Friday, November 16, 2012

Yemane Kidane - [2000] - Instrumental Eritrean Songs

       Yemane Kidane is famous eritrean guitarist. His passion for music started to emerge at an early age when he was given  a guitar by his brother-in-law, and his talent continued to grow since.  

       Living in Canada since 1992, Yemane's reputation as one of the top Eritrean lead guitarists earned him the honor to perform with such renowned artists such as Yemane "Baria," Bereket Menghisteab, Tsehaytu beraki and many more.

       Yemane has previously released an instrumental CD with Efrem Tesfayesus titled "Instrumental Tigrigna Songs"  in 1999.  
      However his latest solo  CD release titled "Instrumental Eritrean Songs," is indeed a sweet reminder how talented this young musician is.

The CD has 8 professionally-composed versions of his favorite oldies. 

1. Yemane Kidane - Iwan Halifu - Haile Gebru (6:25)
2. Yemane Kidane - Batsi'e - Helen Meles (5:09)
3. Yemane Kidane - Libey Midrebeda - Osman Abderehim (7:29)
4. Yemane Kidane - Laley Bola - Tsehaytu Berakhi (5:16)
5. Yemane Kidane - Sematat - Berhane Ghebru (6:56)
6. Yemane Kidane - Ab Gezai Keyi'atu - Tebereh Tesfahuney (6:14)
7. Yemane Kidane - Hibobla Fikri - Almaz Teferi (6:03)
8. Yemane Kidane - Awatif - Sudan (6:23)


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Feilimid O'Broin said...

Thank you so much for this blog. I have a fairly extensive collection of Ethiopian music; however, I had heard about but not been able to find much Eritrean music. What I have I had to order from Ethiopia. I greatly appreciate the work and effort it takes to maintain this blog and your willingness to make your collection available. I especially enjoy the Eritrean selections to which I would otherwise not be exposed. I have mentioned the music on this blog and recommended it to Ethiopian coworkers. Again, thanks.

2b0rn0t0b said...

Thank. Feilimid, enjoy blog. Also, you can contribut to this blog by sending some recommendations or music. B.