Tuesday, July 5, 2016

v.a. - Au Revoir, Mogadishu Volume 1 - Songs From Before The War [2015] [somalia]

            Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, was once a beautiful port city (with a very ancient history) called the “White Pearl of the Indian Ocean.” But since the coup in 1991 and subsequent civil war, the city has become a shattered wasteland of anarchy, child soldiers, war lords, and constant violence. While conditions have improved over the past five years, their modern history has all but disappeared. So it’s no surprise that this modern music is unavailable; and even at the time, it was rarely properly released.

         What makes this mixtape so fascinating is that the folks at Çaykh spent months finding, compiling, and editing “rips of TV and live recordings on old VHS tapes and radio broadcasts to cassette tapes.”

Truly an amazing mixtape.

v.a. - Au Revoir, Mogadishu

       This Tape of 70's and 80's Somali sound is a rich blend of traditional Somali folk music infused with Western funk, rock and reggae and a touch of Indian, Arabic and African flavors.

      Side A is good for that mellow creamy morning. Side B will get your ass wiggling! There are hardly any proper releases of this soulful sound of guitar, synthesizer and drums. 

Track list:

01 Libaaxyada Maaweeliska Banaadir – Naga Tag, Kac Hooyaa
02 Waaberi – ? (edit)
03 Kooxda Halgan – badbaado guri hooyo
04 Qadiijo Qalanjo – Diriyam Oo Hoo Diriyam
05 Waaberi Hargeysa – Soo dhowoow
06 Wabari Xishood & Jaceyl – ? (edit)
07 Iftin – Wanaagaaga
08 Waaberi – ? (edit)
09 Qadiijo Qalanjo – Dhesessha
10 Dur-Dur Band – Ethiopian Girl
11 Iftin – Axdigii Waad Oofin Weyde


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amazing stuff! any idea of the tracklist?
thank you and keep up the good work!