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Sunday, April 9, 2017

v.a. - Beyond Addis 02 [Modern Ethiopian Dance Grooves Inspired By Swinging Addis] [2016]

Anbessa Orchestra - Lions

01. Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Kingdom of D'mt 3:15 
02. The Daktaris - Musicawi Silt 3:04 
03. The Sorcerers - Cave of Brahma 3:39 
04. Debre Damo Dining Orchestra - Yesega Wat 2:56 
05. Jungle By Night - Ethiopino 3:32 
06. Onom Agemo And The Disco Jumpers - Cool Runnings 5:16 
07. Tezeta Band - The Viper 4:09 
08. Akalé Wubé feat. Manu Dibango - Anbessa 3:42 
09. The Transgressors - The Biz 3:02 
10. Les Frères Smith - Zilzil 7:21 
11. The Whitefield Brothers - Safari Strut 3:21 
12. Cosmic Analog Ensemble - Stuzzicadenti 2:23 
13. Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Followed Path 4:47 
14. Anbessa Orchestra - Lions 4:50

Thursday, March 30, 2017

v.a. - [2016] - In Ethio Mood Again by (Nicky Vour) [ethiopia]

Originally posted here

Outstanding mixtape of recent Ethio jazz sound.

Girum Gizaw - Color

01. Longing - Jorga Mesfin
02. Curtain of Light - Jonovan Cooper
03. Fikir - Ras Deshen
04. Bati Bati - Abyssinia Infinite
05. Ambassel - Debo Band
06. Sabiye - Badume's Band & Selamnesh Zemene
07. Kiraren Bikagnew - Sounds Of Saba
08. St. Yared Of Axum - The Nile Project
09. Atamba Sil - The Lalibelas
10. Ambassel - Girum Gizaw
11. Yonas Gorfe Tribute - Kibrom Birhane
12. Tché Bèlèw - Le Tigre (des Platanes) & Etenesh Wassie
13. Garuda - Nomade Orquestra
14. Kasalèfkut Hulu - Sun Hop Fat 
15. Addis Mist - Nadav Haber
16. Addis Blues - Marabout Orkestra
17. Mott Adeladlogn - Misto-Misto
18. Fikratchin - Akalé Wubé
19. Metche new - Ethioda
20. Fit Le Fit - Arat Kilo
21. Ethiopix - Fous qui rêvent
22. Girl from Ethiopia - Feedel Band
23. Yegle Nesha - Hailu Mergia

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jonovan Cooper - [2015] - Suite Abyssinia [usa+eth]

       Dr. Jonovan Thomarcas Cooper

       Jonovan Cooper, a native of Windsor, NC USA, started playing music while in Kindergarten where his mother introduced him to the keyboard. Using the keyboard (organ) that she bought for him, he practiced and began making appearances in his local church playing and singing. He later began taking piano lessons and when he became old enough, he joined his school band. That’s when he picked up the saxophone, which became his instrument of choice. Despite an accident  in the 8th grade that almost ended his career before it even started, he kept pursuing his dreams of playing professionally. He played throughout high school, studied Jazz at North Carolina Central University, Music Education at Norfolk State University and Saxophone at The American Conservatory. He thus acquired his BM, MM and DMA degrees and even studied Business Administration at American Intercontinental University where he received his MBA.

       Jonovan was a member of the US Navy where he was stationed in the Atlantic Fleet Band in Norfolk, VA. There he lived for about six years also playing in local bands including “Right On,” a seventies show band well known throughout the US and countries around the world and his own jazz quintet. He also volunteered in the music ministry at his local church, “Calvary Revival Church” in Norfolk. 

      Later Jonovan moved to Orangeburg, SC after being hired as an Assistant Professor of Music Industry at South Carolina State University. There he also served as assistant band director and director of the university jazz ensembles (both vocal jazz and instrumental jazz ensembles). He taught there for four years before leaving for Ethiopia in 2008. After his initial move, Jonovan somehow found himself sailing around the world playing on cruise ships for Princess Cruises where he managed to see six of the seven continents within a time span of less than two years. 

Jonovan Cooper - Anchihoye For His Majesty

       Finally in 2011, Jonovan settled in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he taught music at a local international school and at a seminary school in the city. He also kept a heavy performance schedule throughout the city while taking care to learn the local music and giving it its due respect. He was so intrigued by Ethiopian music from the beginning that he made it a point to learn and write new compositions solely around the modes and rhythms of the country. Now Jonovan ministers through music at Beza International Church where he directs the music department. He also is an assistant professor of music at Yared School of Music, Addis Ababa University and teaches at Jazzamba School of Music. 

      While in Addis Jonovan has performed with several musicians and singers including Mulatu Astatke, Kalkidan Tilahun (Lily), Samuel Tesfamichael, and Dawit Getachew. In spite of all the teaching and music directing, Jonovan still manages to study the music of Ethiopia and has managed to record his first project under his own name, “Suite Abyssinia", which features various rhythms and modes of Ethiopia. He currently lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with his wife and children.

       In the words of Jonovan,
“Music should move people spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I choose, therefore, to strive to always affect people in a positive manner acknowledging my spiritual inspirations in my compositions and performances. I dare not claim to have some power to move people, however, people are moved when I perform.  That, my friends, is not me but the God in me. My philosophy as a musician is to tell a story that the audience can relate to. Through this philosophy, I am able to be innovative and entertaining simultaneously."

Jonovan Cooper - 01 - ደስታ የኔ ነው (Joy is Mine) (8:42)
Jonovan Cooper - 02 - ተነሱና አመስግኑት (Get Up & Praise Him!) (11:23)
Jonovan Cooper - 03 - ብርሃናዊ መጋርጃ (Curtain of Light) (8:03)
Jonovan Cooper - 04 - 150 በጉራጊኛ… (150 With Guragegna…) (9:36)
Jonovan Cooper - 05 - አንቺሆዬ ለልኡሉ (Anchihoye For His Majesty) (7:27)
Jonovan Cooper - 06 - አማን ይሁን (Let There Be Peace) (6:12)
Jonovan Cooper - 07 - እንቁ የሆነ (Priceless) (6:41)
Jonovan Cooper - 08 - ኢትዮ ገነት (Ethio-Heaven) (9:16)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Arat Kilo - AK [Ethiopic Jazz] [2009]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

Arat Kilo 

       Ethiopian jazz is a major branch of African music that comes from the bars of Addis Ababa and draws its influence from jazz and traditional Ethiopian music, azmari, Latin sounds and Anglo-American funk. Choosing to adapt this music in a contemporary and more urban style, Arat Kilo draws inspiration from rock music and the hypnotic sounds of dub. 

       Their show alternates compositions and standard Ethiopian arrangements (a beautiful meeting was held at RFI’s studio with Mulatu Astatké, the father of Ethiopian jazz)

       Ever since the Ethiopiques CD releases reminded the west about the extraordinary music that could be heard in Addis Ababa in the golden era of the 1960s and early 70s, there has been a flurry of very different fusion bands making use of Ethiopian influences, including this young French five-piece who take their name from an Addis monument. 

      They are good players who mix funky guitar with bass, drums and horns – brass was often a crucial ingredient in the Addis sound – and they have mastered the distinctive, at times Arabic-sounding Ethiopian style. All that's lacking is a sense of energy and fun, especially in their instrumental treatment of a piece by the country's best-loved singer, the late Tlahoun Gèssèssè. 

Fabien Girard - guitar, balafon 
Michael Havard - saxophones, flute 
Camille Floriot - trumpet, bugle, ney 
Samuel Hirsch - bass guitar, kalimba 
Arnold Turpin - drums, melodica 


1. Arat Kilo - Falaga (6:23)
2. Arat Kilo - Addis Polis (3:16)
3. Arat Kilo - Get a Chew (4:48)
4. Arat Kilo - Mètché Nèw (5:31)
5. Arat Kilo - Farenj Blues (8:01)
6. Arat Kilo - Yékatit (3:32)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ethio Cali - Live at The Blue Whale [2014] [usa+eth]

Ethio Cali is a Los Angeles-based Ethio-Jazz ensemble, led by trumpeter, arranger, and composer Todd Simon.  The ensemble’s sublime sound is inspired by the golden age of Ethiopian music of the 1960’s and 70’s, filtered through a lens that is uniquely Los Angeles.  Acknowledging the diverse musical foundations of Ethio-Jazz, the ensemble also draws inspiration from the rhythmic and melodic textures across Africa, Central/Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ethio Cali features:

Todd Simon – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Music Director
Randal Fisher – Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Flute
Mark de Clive-Lowe – Keys
Alan Lightner – Steel Pan
Damon Aaron – Guitar
Pat Bailey – Bass
Kahlil Cummings & Steve Haney – Percussion
Te’Amir Yohannes Sweeney – Drums
Tylana Renga – Violin


            Ethio Cali – Live At The Blue Whale is an album composed of songs selected from various performances at The Blue Whale jazz venue located in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

           The recordings on this cassette are lo-fi in nature. They were recorded on a portable Webcore tape recorder by our friend, supporter, and avid field recorder, Moises Garcia. During each of our shows Moises would set up his recorder in various locations and record each of our sets. Sometimes he would hang the microphone from the ceiling and other times he would tape it to a wall. All of this happened unbeknownst to the members of Ethio Cali

          Months later, we heard these recordings during a casual late night hang in Highland Park. We were all taken aback by what we heard. The hiss, hums, and wobbly quality of the recordings had a vintage and endearing appeal that we couldn’t deny. We decided to share these recordings in hopes that you’ll appreciate some of the special and candid moments we’ve shared together on stage during this past year. We thank you for taking the time to listen. 

Side A: 

1) Green Tej 
2) Ambasselita 
3) Mela Mela feat. Dereb The Ambassador 

Side B: 

1) A Mother's Love feat. MdCL 
2) Fitsum Dink Lij Nesh 
3) Ambassel (Fast) 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

v.a. - Beyond Addis [Contemporary Jazz & Funk of Ethiopian sound from 70s] [2014]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

       Beyond Addis is a collection of contemporary bands (compiled by J. J. Whitefield) inspired by Ethiopian music from the 70′s and features the likes of Akale Wube, Budos Band, Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, The Heliocentrics and more.

    The music of “Swinging Addis” of the 70′s was a clash of opposite elements: western instruments (drums, bass, guitar, horns) and the stylistic influence of Jazz, Soul, R&B and Rock’n’Roll bumping into traditional techniques of singing and composing, a legacy of Ethiopian popular music. 

    Mastermind of this revolutionary mix was Mulatu Astatke. Now, this compilation gives an overview of the work of young bands around the world inspired by Ethiopian music.

01. Akalé Wubé - Jawa Jawa (Alternate Take) (4:48)
02. The Heliiocentrics - Phantom of the Panther (2:21)
03. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Yefikir Woha Timu (4:52)
04. Budos Band - Origin of Man (4:54)
05. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Ethio (3:43)
06. Woima Collective - Woima (3:16)
07. Les Frères Smith - La Marche Des Smith (5:55)
08. Karl Hector & the Malcouns - Girma's Lament (2:55)
09. Zafari - Addis Ababa (3:39)
10. Whitefield Brothers - Sem Yelesh (3:22)
11. Transgressors - Beyond Addis (4:03)
12. Tezeta Band - Drop It! (4:53)
13. The Shaolin Afronauts - The Scarab (4:55)
14. Debo Band - Trek from Ethiopia (Part 1) (4:59)

bonus track - vinyl edition
15. International Ducks - The Green Cow (3:27)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Winterthurer Musikfestwochen [partial FM] [2014] [swiis+eth]

       Imperial Tiger Orchestra is a Swiss group of modern popular Ethiopian music. Its name hints at the Imperial bodyguard band of the Halie Selassie era and Monty Python’s “Tiger in Africa” sketch. It was formed after a jam organized by Genevan trumpet player Raphaël Anker.The band has released three albums and played in Europe, Southern Africa and Ethiopia.It also worked with renowned Ethiopian musicians, like Endress Hassen or the singer Hamelmal Abate.

Imperial Tiger Orchestra & Hamelmal Abate 
Arte Live Web / Cosmo Jazz 2012

          When Imperial Tiger Orchestra first started unravelling the yarn of Ethiopian Music from the Golden Age (1969 – 1975), no one expected the thread to be so long and no one knew where it might end. Inspired by original albums that the band found while shopping for rare musical gems on a first visit to Addis Ababa in 2009, Imperial Tiger Orchestra released a first record in 2010, the aptly-named Addis Abeba, which explored Ethiopian music from the 70s – when traditional Ethiopian brass bands began feeding off American soul. The second release, Mercato, veered towards a more pop-inspired repertoire from the 80s, and the latest release goes one step further, taking the listener deeper into Ethiopian culture, from the unique sounds of the azmari repertoire to the hypnotic groove of the major tribes. 

       After three years touring Europe, Imperial Tiger Orchestra has acquired a solid reputation as a mighty groove machine. The band has also taken its acid riffs to the African continent, touring South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe back in 2010. Having been invited to Addis Ababa by the renowned producer of the Ethiopiques series, Francis Falceto, the Tigers were proud to meet many of the local musicians who work to reshape traditional Ethiopian music. Based in and around Geneva, Switzerland, Imperial Tiger Orchestra has also worked with musicians and dancers from the Ethiopian diaspora, receiving their rewarding approval and blessing for their own original take on Ethiopian music.

Imperial Tiger Orchestra - 01. Konso
Imperial Tiger Orchestra - 02. radio announcer
Imperial Tiger Orchestra - 03. Tigrinia
Imperial Tiger Orchestra - 04. Lelele
Imperial Tiger Orchestra - 05. radio announcer
Imperial Tiger Orchestra - 06. Che Belew

Saturday, December 26, 2015

uKanDanZ - Lantchi Biyé / Endè Iyèrusalèm [7''] [2014] [france-ethiopia]

       uKanDanZ ... a unique style, an unusual meeting between an electric quartet and Asnake Guebreyes, charismatic lead singer originates from the vibrant music scene in Addis Abeba. 

          Their music is inspired by traditional and popular Ethiopian songs. uKanDanZ has a real crunch energy. Between rock, jazz, noise... 

With impertinence, they rock it wildly. Without compromise. Guitar, saxophone, bass, drums and vocals shuffle our bearings. 

What a pleasure! The stage presence of uKanDanZ swings alternately between energy and emotion... then the public, transcended, dances and shivers.

uKanDanZ - Endè Iyèrusalèm
Rock In Opposition festival 2015, 18/09/2015

uKanDanZ 1 - Lantchi Biyé 04:26

uKanDanZ2 - Endè Iyèrusalèm 04:09

Damien Cluzel - Guitar
Asnaque Guebreyes - Vocals 
Lionel Martin - Sax
Guilhem Meier - Drums

Benoit Lecomte - Bass

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Feedel Band - various songs [usa+eth]

        Feedel Band is a Washington DC based Ethio-Jazz Band and has been performing as a self contained unit, as well as supporting Ethiopian artists like Tilahun Gessesse, (The king of Ethiopian pop music), very recently with Aster Aweke (The queen of Ethiopian soul music) on her current “Ewedihalehu” or "I love you" US tour.

       Feedel band’s is founded in 2010 by Araya Woldemichael, and weeks later, his current band members joined him and together they have formed the first native Ethiopian group in north America as an Ethio -jazz music-oriented band that starred Moges Habte on Sax, Alemseged Kebede on Electric bass, Araya Woldemichael on keyboards and Samson Juffar on drums. After Samson Juffar’s departure to Ethiopia, drummer and percussionist Mikias Abebayehu took Samson’s place. In addition to guitarist Kaleb Temesgen and  drummer J , Trombonist Ben Hall and krarist Minale Bezu, the band found Its own and a very unique Ethio - jazz  sound. 

       Feedel or (alphabet) are Ge’ez script and a unique Ethiopian characters that are entirely phonetic structured in seven columns. In other words, each character in the Geez Feedel system has seven sounds. Feedel are not only a dazzling of human creativity but also, in practical terms, a powerful medium for communication and social interaction. The power of Feedel resides in the characters ability to represent virtually every sound. The ancient Ethiopians, who invented Ethiopic writing system, were poised, it seems, to capture and harness all sounds in the universe.

Feedel Band - Belhame

            Since 1997 the Éthiopiques series has made Ethiopian music a hipster obsession, exposing jazz heads and rockists to the jazzy funkiness that emanated from East Africa in the ’60s and ’70s. (Never heard of the collection? You may have heard songs from Volume 4—there are now 29 volumes in total—in Jim Jarmusch’s 2005 film Broken Flowers.) 

             Feedel’s sax player Moges who was born in Addis Ababa, and can be heard performing the funky James Brown Band-influenced cut “Muziqawi Silt” on Éthiopiques’ Volume 13 with his ’70s group The Walias Band. On the other hand Feedel's bass player Alemseged  Kebede's great  groovy bass lines can be found in Aster Aweke and Tilahune Gessesse's music. Feedel Band’s sound can best be described as a merging of ’60s R&B, funk and jazz with traditional Ethiopian songcraft. 

Feedel Band - Araya's Mood

       Feedel Band is taking Ethiopian music and Jazz, and blending it into a simmering stew of musical genre’s, textures and feeling. These boys have real feel – for their music, for their audience and for each other. Playing with maturity and passion is second nature to all of them ... 

       Feedel band has devoted much of a creative career spanning almost 20 years to this eternal, inspiring form - the very base and roots of Ethio-jazz.... gather inspiration from The Golden Age of Ethiopian popular music in the late 1960s and 70s— a time that had Addis Ababa littered with groups playing a brass-heavy concoctions influenced by American soul and jazz. So here they are, as enthusiastic as ever - Ethiopian's finest, most skilled practitioners in the art of the Ethiopian music. They take their newly created original pentatonic melodies and repurpose them with mutated instrumentation like 60s and 70s-era Ethiopian grooves: Congas, electric Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, traditional Krar, Masinko, Piano, Organ, Trombone and Drums. 

     What sets Feedel Band apart from other acts that play Ethio-Jazz style of music is that they commonly hybridize the regular Jazz style with Ethio-Jazz genres, or modernized the sound with out loosing its original traditional texture or feeling. The energy and power is overwhelming. They are creating and in some cases re-creating the musical language of what has been called Ethio -Jazz. 

      Since the bands inception, the reception that Feedel has received has been extraordinary. At FestAfrica 2011, APAP showcase "Drom" New York City, World cafe live Philadelphia, Global roots festival Minneapolis, MN and  most recently at The Kennedy Center in 2014 and the audience was enamored with their warm and engaging style. While their music is inspired by the Golden Age of Ethiopian popular music, but Feedel Band always perform their own original music. 

       Their newly released CD is called “Ethiopian Ocean” 

                           Feedel Band on Soundcloud : here   

01 - Feedel Band - Tropicalia 8-2-14 (6:21)
02 - Feedel Band - Araya's Mood (8:24)
03 - Feedel Band - Girl from Ethiopia (7:35)
04 - Feedel Band - Ethiopian Ocean (Ye Ethiopia Baher) (10:32)
05 - Feedel Band - Behelme (5:54)
06 - Feedel Band - Feedel Band (8:01)
07 - Feedel Band - Mestafaker (6:41)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Arki Sound - Arki Sound [2015] [usa+eth]

Arki Sound

Arki Sound - 'Jazeta' (Tezeta)

Influenced by the classic recordings made in Ethiopia in the 1960s and 1970s, Arki Sound performs music for your dancing and listening pleasure.

01 - Arki Sound - Bemen Sebeb Letlash (5:31)
02 - Arki Sound - Ere Mela Mela Dubby Spoil (2:51)
03 - Arki Sound - Ere Mela Mela (5:02)
04 - Arki Sound - Gaddis Addis (4:18)
05 - Arki Sound - Hedetch Alew (3:26)
06 - Arki Sound - Jazeta Love a Dub in Outer Space (5:29)
07 - Arki Sound - Jezeta (6:32)
08 - Arki Sound - Kulun Mankwalesh (5:22)

Formed in New York City in 2009, Arki Sound consists of:

Marcus Cummins - alto and soprano saxophones
Frank Marino - drum kit
Samson Kebede - bass
George Taylor - guitar
Andy JordanTexas - tenor (emeritus)