Wednesday, September 23, 2015

v.a. - Munsphone Mixtape - 60s and 70s Sudanese Records (Cassette. Munsphone Records)

This one is a collection of records from the 60s and 70s on the Munsphone label out of Sudan "mixed by an Ethiopian octogenarian." 


1. Hamed Al Rayah - Shalo Alkalam
2. Sayed Khalifa - Jani O Ma Ligani
3. Suna'i Alasima (Mohammed Awad & Ahmed Omer) - Min Hobby Feek Ya Jar
4. Suna'i Alasima (Mohammed Awad & Ahmed Omer) - Jaboo Al Shabka Yom Al Eid
5. Ibrahim Awad - Att'haddak
6. Sharhabil Ahmed - Lissa Ma Arfeen
7. Sharhabil Ahmed - Ya Gammer Dowwa
8. Mohammed Werdi - Ghattr Al Nedda


1. Sayed Khalifa - Al Wahid Khallaney Wahid
2. Al Belabil - Khatim Al Moon (3 sisters: Hadya, Hayat, & Amal Thulsem)
3. Sharhabil Ahmed - Ferfish
4. Sharhabil Ahmed - Al Laabis al Bumbi
5. Mohammed Werdi - Ma Takh'jely
6. Al Belabil - Lon al Manga
7. Sayed Khalifa - Nana ya Nana
8. Ibrahim Awad - Zahra Nadya
9. Mohammed Werdi - Uzabney Za Zeed Azabuk !   song not complete!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

v.a. - The Ethiopian Millennium Collection [CD6 - Memories Of Ethiopa] [2007] [ethiopia]

     The golden age of Ethiopian popular music (as heard on the fabled ETHIOPIQUES series) is famous in part for the sparsity of material that it yielded: The state-owned recording industry was largely a ramshackle government vanity, and while music of the music it captured was strikingly haunting, only a few dozen tracks were recorded in the 1960s and '70s... 

Since then, the floodgates have opened as Ethiopia has more or less entered the modern world -- more artists are making and recording more music than was dreamed possible back in the politically repressive "good old days," and the fruits of this renaissance are heard on this 6-CD set. 

This album is recorded using authentic Ethiopian instruments – the Kirar (a circular wooden sound box from which six strings are attached to an upper stick held in position by two arms extending upward in a V shape); the Kebero (a large drum made of cowhide stretched over cylindrical wooden frame); the Washint (a four-holed bamboo reed pipe traditionally played by shepherds); and the Masinko (a one-stringed fiddle consisting of diamond shape wooden sound box and string made from strands of horsetail). This definitive, one-of-a-kind anthology will introduce you to Ethiopia’s rich world of unique sounds and captivating music. Enjoy!

01 - Sekota - Memories Of Ethiopia (4:18)
02 - Mulu Abeba - Memories Of Ethiopia (5:24)
03 - Ayubign - Memories Of Ethiopia (5:39)
04 - Bati - Memories Of Ethiopia (6:53)
05 - Tigrigna - Memories Of Ethiopia (5:41)
06 - Ambasel - Memories Of Ethiopia (5:05)
07 - Gabicha - Memories Of Ethiopia (5:49)
08 - Tizita - Memories Of Ethiopia (5:39)
08 - Shemonmwanaye - Memories Of Ethiopia (5:57)
09 - Immawayish - Memories Of Ethiopia (4:06)
10 - Wello - Memories Of Ethiopia (3:37)