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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gigi & Bill Laswell's Material - New Flowers From Addis [live @ Krems 2009] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

four tracks from their gig at Krems, 2009. 

Gigi and Alemayehu Fanta - Zerafewa


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ashenafi Kebede - The Shepherd Flutist, Ethiopian Symphony [1968] [ethiopia]

         Ashenafi Kebede (1938 – May 8, 1998) was an Ethiopian composer, conductor, ethnomusicologist, historical musicologist, music educator, novelist, and poet.

        Kebede was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1938 and was educated in musicology in the United States at the Eastman School of Music (1962), and Wesleyan University (M.A. 1969; Ph.D. 1971).

             He founded the National Saint Yared School of Music in Ethiopia, serving as its first director (1963–1968).

                He was designated a National Composer by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I, in 1967. Shortly after that he began his graduate studies in the United States, and earned the first Ph.D. in ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University.

The Shepherd Flutist, Ethiopian Symphony

          Ashenafi was a prolific writer. His works include a novel, Confession (1964), articles in ethnomusicology journals, the book Roots of Black Music, and numerous articles in The Chronicler, the magazine of the Center for African-American Culture.

                 In his own compositions he combined Ethiopian and Japanese musical ideas. "Koturasia" is one such piece, written for flute, clarinet, violin, and Japanese koto. Among his other musical compositions were "Peace unto Ethiopia" and "The Life of Our Nation". His best known composition though rarely heard outside Ethiopia was "The Shepherds Flute", performed in 1968 with Hungarian State String Orchestra.

           In the United States, he was Director of the internationally known Ethiopian Research Council, consisting of a group of Ethiopian and American scholars and professionals. At the time of his death he was Director of the Center of African-American Culture at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

       Professor Kebede died in Tallahassee, Florida, May 8, 1998. As spoken by the man, "you are here for me, I am not here for you."


01 - The Shepherd Flutist I (8:52)
02 - The Shepherd Flutist II (3:23)
03 - The Shepherd Flutist III (4:40)
04 - The Shepherd Flutist IV (11:56)
05 - The Shepherd Flutist V (3:23)
                              Composed By – Ashenafi Kebede


06 - Ethiopian Symphony [part I & II] (7:40)
07 - Ethiopian Symphony III (12:12)
08 - Ethiopian Symphony IV (10:53)
                              Composed By – Ashenafi Kebede

Ethiopian Symphony in three movements written by Ashenafi Kebede
The Hungarian State String Orchestra with Lóránt Kovács (Flute) conducted by Ashenafi Kebede

The Ethiopian Symphony was dedicated to the 75th birthday of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Tigist Ejigu - Ambassel [1997] [ethiopia]

        R  E  U  P  L  O  A  D    

                                 Pianist Tigist Ejigu

                 Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Tigist Ejigu developed a passion for music when she was a little girl. She had a sharp ear for music, and when she reached 10th grade she join the prestigious Yared Music School of Addis Ababa. Tigist showed an uncanny ability to replicate on piano most any music to which she was given ear. Her formal training at Yared exposed her to a broader repertoire of music, and both her technical expertise and her interpretive insightfulness blossomed.

                 In 1989, Tigist graduated from Yared with honors. She began performing professionally at hotels and restaurants in Addis Ababa. Wabe Shebelle, the Ibex, the Samit and the Hilton in Addis Ababa were among the hosts of her performances. Her repertoire included faithful renditions of traditional Ethiopian, western classical, and popular international music. It also included sensitive interpretative variations on themes of traditional Ethiopian and western classical music.

                 Tigist moved to America in 1996. She first performed at small Ethiopian restaurants and nightclubs in Washington, DC. She performed solo and with small ensembles, and she primarily performed traditional Ethiopian music. As her notoriety evolved, she began playing across the US -including Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, and New York. DC is her home, and audiences at the Washington Hilton and the Hilton Capital find great favor with her sensitive melding of Classical and popular international themes. Of late, she has focused upon performing her own compositions. They have a jazz like improvisational quality, yet they capture and reflect both traditional Ethiopian and Western Classical aesthetics. Her performances are heartfelt, and her music has a universal appeal while Ethiopia is forever present.

         Tigist's first album, Ambassel, has achieved international recognition. Her new second album is a collection of sensitive interpretations of Ethiopia's popular and traditional melodies. It is reflective of Tizita, Bati, Anchehoye Lene and Ambassel modes of expression.


Tigist Ejigu - 01 - Ambassel [a small village name found in Welo region,Ethiopia] (8:17)
Tigist Ejigu - 02 - Yematbela Wof [Unedible Bird] (6:38)
Tigist Ejigu - 03 - Yiwedegn Aywedegn [Does He Love Me, Does He Not] (6:37)
Tigist Ejigu - 04 - Marigne Biyeshalehu [Accept My Apolgy] (5:33)
Tigist Ejigu - 05 - Endit neh [How Are You?] (5:01)
Tigist Ejigu - 06 - Tizita [Nostalgia] (8:22)
Tigist Ejigu - 07 - S'thed s'ketelat [I'll Keep On Following Her Wherver She Goes] (5:06)
Tigist Ejigu - 08 - Letidar [For Marriage] (6:03)
Tigist Ejigu - 09 - Nafkote [My Beloved One Whom I Miss So Much] (6:41)
Tigist Ejigu - 10 - Yenne fiker [My Love] (5:07)

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Ex + Fendika - [2015] - Lale Guma-Addis Hum [nl+eth]

       The Ex are an underground band from the Netherlands that formed in 1979 at the height of the original punk explosion. Initially known as an anarcho-punk band, they have since released over 20 full-length albums of musical experiments and numerous collaborations blending punk and free jazz with styles of folk music from all over the world.

The Ex - Lale Guma (Aha Begena, አሀ በገና)

The Ex + Fendika - 01 - Lale Guma (4:43)
The Ex + Fendika - 02 - Addis Hum (5:25)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Nebeyu Tesfaye - Enate [ethiopia]

Nebeyu Tesfaye - Tizita

Nebeyu Tesfaye - 01 - Medina (6:23)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 02 - Wede Harar Guzo (5:53)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 03 - Birtukane (8:38)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 04 - Tizita (6:29)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 05 - Yefeker Shemane (6:28)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 06 - Nunuye (5:20)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 07 - Tetintu Tiz Alegne (5:53)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 08 - Yagere Lidge (6:47)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 09 - Yedenkal (5:06)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Yishak Banjaw - Love Songs Vol. 7 [ethiopia]

       Yishak Banjaw, composer and keyboard player from Addis Ababa known to his country for his innovative compositions and unique sound. His ability to transform traditional Ethiopian songs into spacey Minimal-Wave gems creates an ultra hypnotic and psychedelic atmosphere, a sound that you have never experienced before. A genuine talent who carried the long tradition of Ethiopia into another level..

Yishak Banjaw - Gonder

Yishak Banjaw - 01 - Amalele (7:38)
Yishak Banjaw - 02 - Sadule (5:52)
Yishak Banjaw - 03 - Gonder (5:40)
Yishak Banjaw - 04 - Yene Hasab (6:34)
Yishak Banjaw - 05 - Tegregna (10:29)
Yishak Banjaw - 06 - Abaye Molalesh (6:43)
Yishak Banjaw - 07 - Bertukane (7:25)
Yishak Banjaw - 08 - Sudan (5:42)
Yishak Banjaw - 09 - Askeregn Neger (5:00)
Yishak Banjaw - 10 - Eyewat (8:44)
Yishak Banjaw - 11 - Muna (6:57)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Daniel WoldeGebriel and Teklu Demssie - Abat Des Ylewal [2013] [ethiopia]

Daniel WoldeGebriel and Teklu Demssie - 01 - Ytayal Gudu (7:19)
Daniel WoldeGebriel and Teklu Demssie - 02 - Tedegagfen (5:28)
Daniel WoldeGebriel and Teklu Demssie - 03 - Kulu (8:11)
Daniel WoldeGebriel and Teklu Demssie - 04 - Yeweyn Abeba (7:37)
Daniel WoldeGebriel and Teklu Demssie - 05 - Tdar (6:37)
Daniel WoldeGebriel and Teklu Demssie - 06 - Ashagedawo (5:48)
Daniel WoldeGebriel and Teklu Demssie - 07 - Abat Des Ylewal (9:16)
Daniel WoldeGebriel and Teklu Demssie - 08 - Hayloga (6:39)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Nebeyu Tesfaye - Instrumental [2007] [ethiopia]

Nebeyu Tesfaye - 01. Balewashentu (6:28)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 02. Yalcanchi Alnorem (8:03)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 03. Lubanjaye (5:46)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 04. Bitgulila (6:18)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 05. Bemela Besebeb (5:49)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 06. Aydelem Lebicha (7:21)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 07. Demo Jemeregn (5:48)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 08. Dehna Hugne (7:27)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 09. Aynema Wedajesh (5:08)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 10. Harambe (7:17)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 11. Eda (6:28)
Nebeyu Tesfaye - 12. Anchen Mesay Konjo (5:30)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mohammed Ibraahim [Xawiil] - Galaana [2008] [ethiopia]

01 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Jaalala Dhugaa (6:26)
02 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Intaley (5:30)
03 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Jaalalaan (5:47)
04 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Jeedo (4:30)
05 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Jimmitti (5:28)
06 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Habiibi (Sudaan) (5:45)
07 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Hin Yaadini (5:17)
08 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Naf Jacel Halelay (7:04)
09 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Mee Yomiin Si'arka (6:52)
10 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Shirgigaate (8:22)
11 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Yoomuma (5:52)
12 - Mohammed Ibraahim - Galaana (9:59)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - [2009] - Zemen [2009] [ethiopia]

       Teshome's career stretches back over thirty years in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a member of the influential Soul Ekos Band in the late 60s.

      Teshome Mitiku began performing at local schools and nightclubs when he was just a teenager. In the late 60's, singer and keyboardist Teshome Mitiku; his brother and alto saxophonist, Theodros "Teddy" Mitiku; trumpeter, Tamrat Ferendji; bassist Fekade Amde-Meskel; drummer, Tesfaye Mekonnen; guitarist, Alula Yohannes and singer, Seifu Yohannes formed the influential Soul Ekos Band

      The band released numerous songs. Teshome Mitiku composed and wrote Gara Ser New Betesh, Yezemed Yebada, Mot Adeladlogn and Hasabe.

Teshome Mitiku - Susegnash

01 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Bati (7:46)
02 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Hasabe (5:42)
03 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Kante Gar (5:58)
04 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Susegnash (6:43)
05 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Abren Enwal (4:30)
06 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Gimash Sewnet (6:00)
07 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Himem Sewnet (5:05)
08 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Almetam Kerehugn (5:35)
09 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Eshururu (5:05)
10 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Tinsae (6:59)
11 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Tizitaye (6:16)
12 - Teshome Mitiku & Frehiwot Lemma - Zemen (5:58)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mahmoud Ahmed with Ibex Band - Jeguol Naw Betwa [1978, reissue 2011] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

       Mississippi records continues their tradition of re-releasing obscure and out of print music from all around the world, this time tackling legendary Ethiopian singer Mahmoud Ahmed.  

       Apparently this album of blistering african pop had never been reissued since it's original pressing, so I'm quite thankful that Mississippi did the legwork and got this back out into the ears of everyone. 

       Mahmoud Ahmed is the greatest Ethiopian singer of all time. His recordings with the Ibex Band are proper sweet, even awesome. This album, first released in 1978, is a world music classic. Album has been remastered quite brilliantly by Tim Stollenwerk. 

       Recorded at the end of the 'golden age' of Ethiopian urban music, Mahmoud is in top form belting out transcendent intense vocals over the Ibex Bands' hypnotic soulful horns, organs, guitars, bass & percussion. As good as it gets & as close to universally perfect music as ever has been made.

1. Mahmoud Ahmed - Bemin Sebeb Litlash / (4:30)
2. Mahmoud Ahmed - Anwedim Tekatin / (5:21)
3. Mahmoud Ahmed - Gebtewat Yihon Fikrien (5:46)
4. Mahmoud Ahmed - Jeguol Naw Betwa (3:34)
5. Mahmoud Ahmed - Endet Lilakek (4:16)
6. Mahmoud Ahmed - Neshtie / (5:16)
7. Mahmoud Ahmed - Fetsum Dink Lij Nesh / (4:41)
8. Mahmoud Ahmed - Hoy Na-Na Jegnaw Na / (4:40)
9. Mahmoud Ahmed - Marie Gela / (4:37)

Friday, March 20, 2015

AIYE #60 : Mikael Seifu - Africa In Your Earbuds [ethiopia]

       Mikael Seifu is an Ethiopian electronic music producer & performer. Seifu fuses both the secular Ethiopian music of nomadic folk musicians, known as Azmaris, and the sonics of Tobia with garage & his own dream brew, which he calls “Ethiopian electronic.”

     Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Seifu attended the French school Lycee Guebre-Mariam as a child, and went on to study music production & the music industry at Ramapo College of New Jersey, a small school about 45 minutes outside of Manhattan. Here, Seifu studied under avant-garde composer, trumpeter and inventor of the “Mutantrumpet,” Ben Neill. “He opened me up to another way of thinking about music,” says Seifu.

Mikael Seifu - Yarada Lij

      After his time at Ramapo, Seifu traveled back to Addis Ababa where he currently runs his recording studio, a central hub for the perceptive & open-minded local musicians of Addis Ababa, and continues to cultivate & curate the local electronic & Ethiopian experimental music scene.

His debut EP, Yarada Lij, draws from a long list of musical influences including Ethiopian & African Folk, the Addis Acoustic Project, Ben Neill, Burial, Zion Rebels, Air, Röyksopp, reggae and R.F.

“My music is about vibrations…it does something to me and I want to immediately share that with people. It’s not Eastern, Western, Martian… it’s about that impact. If that impact is not shared, it doesn’t matter.” - Mikael Seifu

       Ethiopian beatsmith Mikael Seifu made his impressive debut this year with the 4-track Yarada Lij EP and loose single “Tuff Ruff” — a striking hybrid of house & UK garage production with secular azmari folk and sacred music traditions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The Addis Ababa-based producer, who cites labelmate Endeguena Mulu, Burial, traditional Ethiopian folk, and Scott Storch as his influences, is the torch-bearing artist on the newly formed Washington, D.C. imprint 1432 R.What do you think?

      For his Africa In Your Earbuds mixtape, Mikael Seifu delivers an astounding, hazy journey through reinterpreted Ethiopian folk sounds. The producer mentions, “The last two songs are the only unaltered from the mix. I basically went for it and picked artists of Ethiopia or who are Ethiopian. That being said I used bits and pieces of their works and composed on top of that for the mix. One can say the majority of the mix is technically original stuff with it’s major influence and theme being Ethiopian folk."

Mikael Seifu - AIYE #60: Mikael Seifu (19:47)

Samples Used For Mix/Tracklist:

Ethiopian Folk

Tommy T - Oromo Dub(Cushitic Dub)
Gash Abera Molla - Enkutatash & other
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - The Last Tears of a Deceased
Addis Acoustic Project - Soundcheck at Jazzamba Club
Hailu Mergia - Ambassel
Seifu Yohannes - Yekermo Sew
Zion Rebels ft. Lion Heart Soldiers, Tiger & Black Haze -  Dess Yebelesh
Lema Guebre-Hiwot - Medina Zelessegna

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Elias Tebabel - Tidar [1999] - [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

       The legendary Elias Tebabel was born and raised in Gondar, Ethiopia, and currently residing in Washington DC, USA.

01. Elias Tebabel - Tidar (5:59)
02. Elias Tebabel - Tewdage (7:25)
03. Elias Tebabel - Mamaye (6:35)
04. Elias Tebabel - Ye Gondar Lij (4:16)
05. Elias Tebabel - Degenga (6:46)
06. Elias Tebabel - Kanchi Wodiya (6:07)
07. Elias Tebabel - Borena (4:31)
08. Elias Tebabel - Behager Yelem Keld (6:43)
09. Elias Tebabel - Ye Habesha Set (6:15)
10. Elias Tebabel - Ze Neged Konjo (5:53)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Girma Yifrashewa - Love & Peace [2014] [ethiopia]

The best Ethiopian pianist Girma Yifrashewa

Girma Yifrashewa extended biography and additional info > find here !

01 - Girma Yifrashewa - The Shepherd with the Flute (6:48)
02 - Girma Yifrashewa - Chewata (8:44)
03 - Girma Yifrashewa - Elilta (6:47)
04 - Girma Yifrashewa - Sememen (9:21)
05 - Girma Yifrashewa - Ambassel (8:55)

"a rare and fascinating example of aesthetic adaptation and convergence" - The New York Times

"Gorgeous solo piano studies from Ethiopia... along with a meditative take on jazz that recalls George Winston" - Uncut Magazine

"On his first US release, Love & Peace (Unseen Worlds), Yifrashewa comes off as a fluid hybrid of Erik Satie, Vince Guaraldi, and Matthew Shipp at his most restrained. The performances are tonally rich and subdued, with Yifrashewa's folksy melodies given alternating emphasis—grandiloquent and hushed." - Chicago Reader

"The newest release on Unseen Worlds is a breathtaking collection of solo piano pieces by Ethiopian composer Girma Yifrashewa, who crafts a unique blend of hauntingly melodic works that recall Erik Satie, Keith Jarrett, and Debussy, but filtered through the Ethiopian pentatonic scale, tipping its hat toward the worlds of both jazz and classical music simultaneously. Easily one of the year's most engrossing classical/ambient works, this is vital music by an incredibly gifted composer and musician. Absolute highest recommendation." - Other Music

"A thoroughly engaging set of five solo piano settings ... Adding to the recording's appeal, each of the pieces conveys a satisfying sense of completeness, and to his credit, Yifrashewa consistently opts for emotional directness" - Textura