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Monday, April 22, 2013

Invisible System - Punt [Made in Ethiopia] [2009]

                                                    R  E  U  P  L  O  A  D   

       Invisible System is the pseudonym for the UK & Africa producer Dan Harper whose music is an eclectic fusion of Ethiopian, dub, reggae, techno, trance, drum and bass, jungle, acid, psychedelic, folk, post-punk, goth and rock.

       Traditional vocals & instruments meet the modern, electronic and brass. Recorded in Ethiopia.  Live Europeans meet live Ethiopians! 

       The songs were improvised, from scratch - all instruments and vocals. Improvisation was a largely new concept to most of the Ethiopian counterparts (previously told what or how to play or sing). Dan just went from go with your feelings and express them as Dan had done. The results were stunning both for them and for us. We are not into using Ethiopian (or Malian) samples or trying to quickly learn and imitate Ethiopian musicians who have their sounds, modes, scales, feelings and soul from their culture and country else we would be the neo-colonialists. We are into sharing, learning and exchange over time.

       Dan spent 3 years in Addis Ababa not 3 weeks, living, working and existing there. Aid working all around the country, producing music based in Addis. He Met people from all walks of life. The music is based on real life experience not from reading. It is played from the heart and soul of everyone involved. Their own interpretation thus tapping the ebbs and flows of our lives.

Hear What the Critics Have to Say!

---‘sturdy Ethiopian vocals are matched against backing that veers from wailing psychedelic rock to trance, trip-hop and dub, it's an impressive achievement.’  - The Guardian, Robin Denselow
'New rave goes global. The rave crowd may love such deranged energy.' - Uncut, Nigel Williamson

---‘you can imagine this becoming a mind blowing rave classic, pushing the envelope
 beyond Ethiopqiues nostalgia.’ - MOJO, David Hutchenson

---’there's a pleasing headiness to its rough charm’ - The Independent, Andy Gill

---‘a startlingly original combination of Ethiopian roots and pop with dub, electronica and psychedelic rock’ - fRoots, Jamie Renton

---‘this wonderfully strange and slightly otherworldly album’ refuses resolutely to be pigeon holed. One of the most startlingly original musical adventures of the year giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘fusion music’. - R2 / rock N Reel, Dave Haslam

---‘like an exotic mythology flung into outer space‘ - World Music Network, TJ Nelson

---‘It’s an album that, to its credit, solidly defies easy description.  It needs to be heard several times and each reveals a new delight’ -, Chris Nickson

---‘Each time you hear the songs, you hear something different as this will be the longevity of this world class fusion CD’ -, Los Angeles

---'I encourage everyone to check it out, but not try to capture it..just feel it.' - Max Benkole Jarrett, BBC World Service

---‘Brings together a fine mix of musicians to create a festive-sounding album recorded in Ethiopia’ – New Internationalist