Friday, January 18, 2019

Yeshimebet Dubale and Fasil Demoz - 2 Famous Singers [ethiopia]

Two outstanding singers with their favorite songs.  
The music of Gondar, Wollo, Gojjam, North Shewa.
The Amharic Music of the Amhara Region

Fasil Demoz and Yeshimebet Dubale - Enchewawet

Yeshimebet Dubale and Fasil Demoz - 01 - Yeshiye (አዎ ሰላም) (6:19)
Yeshimebet Dubale የሺመቤት ዱባለ - 02 - Zemezemew (የሺመቤት ዱባለ) (6:04)
Fasil Demoz ፋሲል ደሞዝ - 03 - Lomi Nat (ፋሲል ደሞዝ) (5:38)
Yeshimebet Dubale and Fasil Demoz - 04 - Enchewawet (ኤንቹዋውት) (6:33)
Fasil Demoz ፋሲል ደሞዝ - 05 - Afi (አህ) (6:11)
Yeshimebet Dubale የሺመቤት ዱባለ - 06 - Fikri Mecheresha (ፍቅር መጨረሻ) (5:03)
Fasil Demoz ፋሲል ደሞዝ - 07 - Tebelahu (ተበላሁ) (5:55)
Yeshimebet Dubale የሺመቤት ዱባለ - 08 - Selam Selam (ሰላም ሰላም) (6:07)
Fasil Demoz ፋሲል ደሞዝ - 09 - Anchi sew (አንቺ ሰው) (6:06)
Yeshimebet Dubale የሺመቤት ዱባለ - 10 - Izezibachewi (እዘዝባቸው) (6:59)


2b0rn0t0b said...

Unknown said...

I love Fasil Demoz. Not familiar with the other singer but really looking forward. Thank you!

Abraham said...

You got me with "He Stopped Loving Her Today" - Great to hear George Jones again, You did him Proud. -
The Grand Tour show was Fantastic, I recommend not missing this one. Music

peskypesky said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful music! :)

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