.

       My thanks to Yonas for helping me translate to European alphabet.

Bezunesh Bekele - A1 - Aha Gedawo (3:50)
Bezunesh Bekele - A2 - Kal Kidan (4:20)
Bezunesh Bekele - A3 - Yemisereq Bihon (4:26)
Bezunesh Bekele - A4 - Hilem Norual Leka (4:34)
Bezunesh Bekele - A5 - Min Bedelkut Minew? (4:19)
Bezunesh Bekele - A6 - Mehonu Asaznegn (3:29)
Bezunesh Bekele - A7 - Addis Fikir (3:20)
Bezunesh Bekele - A8 - Bindinew Tizitah (1:49) *

Bezunesh Bekele - B1 - Simhin Salanesaw (4:32)
Bezunesh Bekele - B2 - Yemaimot Gabicha (4:11)
Bezunesh Bekele - B3 - Ayasayegn Chikune (4:24)
Bezunesh Bekele - B4 - Ferenj Ager Satihed (4:16)
Bezunesh Bekele - B5 - Atirakegn (2:56)
Bezunesh Bekele - B6 - Eniramed (3:33)
Bezunesh Bekele - B7 - Be'ayin Yemitay Edil (5:52)
Bezunesh Bekele - B8 - Tigil New (3:31)