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Enana Dubale - Cora Cora [2000] [ethiopia]

       Singer Enana Dubale was born in Gonder region. She descended from a family that has a line of famous traditional singer who took music seriously as a profession. Enana joined the proud family tradition early in singing cultural Amharic songs accompanied by a male “Masinko” (a string instrument resembling cello) player. She was doing this entertainment business moving from one refreshment spot to the other. Although the experience is hard there is no doubt that through the process she acquired as excellent voice control develop an ability of having a deeper breath.

       Enana is one of the groups of five singers collectively known by their mothers name “Ergoye” consisting of her their 3 sisters and a brother.

      This group of five came to the notice of the larger due to an album released under the name “Ergoyewoch”.

    She became well known by the public due to the song “Chir Sil Alwedim” and later her other individual album “Cora Cora” was a hit that definatly placed her among the best known young talents.

Enana Dubale - Almaze

            Enana Dubale, the member of the famous Ethiopian singers ` The Dubale families`` A.k.a " the five Ergoyes" died in august 2014.  

             Known for her collaboration with Artist Abebe Befekadu in the traditional song “Gomlalaye”, Enana has been receiving treatment at a hospital in Addis before she passed away. Sources said, the late Enana was working on her new album. The 35 years old Enana Dubale released a total of five albums including collaboration with her family members. Enana is survived by her three kids.

Enana Dubale - 01 - Gojam Yegenagnale (4:02)
Enana Dubale - 02 - Kebiraraw Gondere (5:59)
Enana Dubale - 03 - Ahun Ahunima (4:44)
Enana Dubale - 04 - Hedkulih (5:15)
Enana Dubale - 05 - Cora Cora (4:22)
Enana Dubale - 06 - Almaze Atebelegn Dar Dar (4:40)
Enana Dubale - 07 - Atebelegn Dar Dar (5:07)
Enana Dubale - 08 - Hulem Na (6:42)
Enana Dubale - 09 - Sewedih Wededuh (5:14)
Enana Dubale - 10 - Siwer Sew (4:24)
Enana Dubale - 11 - Enes Bagere (5:42)


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