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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

v.a. - Ethiopian Reggae [ethiopia]

Haile Roots - Chew Lerasish (4:05)
Sami Dan - Anchi Yene (4:01)
Shewandagne Hailu - Kurat (5:33)
Getnet Demissie - Bihon (3:44)
Michael Melaku (Mike) - Dera (4:40)
Lidj abebaw - Ayteshign endalayesh (5:19)
Babby Ragga - Sewlesew Enihun (4:44)
Estifanos Getahun - Sew Le Sew (4:57)
Mike Solo - Habesha (4:30)
Ras Biruk - Rello (5:40)
Mieraf Assefa - Guadegnaye (4:50)
Enyachew Fancho ft Mesay Goa - Reggae Hawassa (5:48)
Aklilu Mekonen (Aki Man) - Sitakibet (6:46)
Mamila Lukas ft Sara T - Jerusalem (5:39)
Ras Abel - Rastafari callin' (5:16)
Ras Mule - Alehulesh (4:15)
Rasjany - Selamta (3:49)
Sydney Salmon - Never Been Colonized (4:35)
Yaddi Bojia - Hagere (5:00)
Zeleke Gessesse - Selam (5:05)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bethelhem Dagnachew - Shiw Shiw [2004] [ethiopia]

   R  E  U  P  L  O  A  D   

01. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Alchalkum (5:01)
02. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Chal Chal Yenie Fiker (4:55)
03. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Degmoh Naynie Metah (6:22)
04. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Eibo (5:05)
05. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Geday Neh (4:41)
06. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Kedamie Gebeya (5:07)
07. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Kelebeh Kehone (5:33)
08. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Menem Baymesleh (4:46)
09. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Shew Shew Bagerachen (5:35)
10. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Tew Lantem Aybej (5:36)
11. Bethelhem Dagnachew - Yefiker Abazie (5:17)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Elias Assefa - Kelay [2015] [ethiopia]

Elias Assefa - Kelay

Elias Assefa - 01 - Séwunet (Being Human) (4:13)
Elias Assefa - 02 - Kélay (From Above) (5:50)
Elias Assefa - 03 - Yé Egzer Siel (God’s Painting) (6:56)
Elias Assefa - 04 - Zenaw (The News) (3:52)
Elias Assefa - 05 - Léka (It is Rather That) (5:14)
Elias Assefa - 06 - To ቶ (Symbol of Life) (4:00)
Elias Assefa - 07 - Gize (Time) (4:26)
Elias Assefa - 08 - Yenéfse Erkata (My Soul’s Satisfaction) (5:07)
Elias Assefa - 09 - Léwuletash (Tribute to You) (4:28)
Elias Assefa - 10 - Ebid New Sime (They Call me a Mad Man) (5:04)
Elias Assefa - 11 - Betsélot (With Prayer) (5:42)
Elias Assefa - 12 - Tibeb Ze Solomon (Solomon’s Wisdom) (5:32)
Elias Assefa - 13 - Sus (Addiction) (5:39)
Elias Assefa - 14 - Aman be (In Peace) (4:48)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jano Band - Live Performance [2016] [ethiopia]

       Setting the trend for the Jano sound is a new synthesis which injects Ethiopian music into the genre of rock to create hot and harmoniously wild sounding of Ethiopian rock. Behind it is Jano, a band consisting two female vocalists, two male lead vocalists and six musicians who play bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboards and a drum. The two things the players have in common is that all of them are in their twenties and all share a single dream – to become the first international rock phenomena from Ethiopia.

         The man behind the making of Jano is Addis Gassesse, a renowned Ethiopian music manager who shuttles between Addis Abeba, New York and Kingston, Jamaica. Now Addis wants to get Jano play at international concerts and compete with any rock band on the world stage.

Jano Band - Darigne

       Jano has a unique way of showing the flare of its members, who, some of them came from different gospel choirs. The fusion of Ethiopian music with Rock is a complete detachment from the long tradition of music norm. But the songs are partly written by the band members themselves and partly by Yilma Gabreab, a popular Ethiopian song writer. The result is the first ever rock band in Ethiopia.

       While some of the band members have been heavily influenced by rock stars such as the Rolling Stones and Metallica, others have been influenced by jazz, pop and reggae. This diverse background of the members can be clearly seen in the unique sound of their music that takes its nuances from an eclectic assortment of styles that, deep down, didn’t abandon an Ethiopian flavor.

Jano Band are:

Kirubel Tesfaye (Band Leader and synthesizer)
Michael Hailu (Musical Director and Lead Guitar)
Dibekulu Tafesse (vocals)
Haleluya Tekletsadik (vocals)
Hewan Gebrewold (vocals)
Hailu Merga (vocals)
Yohannes Mekonen (drums)
Daniel Negash (bass)

Jano Band - 01 - Andnen (ft. Pamfalon) (6:14)
Jano Band - 02 - Darigne (3:35)
Jano Band - 03 - Yinegal (4:09)
Jano Band - 04 - Gude (Live) (6:20)
Jano Band - 05 - Mariye (Live) (6:28)
Jano Band - 06 - Mehed Mehed (Live) (7:09)
Jano Band - 07 - Gara Sir New Bete (Live) (3:50)
Jano Band - 08 - Ayrak (Live) (6:50)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Chachi Tadesse - Hoya Hoye [1999] [ethiopia]

          Most Rastafarians consider Ethiopia to be their spiritual homeland and identify with that country to some extent-some even incorporate Amharic phrases into their songs, the classic example being the Abyssinians' repatriation classic "Satta Massa Gana." 

Chachi Tadesse - Enkuan Des Yalachu

        Chachi Tadesse does this tradition one step better-she actually is Ethiopian, and sings primarily in Amharic. 

       And while reggae is the foundation of her art, there's more to it than that; "Musica," with its swaggering beat and turntable work, shows a marked hip-hop influence, while her singing on the dancehall-flavored "Unity" seems to draw at least as much on North African vocal traditions as on the Memphis-by-way-of-Kingston sound that characterizes most reggae singing. Her muttered toasting on "Gorraw" is quietly compelling. She gets help from guests both famous (Stephen Marley, Sizzla) and obscure (Lisa Danger, Billy Mystic), but her shimmering voice is always at the core of each song's sound. This is a remarkable album.

Chachi Tadesse - 01 - Musica (ft. Stephen Marley) (4:45)
Chachi Tadesse - 02 - Hoya Hoye (with Garnett Silk's children) (4:13)
Chachi Tadesse - 03 - Rambosa (ft. Sizzla) (4:15)
Chachi Tadesse - 04 - Fiker Band Menged (One Way Street) (5:09)
Chachi Tadesse - 05 - Hibret (Unity) (ft. Gaddiel & Daweh Congo) (4:17)
Chachi Tadesse - 06 - Ye Africa Negest (African Queen) (ft. Prezident Brown) (4:20)
Chachi Tadesse - 07 - Gorraw (ft. Doniki & Lisa Danger) (4:18)
Chachi Tadesse - 08 - Atresa (Warning) (ft. Billy Mystic, Iqulah Rastafari, Doniki & Steady Ranks) (4:57)
Chachi Tadesse - 09 - Natty Dread (ft. Sister Carol) (3:55)
Chachi Tadesse - 10 - Mesgana (Give Thanks) (ft. Kulcha Knox) (5:43)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dub Colossus - A town called Addis [2006] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

       This project brings together an extraordinary but little known African musical heritage, a labour of love recording in a makeshift studio in down-town Addis Ababa and then a journey back to Real World to capture for the first time ever in the UK some of Ethiopia's finest performers.

       This project is the vision of Dub Colossus - Dubulah - aka Nick Page. Composer, guitarist, bass player and programmer Nick started his music career with Michael Riley (Steel Pulse) and in 1990 formed Transglobal Underground with Tim and Hammi, produced-wrote-played six albums before leaving in 1997 to form Temple of Sound with Neil Sparkes.

       Ethiopian music is the hidden gem of Africa. At the end of the Sixties and the early Seventies, Ethiopia was in the dying years of the imperial decline of Haile Selassie and the early years of a brutally repressive junta led by Mengistu. Within the confines of this stifling and constrictive environment there flowered some astonishing music. At times showing Fela Kuti's influences, in the big band sax flavour and other times a different take on regional music, this is a music that is accessible to all and has been championed by the likes of Robert Plant, Brian Eno and Elvis Costello. The style of contemporary Ethiopia music captured by Dub Colossus ranges from dreamy blues, hypnotic grooves, jazz piano and driving funk brass.

       "A Town Called Addis" was inspired by meeting , writing and working with singers and musicians in Addis Ababa in August 2006, and is a collaboration between Dub Colossus (Nick Page) and these amazing musicians covering Azmari and traditional styles as well as the popular singing styles of the 60s and 70s. It seeks to combine the golden years of ethiopique beats (popular again thanks to the release of the critically acclaimed 'Ethiopique' compliation ) and ethiojazz with the dub reggae styles of early 70s reggae groups like the Abyssinians, Mighty Diamonds and so on. along with a hint of Sun Ra..." (Dub Colossus/aka Nick Page)

       The first sessions took place in a breeze block hut under corrugated iron roof bombarded by the sounds of the rainy season high up on the mountain plateau where Addis is built. "...the sound of children playing, dogs barking and women washing all permeate the sessions and help the flavour of the record, albeit as ambient smoke.....Although a howling cat chasing a rat under the roof destroyed one vocal take completely...!"

       We brought these unique urban field recordings home to Real World to complete the picture. In March 2008 we invited a group of outstanding performers from Addis to travel to the UK. Some of these artists are unknown talents who have never traveled outside of their country before now, while others such as singer Sintayehu 'Mimi' Zenebe (Addis Ababa night club owner and know as the Ethiopian Edith Piaf ) and master saxophonist Feleke Hailu (a classical composer, lecturer and head of music at the Yared Music School and part of a dynastic tradition that stretches back far beyond the classic hits his father arranged for Mahmoud Ahmad in the late 1960s) have a huge reputation. They are joined by Teremag Weretow who, with his plaintive voice, playing his messenqo ( one-string fiddle) is a youthful carrier of an ancient tradition; extraordinary pianist Samuel Yirga is an exciting new discovery - a young prodigy of classical and Ethiojazz and finally the glamourous star Tsedenia Gebremarkos, winner of a Kora award as the best female singer in East Africa in 2004,

       From the most primitive recording context to one of the best in the world, this project is an audio journey - and discovery of one of the most alluring, funky and seductive genres of African music.

01. Dub Colossus - Azmari Dub (5:05)
02. Dub Colossus - Entoto Dub (5:55)
03. Dub Colossus - Tazeb Kush (5:52)
04. Dub Colossus - Shegye Shegitu (Blue Nile Mix) (3:54)
05. Dub Colossus - Shegye Shegitu (One Drop mix) (4:49)
06. Dub Colossus - Yeka Sub City Rockers (5:04)
07. Dub Colossus - Shem City Steppers (5:28)
08. Dub Colossus - Tizita Dub (7:38)
09. Dub Colossus - Black Rose (4:06)
10. Dub Colossus - Neh Yelginete (5:40)
11. Dub Colossus - Ophir Dub (4:40)
12. Dub Colossus - Sima Edy (4:40)
13. Dub Colossus - Mercato Music (5:47)
14. Dub Colossus - Ambassel (4:40)
15. Dub Colossus - Ambassel In Box (5:47)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ras Abel - Humble Beginnings [2000] [usa + ethiopia]

   R E U P L O A D     

Ras Abel - Love Is Selassie I

       The title of his album "Humble Beginnings" is the perfect phrase to describe the musical career of Ras Abel.

       Born in Addis Abeba in 1972, Ras Abel moved to the USA in 1989. While attending the college in Maryland in early 1990s Abel met a guy named Belatchew who encouraged young Ras' ability to express his lyrics. During the summers Abel, Belatchew on bass and his younger brother Dula met their soul JAH, creating music together. As their love for music grew, they decided to record a demo in 1994. They made two tracks, "Love is in the air" and "Forward to Zion".

       Due to the various difficulties, Ras was unable to pursue a musical career in full time. However, Ras continue to work with Dula in his studio in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he spent 1996-1999 in coordination with Dula and Tensae (co-producer of "Humble Beginnings") eventually produced "Humble Beginnings" in 2000. 

       While living in Washington, Ras Abel and Tensae tried to make music of Jah. Initially band was named "Maebel", which means tidal wave in Amharic. Later they changed their name to "Melekebet", name of native Ethiopian instrument, used to make an anouncements in ancient times.

"Melekebet" was consisted of Salomon on drums, Tensae on bass and Ras Abel on guitar, rhythm guitar and vocal. Their sound was unique blend of reggae and Ethiopian music. Band dismemmbered in early 2001. and Ras Abel took hiatus in the music of Jah.

    In 2008 Ras Abel returned to music once again. Abel recorded his second album with drummer Jeff Franca.

     Curently he is playing with his band "Tesfa". He also features on the album "Sur Mahber", a compilation of songs with various artist made with american group "Soldiers of Jah Army".

   In "Dancehall Celebration," he gives props to the new "conscious" roots-and-culture face of dancehall reggae; and in "Afrikawi," sung in the provincial Ethiopian language Tigrinya, he pays tribute to Zeray Deres, an Ethiopian warrior who stood up to the invading Italians.

      Ras Abel's voice is rich, with full range. The music on this CD ranges from Nyahbinghi rhythms, to ska, to Hard Roots, to some Ethiopian traditional music styling. Hard, real upbeat music and messages from a young lion making a 'Humble Beginning'. Respect!.

"Humble Beginnings" is not of humble quality. All tracks reveal that these young lions are under the influence of the masters of premium quality reggae. The lyrics are not shy about singing praises to His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Pan African Development and progressive livity for mankind.

Ras Abel - vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
Bobby T - solo guitar
Matt (bihnghi roots) - keyboards
Taharqa - keyboards
Tensae - bass guitar
Jeff Franca - drums

01. Ras Abel - Rastafari Callin' (5:16)
02. Ras Abel - Forward To Zion (6:01)
03. Ras Abel - Enat Ithiopia (4:29)
04. Ras Abel - Love Is 'N De Air (6:07)
05. Ras Abel - Dancehall Celebration (4:22)
06. Ras Abel - All De Time (3:46)
07. Ras Abel - Afrikawi (Tigrinia) (4:06)
08. Ras Abel - Roaring Lions (4:31)
09. Ras Abel - Bongo Locks (3:19)
10. Ras Abel - Love Is Selassie I (6:31)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lasta Sound - Lasta sound [2010] [usa +ethiopia]

       The name “Lasta Sound” evokes imagery of ancient Ethiopian culture and civilization. Lasta is one of Ethiopia's ancient regions, having been immortalized in songs and stories both from within Ethiopia and without. 

Lasta Sound - ጥቁር ሴት (Black Woman) - From the movie Journey to Lasta

          Lasta Sound exploded onto the scene in 2002, Lasta Sounds music was ultra modern in its arrangement, and production. It melded elements of Ethiopian music with Reggae, Funk and a dash of Afro-Cuban flava. The core of Lasta Sound consisted of Kirubel Assefa on Bass/Musical Director, Teferi Assefa on Drums and Tsegaye Selassie as Vocalist. 

        They introduced their self titled debut CD, “Lasta Sound”. They had conscious, forward thinking lyrics, with well thought out hooks and awesome driving bass lines. It was an auspicious debut. Lasta Sound was featured in Wondwossen Dikran's independent movie entitled “Journey to Lasta”. The soundtrack was also the recipient of Best Music Award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in 2005. Kirubel, Tsegaye and Teferi were featured as the principal characters in the movie. 

      Subsequent appearances and performances cemented their appeal within their fans. Their fans response in Ethiopia was overwhelming. Lasta Sound is on the rise again.This time, Kirubel took on a larger role, as Musical Director/Producer/Writer and moved over as keyboard player. Tsegaye brings his incredible stage presence, and vocal talents. Mesgana Mulat on bass. Replacing Teferi on drums is Reggie Spivey. Kamasi Washington on Saxophone, and Ryan Porter on Trombone. 

The first single from the sophomore effort is entitled “Maraki”. In the context of the song, Maraki means “the girl who has captured my heart”. It’s an ode to a beautiful girl whose physical beauty and charm has rendered Tsegaye defenseless, and he professes his love and adoration for her. Sung for the most part in Amharic, it’s infused with reggae, while still retaining its Ethiopian musical sensibilities.

Lasta Sound - 01. Tekur Set (Black woman) (4:42)
Lasta Sound - 02. Mela Belu (5:37)
Lasta Sound - 03. Kidest Hagere Ethiopia (4:33)
Lasta Sound - 04. Kedashgn (4:49)
Lasta Sound - 05. Ethiopiawit Konjo (5:57)
Lasta Sound - 06. Negsalech (4:35)
Lasta Sound - 07. Prophecy (4:44)
Lasta Sound - 08. 6 Kilo (4:40)
Lasta Sound - 09. Mochalehu (5:28)
Lasta Sound - 10. Lasta Solution (3:37)

   band memebers :   

Kirubel Assefa – Bass, Keyboard & Hammond B3 Organ, & Background Vocals
Tsegaye Selassie – Lead & Background Vocals
Mike (Ras Mike) McTaggert - Guitar
Kamasi Washington - Saxophone
Ryan Porter - Trombone
Johnny Blackman - Drums
Aziz Saye - Percussions

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nazarenes - Rock Firm [2008] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D  

       The Nazarenes sound is a fresh and vibrant blend of Roots-Reggae with an array of melodies and savvy arrangements that are complimented by haunting vocals. The music is both spiritual and inspirational and carries a much-needed message of love, hope, pride and respect for one another.

       Their debut album "Orit" was released in 2001 by Insteel Sounds and the much anticipated second album "SONGS OF LIFE"  was released in Europe (autumn  2004) by Heartbeat/Rounder Europe. The album is also released in USA & Canada (summer 2005) by Heartbeat label.  

     Their music is a unique and powerful addition to the ever expanding Diaspora of reggae music as well as a stunning tribute to the talent and dedication of this duo.  

       Since the release of, Orit, Nazarenes has built up a solid reputation throughout Europe and have consequently developed large and devoted followings of fans.  The duo is especially well known in Europe and their unique talent has also gained them recognition in England, Canada, U.S.A. and the world wide reggae scene.  After the release of their first album, Nazarenes have been touring and performing at many of the larger festivals in Europe, such as, Summer Jam (Germany), Roskilde festival (Denmark), Oslo world music festival (Norway), Rototom Sunsplash (Italy) and Uppsala reggae festival (Sweden), to name few. Their powerful stage presence and extraordinary musical arrangements has won them the title of being one of "The most excellent, hypnotic and unforgettable" live act of every festival and concert in which they perform.

        Growing up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in the mid 70´s among a large close-knit family, the two brother’s love of reggae distinguished them from their peers. Reggae was considered underground, not mainstream, and was not featured on the radio or played in the cafés and clubs that dotted the city.  Despite the scarcity and the lack of due promotion, the hypnotic rhythms and conscious message of the music engulfed the heart and soul of the entire Tewolde family. It was around this time that 12-year-old Medhane received his first guitar and began to scratch. The course of the Nazarenes was set.
       Over the years many precious experiences have been gained. In the 80´s, Medhane and Noah played with various bands in Europe (mainly Sweden and Germany) with Medhane on guitars and lead vocals and Noah on bass and back vocal.
       In the 90´s, Medhane teamed up with some well known Jamaican Reggae bands including Iqulah, Culture Knox and Mamma Booker (Bob Marley´s Mother!) for a European and African tour. 

       At this time, Noah took up lead singing and in 1992 he was discovered in Gothenburg, Sweden.  A solo record deal with Virgin Records followed along with the release of three singles, one of which became a big hit in Sweden. In 1994 Noah´s debut album was released through Virgin Records under the name Anbessa.
       In 1996, Medhane and Noah reunited their forces and engaged on a new venture, which encompassed their own style and vibe as well as their spiritual and conscious views of life. 
      The culmination of this partnership is the phenomenal Nazarenes, musical pioneers that are going forward to blaze a trail for a music that they have made their own. 

01 - Solid As A Rock 
02 - Same Shit 
03 - Don't Let Me Down 
04 - Roots 
05 - Let's Chill Down 
06 - Walking In The Rain 
07 - Crash Dem Wid Love 
08 - I Wanna Shout Loud 
09 - Your Time Is Up 
10 - Marvellous 
11 - Our World 
12 - We Stand Firm 
13 - Jungle