Thursday, April 24, 2014

Minyeshu - [2013] - Black Ink [ethiopia]

My life in Ethiopia

       Minyeshu Kifle Tedla was born in the city of Dire Dawa in the east of Ethiopia. During her childhood she moved to Addis Ababa and at the age of 17 she joined the leading "National Theatre" of Ethiopia. Here she developed her artistic multi talents as a singer, dancer, producer and choreographer. With the creme de la creme of the Ethiopian music scene she toured the world around - within 4 month over more than 35 countries - and performed at the greatest Ethiopian music and dance production ever: "People to People". She joined the stage with famous Ethiopian musical icons such as Mulatu Astatke and singers Mahmoud Ahmed, Tilahun Gessesse, Bizunesh Bekele and many more. To widespread her wings as an artistic multi talent she performed in Ethiopian cinema as well, playing a leading role as an actress in the movie "Senait".

My life in Europe

       In 1996 Minyeshu came to Belgium and a few years later she moved to The Netherlands where she started her second life as an artist. Guided by music manager and producer San Graatsma from the Dutch agency and music label "Mosaique Vivant" she built up an impressive oeuvre:  

       From 1997-1999 she joined and toured with "Africa Unite"; a group of musicians from the Horn of Africa which was released on CD (Mosaique Vivant - 1999). 

    From 2000-2004 Minyeshu played with her own band Chewata and after the release of her first solo album "Meba" (Mosaique Vivant - 2002) she became very popular in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 

From 2004-2010 Minyeshu continued with her own band; an international line-up of musicians from Sudan, Mali, DR Congo, USA, Ethiopia and The Netherlands with whom she released her second album "Dire Dawa" (Me & My Records - 2008).


Since 2005 Minyeshu is playing concerts on the International music scene. Convincing performances on Festival  Mundial  in The Netherlands, Bursa Festival in Turkey, Moving Cultures in Austria, Festival Jazz in Switzerland, Africa Festival Wurzburg in Germany, BAM (Barcelona Accio Musical) in Spain, Festival Radio France Montpellier in France, festival Africolor in Paris and festival Festim in Portugal. She returned to Africa to play on the 2nd Pan-African Festival in Algeria where she joined famous African artists like Salif Keita and Youssou N'Dour, and in Senegal at the opening of the "World Festival of Black Arts (Festival Mondial des Arts Negres)" where she joined African music ambassadors  such as Angelique Kidjo, Baaba Maal and again Youssou N'Dour.

01. Minyeshu - Zare (4:30)
02. Minyeshu - Dorze (4:51)
03. Minyeshu - Jopia / Black Ink (4:11)
04. Minyeshu - Firhat (4:39)
05. Minyeshu - Mizan (3:46)
06. Minyeshu - Metche (4:10)
07. Minyeshu - Sehara (4:30)
08. Minyeshu - Awdamet (4:21)
09. Minyeshu - Yilemedal (5:15)
10. Minyeshu - Ken Te Ken (3:39)
11. Minyeshu - Roman (3:42)
12. Minyeshu - Hee Boo (3:45)
13. Minyeshu - Hodee (3:47)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Lale Lale / Yefikir [7'] [2010] [swiss + ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

1. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Lale Lale (4:14)
2. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Yefikir Woha Timu (4:46)
3. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Aynotche Terabu [bonus track] (2:28)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nubian Ark - 3 demo tracks [2010] [usa+ethiopia]

    R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D    

         Nubian Ark is tremendously experimental and has taken the fusion of jazz and Ethiopian music to new levels.

1. Nubian Ark - Diminished Heaven (4:31)
2. Nubian Ark - Mamite (8:15)
3. Nubian Ark - Nine Lives (7:32)

      A tight 7 piece jazz-funk combo playing a mixture of original compositions mixed with excursions intoEthiopian standards, Nubian Ark is an exciting new addition to the Addis musical scene. 

        Driven by bass, drums and keyboards with the three piece horn section (2 sax and trombone) and percussion adding punch and color, Nubian Ark delivers an exciting live show.

musicians : 

Henock Temesgen (bass)
Nati Tessema (drums)
Kirubel Tesfaye (keyboards)
Yishak Dawit (trombone)
Misale Legesse (percussion)
Johnny Aklilu (sax)

featuring Jorga Mesfin (sax)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Akalé Wubé + brass - @ Le Studio de l'Ermitage, Paris [france-ethiopia] [2011] [FLAC]

Unofficial recordings, rip from YT video clips, posted by ALLRIGHTROCKO.

1. Akalé Wubé + brass - (01) (4:03)
2. Akalé Wubé + brass - (02) (3:11)
3. Akalé Wubé + brass - Ayalqem Tedengo (3:08)
4. Akalé Wubé + brass - Dodo (9:37)
5. Akalé Wubé + brass - Munaye Soup (8:00)
6. Akalé Wubé - Muziqawi Silt - live in Paris (3:40)

  Akalé Wubé :

Paul Bouclier : trumpet, percussions
Etienne de la Sayette : tenor sax, Farfisa organ
Loïc Réchard :guitar
Oliver Degabriele : bass
David Georgelet : drums

 Akale Wube + brass 

Yoann Loustalot : trumpet  
Matthias Mahler : trombone
Benoït Giffard : trombone
Cyrille Méchin : baritone sax, clarinet
Olivier Zanot : alto sax

Monday, April 7, 2014

S Boroda, E Mohammed, K Malkaballo - Gadaa Gabinaa [2008] [ethiopia]

1. S Boroda, E Mohammed, K Malkaballo - A01- (6:03)
2. S Boroda, E Mohammed, K Malkaballo - A02- (6:37)
3. S Boroda, E Mohammed, K Malkaballo - A03- (5:44)
4. S Boroda, E Mohammed, K Malkaballo - A04- (5:26)
5. S Boroda, E Mohammed, K Malkaballo - A05- (6:58)

Three Ethiopian Oromo singers :

Shamshudine Baroda
Eman Mohammed
Kadir Malkaballo

Friday, April 4, 2014

Adib Kadir - Harari Love + Harar Hop [ethiopia]

        Adib Kadir - Harari Love [2006]   

    Harari cultural music in a language that originated deep in the mountains of Ethiopia.

1. Adib Kadir - Gizmaanay (3:21)
2. Adib Kadir - Kamen Darar (4:55)
3. Adib Kadir - Ayanana (3:30)
4. Adib Kadir - Oreetay (5:03)
5. Adib Kadir - Ifatcheshakh (4:57)
6. Adib Kadir - Subti Orti (4:35)

      Adib Kadir - Harar Hop [2009]   

       A beautiful blend of Ethiopian Hip Hop & Reggae music. Album features Harari, Amharic, and English language vocals.

1. Adib Kadir - Yehunzal Yehunal (3:41)
2. Adib Kadir - Aruzay Aruzay (3:14)
3. Adib Kadir - Kahatay (3:48)
4. Adib Kadir - Iferkumaykh (3:59)
5. Adib Kadir - Baday (2:54)
6. Adib Kadir - Eye Lay (4:05)
7. Adib Kadir - Shungo (4:08)
8. Adib Kadir - Nay Nay Nay (4:32)
9. Adib Kadir - Atundoqing (5:35)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getatchew Mekuria + The Ex - Montréal, La Sala Rossa [2009] [bootleg]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   


JaBig ♥ ETHIOPIAN MUSIC: 3-hour DJ Mix of 2011 Ethiopia Best Amharic Music New Modern Songs

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

Some of the artists featured on the "mix tape" are Gigi, Teddy Afro (Tewodros Kassahun), Gossaye Tesfaye, Theodros Tadesse, Aster Aweke, Abeba Lakew, Roha Band, Gedion Daniel, Shewanday Hailu, Manalemosh Dibo, Hebist Tiruneh, Henock Abebe, Girma Gemechu, Hamelmal Abate, Monica Sisay, Tsehaye Yohannes, Betelhem Dagnachew, Abinet Agonafer, Neway Debebe, Netsanet Mellesse, Abyssinia Band, Lafonte (Brihanu Tezera & Tadele Roba), Zeritu, Abdu Kiar, Mikael Belayneh, Dawit Malese, Tilahun Gessesse, Shewanday Hailu and more...

To download this Amharic music mix for free and for Part II

This New 2011 YouTube Exclusive DJ Mix of music of Ethiopia by JaBig showcases Ethiopian Synth-Pop songs that are popular in Addis & worldwide.

About this Mix:

In August 2011 as I was organising my music to decide on what to bring along on my 8-year DJ world tour by car, I stumbled across a large collection of Ethiopian music given to me by a friend four years earlier that I had never really had taken the time to listen to because with over 50 000 songs that I own, it takes forever to go through it.

One night I could not sleep because for a reason that I forgot so I decided to give the music a listen. I stepped onto the SL 1200s and booted up my DJ set recording software and got mixing. 

Keep in mind that it was the first time listening to 99% of the Ethiopian songs found in the mix and the synth-sound style were completely new to me coupled with the fact that some of the music was originally poorly recorded so this was the most impromptu and unprepared DJ set ever so kindly bear with the not-so-perfect session.

One day when I have the time, I will write down the complete tracklisting for those interested. I am a very, very busy man so don't count on it anytime soon unfortunately...

Feel free to send me your feedback (good or bad!) at JABIG@JABIG.COM and do visit if you'd like to listen to more music, read my travel tales and discover the reason behind my 8-year journey around the world by car.


-- JaBig (Montreal, August 2011)

PS: If you enjoyed this why not show your support by donating at least $5 to the UNITED NATIONS WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME, the largest humanitarian agency in the world fighting child hunger worldwide including Ethiopia?

Every single dollar counts so please donate? 25 cents (US$) feeds a 1 child so imagine what $5 at least could do. Thanks!

Sofia Shibabaw - Fikir Kemekbir Belayi [1996]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

       Sofia Shibabaw is Amharic gospel singer (mezmur) from Ethiopia with an extraordinary singing voice. She is one of the best recent Christian artist. So far she have two fantastic albums and also have many records with various Christian artists in different albums.

01. Sofia Shibabaw - Oh Enie Man Negne (6:50)
02. Sofia Shibabaw - Leka Alie Dagna (5:24)
03. Sofia Shibabaw - Keberigne (6:04)
04. Sofia Shibabaw - Alemayehu (5:41)
05. Sofia Shibabaw - Ethiopia (5:51)
06. Sofia Shibabaw - Fikir Kemekbir Belayi (5:03)
07. Sofia Shibabaw - Fikir Chemere (4:46)
08. Sofia Shibabaw - Endantie Yele (7:00)
09. Sofia Shibabaw - Yelewetgne (7:09)
10. Sofia Shibabaw - Edil Fenitaye (6:25)
11. Sofia Shibabaw - Lehiyiwetihe Waga Site (6:01)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mahmoud Ahmed & Badume's band - Le pont des artistes [Radio France] [2007]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

Mahmoud Ahmed & le Badume's band   -  Le Pont des Artistes

Studio CHarles Trenet, Maison de Radio France, Paris

Recording : December 12th, 2007
Broadcast : December 15th, 2007

Mahmoud Ahmed

1. Mahmoud Ahmed & Badume's band - Kulun Mankwalesh (4:14)
2. Mahmoud Ahmed & Badume's band - Fetsum Denq Ledj Nesh (4:41)
3. Mahmoud Ahmed & Badume's band - Bemen Sebeb Letlash (4:42)
4. Mahmoud Ahmed & Badume's band - Belomi Benna (5:50)

 Badume's Band