Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nebiyu T. Kebede - Mood Swings [2002] [ethiopia]

                        R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

       The highlights of "Mood Swings" are its originality, smoothingness and musical variety: Ethiopian, jazz, reggae, African Soukous, ballads and more. Every song, as the title of the album insinuates, possesses its own mood. 

       The album's "Nostalgia" and "Visions of Love" account for a mellow mood, "Eskesta" and "Sweet Soukous" are upbeat songs, "Night Life" and "Urban Life" possess a jazzy groove and the romantic "Berhane Nesh" and "Hiwot" are more reflective. 

"Endegena Degmo" has received high popularity for it's traditional yet modern feel. The last song on the album "All My Love" is a dance music produced in collaboration with a young and talented singer Yolanda Davis.

Nebiyu T. Kebede - 01 - Nostalgia (5:26)
Nebiyu T. Kebede - 02 - Berhane Nesh (5:02)
Nebiyu T. Kebede - 03 - Endegena Degmo (4:39)
Nebiyu T. Kebede - 04 - Hiwot (4:28)
Nebiyu T. Kebede - 05 - Eskesta (4:26)
Nebiyu T. Kebede - 06 - Night Groove (4:12)
Nebiyu T. Kebede - 07 - Visions of Love (4:30)
Nebiyu T. Kebede - 08 - Urban Life (4:03)
Nebiyu T. Kebede - 09 - Sweet Soukous (3:40)
Nebiyu T. Kebede - 10 - All My Love (4:41)


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