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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Rasselas - Hagger Swagger (The Album) [2016] [usa+eth]

       Rasselas is an Ethiopian-born Hip-Hop artist and producer who is emerging out of Canada. His style can be described as Hip-Hop mixed with traditional Ethiopian music. Rasselas performs English and Amharic, but he also speaks French. He merges his linguistic abilities to create a fresh vibe within Hip-Hop. He has good knowledge of the international marketplace, and is quite at home in the recording studio producing, composing beats, and rapping original lyrics. He owns and operates his own record label Injera Music Inc. from his residence in Toronto.

Rasselas - Guragigna

      After the release of his 2014 independent album “Injera Music”, Rasselas was nominated for Best Male Artist at the African Entertainment Awards. His latest album “Hagger Swagger (The Album)” iwas released in July 2016. 

Rasselas - 01 - Who Am I (3:49)
Rasselas - 02 - Hagger Swagger Intro (0:20)
Rasselas - 03 - Fo My Peoples (4:18)
Rasselas - 04 - Nebsu (4:06)
Rasselas - 05 - Addis Abeba (5:07)
Rasselas - 06 - Rap Muzika Skit (0:22)
Rasselas - 07 - Guragigna (4:15)
Rasselas - 08 - Hagger Swagger (Ballageru) (3:52)
Rasselas - 09 - Ere Endet New (4:13)
Rasselas - 10 - Bring It On (3:56)
Rasselas - 11 - Hailogga (4:37)
Rasselas - 12 - Excuse My Amarigna (4:36)
Rasselas - 13 - Touchdown Skit (0:56)
Rasselas - 14 - Hoy Muna (4:34)
Rasselas - 15 - Here I Come Again (4:03)
Rasselas - 16 - Gna Komo Ber (4:00)
Rasselas - 17 - In The Mood (3:04)
Rasselas - 18 - Friend in (3:53)
Rasselas - 19 - Welcome To My World (5:20)
Rasselas - 20 - Remember Me (4:07)

Friday, January 26, 2018

Azla Vegan x Ras G - Azla Sounds Volume 1 by Ras G [2016] [ethiopia]

       Azla Vegan is a family owned restaurant based in South Central Los Angeles. In addition to serving mama Azla's love-infused Ethiopian food, this family is passionate about sharing the rich artistic traditions of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian diaspora with the world.

     Azla Sounds, Volume 1 is the first in a series of recordings presented by Azla Vegan. These recordings highlight the traditions and rich cultures of Ethiopia, as well as the various sounds and textures from the Diaspora that inform our aesthetic. 

Azla Vegan x Ras G - zät’äñ

Azla Ethiopian and Vegan Restaurant

Azla Vegan x Ras G - 01 - and (1:18)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 02 - hulätt (1:58)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 03 - sost (2:48)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 04 - aratt (1:58)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 05 - ammïst (2:55)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 06 - sïddïst (4:07)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 07 - säbatt (3:04)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 08 - sïmmïint (1:40)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 09 - zät’äñ (1:56)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 10 - assïir (0:50)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 11 - assïira and (1:47)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 12 - assïira hulet (2:16)
Azla Vegan x Ras G - 13 - assïira sost (3:42)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ejigayehu 'Gigi' Shibabaw - Illuminated audio [2003] [ethiopia]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

Gigi - Illuminated Audio (full album) 

01. Gigi - Abay (5:20)
02. Gigi - Tew Ante Sew (4:22)
03. Gigi - Mengedegna (5:35)
04. Gigi - Kahn (3:49)
05. Gigi - Sew Argen (5:19)
06. Gigi - Nafeken (5:25)
07. Gigi - Abet Wubet (4:09)
08. Gigi - Guramayle (4:29)
09. Gigi - Gud Fella (5:35)
10. Gigi - Guramayle (slight return) (2:39)

   bonus track   

11. Youtopia Feat Gigi - Zomaye (Vocal House Mix) (8:37)  (bonus track)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mulatu Astatke / Oscar Sulley - Mulah 2 / Uhuru Mash Up [Nephews of Phela remixes] [2005] FLAC

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

A / Mulatu Astatke - Mulah 2
B / Oscar Sulley - Uhuru Mash Up

         Ethiopian Mulatu Astatke's unique blend of jazz, funk and afrobeat has found its way into many peoples record collections recently since the three quality "Ethio Jazz" LPs were reissued on the L'Arome imprint, and further popularised when the "Modern Jazz Instrumentals" record was used as the soundtrack to the Jim Jarmusch film "Broken Flowers". 

        Even before all of that people were unwittingly hearing some of these killer breaks on Mo' Wax era breakbeat and triphop tracks, all this combined should be telling you - this is music of the highest quality!!!And what we've got here is a remix for the dancefloor that's gonna be a monster, an esteemed West London producer has brought the heaviest of broken beats to create an exquisite piece of broken beat Ethio funk fusion. 

         The b-side is an equally strong rework of Ghanian Oscar Sulley's "Bukom Mashie".

Thursday, April 30, 2015

v.a. - [2013] - The rough guide to the music of Ethiopia [cd 2] - Introducing Invisible System [ethiopia]

[cd 2] - Introducing Invisible System

         Invisible System actually has two new records out this year, although both of them incorporate already-released material. The group's music is featured on a digital-only album issued by World Music as part of the compilation entitled The Rough Guide to Ethiopian Music. This disc features earlier material; this enables Dan Harper to welcome new listeners to his canny mix of dark dub, metal, Ethiopian pop, and techno stylings.

          Traditional-sounding songs, such as "Hode Baba (I'm Worried He's Moving)", rock along nicely, balancing jangling guitars with a rocksteady groove and lamenting vocals. On later tracks, like "Skunk Funk" - taken from their 2011 album, Street Clan, my favorite record of last year - Harper swirls things up a bit with psychedelic wah-wah work, lovely drifty melodies, and a spooky vocal performance from Tewabe Tadesse. This is also a great way to experience tracks from The Cauldron EP, including the disorienting dub spectacular "Azmari Fuze", with vocals from wonderful singer/clubowner Mimi Zenebe.

Invisible System - Gondar Sub


01.Invisible System - Closer To The Edge (3:36)
02.Invisible System - Gondar Sub (4:04)
03.Invisible System - Tizita (4:04)
04.Invisible System - Dark entries (6:12)
05.Invisible System - Skunk funk (4:33)
06.Invisible System - Azmari fuse (6:41)
07.Invisible System - Maljam kehnoelish (If this is what you want) (4:05)
08.Invisible System - Oumabetty (3:15)
09.Invisible System - Hode baba (I'm worried he's moving) (5:58)
10.Invisible System - Mama yey (5:56)
11.Invisible System - Fiten azorkugn (I turned my face away) (5:49)


The Introducing series has brought some fabulous artists to wider attention. Its latest is a digital- only release of producer and musician Dan Harper's Invisible System. He's a former aid worker who settled in Ethiopia, built a studio and invited some of the country's finest musicians to step inside. He then returned with the tapes to the UK and introduced them to an eclectic range of British musicians.

Introducing comprises four new songs alongside seven from 2009's Punt (nominated for a 2010 Songlines Award), last year's Street Clan, and recent The Cauldron. The line-up includes Ethiopian singer Mahmoud Ahmed (whose vocal on the blues 'If This Is What You Want' is glorious), pianist Samuel Yirga and Justin Adams, as well as Dub Colossus vocalists Tsedenia Gebre Markos, Mimi Zenebe and Desta Firka. Two fast, tight new songs, 'Closer to the Edge' and 'Gondar Sub', start it off, while Tizita's powerful vocal is set to a shady, shimmering semi-electronic backdrop, and the new 'Dark Entries' mixes Ethiopian fiddle with a lean chiming guitar. 'Azmari Fuse' sets what sounds like a field recording under a canopy of layered voices, reverb and Ethiopian fiddle. Fusion can be a messy business, but by assiduously mining several deep veins, this is a well-cut gem, bringing flavours of reggae, trip-hop, dub, post-punk and psychedelia to a strong and pungent Éthiopiques core.
Tim Cumming

A note of caution: despite the title, this is not the first offering from this adventurous fusion project, and you could have heard many of the songs before. Introducing… draws from Invisible System's two previous albums, Punt and Street Clan, as well as The Cauldron EP, and adds some good extra material.
Currently a download-only affair, Introducing… will be released on CD in September, as a "bonus" album with the new Rough Guide to Ethiopia. But it's well worth checking out now if you've not heard Invisible System before.
A boldly unusual project, the man behind it all is Dan Harper. A former aid worker in Ethiopia, Harper built his own studio and persuaded several of the country's best musicians to record with him. Back in England, he asked a wide selection of British musicians to contribute, with Harper on guitar, bass, percussion and programming.

Results, for the most part, are impressive, with the African recordings matched against settings that range from dub reggae to trip hop and psychedelic rock.
Though there were sections on the Street Clan album where the Ethiopians were almost lost in the exuberant musical blitz, Harper manages to avoid such problems here: the backing is assured and at times even restrained, though still highly original.

The Ethiopian musicians include the great Mahmoud Ahmed (whose compelling voice can be heard on Maljam Kehnoelish), along with pianist Samuel Yirga and singers Tsedenia Gebre Markos and Mimi Zenebe of Dub Colossus. The British players include Justin Adamsand Ed Wynne.

Introducing… presents considerable variety, with songs like Oumabetty dominated by powerful Ethiopian female vocals, set against a rumbling bassline, while on Skunk Funk the vocals are set against a slinky groove. Gondar Sub finds African singing dissected by slashing, reggae-influenced guitar lines, and there's more reggae on the upbeat Mama Yey, which includes Jamaican-style toasting.
The closer, Fiten Azorkugn, sounds more mainstream and contemporary, though it's dressed up with throbbing bass and percussion. All told, this is impressively original stuff.

Robin Denselow 2012-07-27

It makes perfect sense that World Music Network would put out a second edition of The Rough Guide to the Music of Ethiopia. The first, in 2004, was a near-perfect sampler comprised of classic tracks from the Ethiopiques collections. Volume 2 goes further, showcasing not only Golden Age performers like Mahmoud Ahmed and Orchestra Ethiopia but also several fusions of those old time sounds with other genres, ideas and players from outside Ethiopia. Thus we are treated to sax great Getatchew Mekuria jamming through a new version of that great standard "Musicawi Silt" accompanied by Dutch band The Ex, the funk/hip hop leanings of Bole 2 Harlem, Krar Collective's tart mix of ancient lyre riffs and modern attitude, Tirudel Zenbe's interpretation of traditional rhythms for contemporary dance floors, solo piano brilliance from Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou (who got her start way back in the 1940s) and much more, including a hot bonus disc by Anglo-Ethiopian outfit Invisible System, who mix familiar Ethiopian modes with techno, dub and all manner of sonic experimentation. Wild, wonderful and very highly recommended.
World Music Central Review

The latest of the label's unlabeled updates/Second Editions/Volume 2s of national overviews they did well by the first time (catalogue number: 1286CD) favors 21st-century material whether it's quinquagenarian Dutch punks inviting a septuagenarian saxophonist up from Addis or Tirudel Zenebe's abrasive Ethiopian disco. On some of the 13 tracks, the beats and tonalities first documented by the completist overkill of Buda Musique's Selassie-era Éthiopiques collections are infused with a funkier feel, but the old-school stuff also sounds pretty fresh-my favorite is a contemplative workout on a buzzing lyre called the begena by Zerfu Demissie, one of many artists here better served as a taste on a sampler than an album-length meal. Which in turn is provided by Anglo-Ethiopian Invisible System's bonus disc, a best-of that often surpasses their track on the overview. Start with "Gondar Sub," or "Dark Entries."
Robert Christgau USA

Which roughly translates as "With Invisible System, which like Dub Colossus dub reggae in its 'package' but has a broader spectrum of styles handling, including post-punk and even techno, finally we get another side of Ethiopian music presented."

Dutch review of the Rough Guide

People really began discovering vintage Ethiopian music with the superb Ethiopiques series, which showed just how varied and soulful the scene was in Ethiopia during the 1970s. It's arguable that it's just as vibrant these days, as this excellent compilation shows. There are some international collaborations from Dub Colossus and Invisible System (who are given an entire bonus album with this disc and are well worth hearing, managing to be sonically adventurous, incorporating many elements, including dub, into their sound, without losing the essential Ethio-centric core of the music), but the focus is on the homegrown. There's still soul, from Mahmoud Ahmed, then the strangeness of Krar Collective, who've been garnering widespread praise, and it's easy to understand why. Jazz has long been part of the spectrum and the glorious Samuel Yirga offers plenty here. The overall variety of the disc makes it a joy, an excellent snapshot of a country's music, and an indispensable primer. Add in cult favorites the Ex on one cut and you have a real winner.

Chris Nickson / itunes


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Abud Mu'tazz - Ethiopian Soul & Jazz Selecta! [ethiopia]

Abud Mu'tazz, São Paulo

Abud (SP/BR) Dj, crate digger and producer highly influenced by Jazz, 70's Funk, Latin Soul and Afro Brazilian music.

      The Middle Eastern music has always been present in my life. My mother, born in Aleppo, Syria, put K7 tapes of Arabic music when I was little. I had my first contact with the Ethiopian music some 10 years ago, when a friend put a CD written with no name and no cover to listen. At that moment, I was totally mesmerized by this music, with a Semitic dialectlike the songs that my mother listened. It was kind of James Brown singing in a different Arab progress with mysterious scales and very powerful metais. 

       A arrangements from that day, I began to research and figure out where it is coming this kind of music, until one day I heard a vinyl collection made by a French label and there were the answers to my questions. Had finally found the source of that mysterious music. Ethiopia came directly! 

       After my discovery, names like Alemayehu Eshete, Mulatu Astatke and became part of my set in jazz dances, at the time of the Berlin Club, in Barra Funda, where he was residing. Even without understanding what is said in the song, the way these artists sing is very expressive. It is essential as repertoire and cultural background to the development of my personal production. This mix down to my song search of Ethiopia, a very specific material selected especially on vinyl for you to travel without leaving your seat.

Abud Mu'tazz, São Paulo

Abud Mu'tazz - Ethiopian Soul & Jazz Selecta! (38:07)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Massinko - DJ XL Yaffet & DJ Mengie (nyc) - [2001] - Vol. 1 [ethiopia]

originaly posted here > Awesome Tapes from Africa :

01 - Setegne - Ene eyewededkuat (5:03)
02 - Gigi - Nana Enji (4:47)
03 - Menyale - Saba Sabina (3:55)
04 - Aster Aweke - Arada (5:22)
05 - Haileye - Abet Abetu (4:26)
06 - Gigi - Tew Maneh (3:58)
07 - Various Artists - Seeya Deeju (4:20)
08 - Alemayehu Eshete - Mishitu Demeke (5:03)
09 - Haileye - Emotalehu Woy (3:52)
10 - La Fonte - Seejale (5:11)
11 - Take 5 - Arada (Remix) (4:19)
12 - Various Artists - Atalelegne (Remix) (5:25)
13 - Setegne - Yagereleje (4:23)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh No - Dr. No's Ethiopium [2009]

                                   R  E  U  P  L  O  A  D   

       Following in the tradition of Dr. No's Oxperiment, Oh No delves headfirst into an album inspired by and sampled from rare 60's and 70's Ethiopian funk, jazz, folk, soul and psychedelic rock

          He calls it Ethiopium. Previous descriptions used to describe Oh No's adventures into "never-sampled-before" territory apply - adventurousexoticsmartfun, and thrilling.

       Even if you've never heard an instrument tuned to the qenet scale before, even if you're more into ballads than you are tezeta's, Oh No's transformative effect on his source material will blow you away in its otherworldy funkiness.

36 tracks. 52 minutes of delights .. enjoy ...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mulatu Astatke - [various remixes] [2012] [ethiopia]

             REUPLOAD  : 16 tracks                       

01. Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta [Jan Nemecek remix]  (7:09)  
02. Mulatu Astatke - A Man Of Experience And Wisdom [Zopelar Edit]  (7:05)
03. Mulatu Astatke - Kaasalefkut hulu [Will Magid Edit] (2:20)
04. Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta [Nicolas Jaar Edit] (8:04)
05. Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu's New Shoes [vs DocSpin] (5:11)
06. Mulatu Astatke - Mulah 2 (12:21)
07. Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta [Juan de Gomeval remix] (7:09)
08. Mulatu Astatke - Yekermo Sew [Cajetanus Edit] (7:40)
09. Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta [1974][Remix 1] (11:37)
10. Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta [1974][Remix 2] (10:27)
11. Mulatu Astatke - Metché Dershé [remix by Sacha] (4:15)
12. Mulatu Astatke - Yekermo Sew [Te'Amir remix] (7:24)
13. Mulatu Astatke - Glitches Too [Glitch mix] (2:20)
14. Mulatu Astatke - Wubit [Alpha Bite Remix] (5:27)
15. Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu Groove 3 (2:31)
16. Mulatu Astatke - Yegellé Tezeta Down [Beastie Boys X Mulatu Astatke] (2:18) 

142 mb @192 kbps

Friday, February 14, 2014

Dub Colossus - Rockers Meet Addis Uptown EP [2010] + bonus

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

Dub Colossus - Shegye Shegitu (Blue Nile Mix)

1. Dub Colossus - Uptown Top Ranking (Radio Edit) (4:18)
2. Dub Colossus - Guragigna (5:14)
3. Dub Colossus - Medina (3:08)
4. Dub Colossus - Selemi  (6:45)
5. Dub Colossus - Uptown Top Ranking (Full Mix) (5:02) 
6. Dub Colossus & Sintayehu ** - Krems '09 VI 25 -A Town Called Addis– IX (16:52)
7. Dub Colossus & Sintayehu ** - Krems '09 VI 25 -A Town Called Addis– X (5:37)

**Sintayehu Zenebe | vocals
    Teremage Woretaw | vocals, mesenko
    Samuel Yirga Mitiku | keyboards
    Michael Riley | percussions

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dub Colossus - Dub Me Tender [2012]

Original source : AfroCubanLatinJazz

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

01. Dub Colossus - Dub in a Time of Cholera (4:48)
02. Dub Colossus - Dub Me Tender [Ezana Mix] (4:11)
03. Dub Colossus - Satta Massagana [Yeka Dub] (3:49)
04. Dub Colossus - I'm in Dub With a German Filmstar (4:25)
05. Dub Colossus - Falling in Dub Again (4:15)
06. Dub Colossus - Uptown Top Ranking [Negus Dub] (3:59)
07. Dub Colossus - Stop! In the Name of Dub (3:57)
08. Dub Colossus - This is Not a Dub Song (5:22)
09. Dub Colossus - Crazy in Dub (5:27)
10. Dub Colossus - I Dub the Sound of Breaking Glass (5:58)
11. Dub Colossus - What Time is Dub (3:02)
12. Dub Colossus - Living in the Dub of the Common People (4:01)
13. Dub Colossus - It’s Friday I’m in Dub (4:13)
14. Dub Colossus - Bizarre Dub Triangle (4:22)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Akalé Wubé - Remixed [2013] [france+ethiopia] [FLAC]

       Akalé Wubé is currently in the process of recording their third album to be released in spring.  Meanwhile, here is one release of their remixes. 

   If you want it, be fast. It's the matter of days, if not hours.

1. Akalé Wubé - Dodo remix by Ruben Valdez (4:06)
2. Akalé Wubé - Marye remix by Blundetto (4:56)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dub Colossus - remixes

     R  E  U  P  L  O  A  D    

Dub Colossus - Black Rose (Side stepper remix)

01. Dub Colossus - Wehgene [Almamegretta Mix] (4:57)
02. Dub Colossus - Tringo [Bimbamatic Mix] (4:45)
03. Dub Colossus - Yezema Meseret [Madame Diop Mix] (3:56)
04. Dub Colossus - Wey Fikir [Janaka Selekta Mix] (4:59)
05. Dub Colossus - Medina [Eccodek Mix] (6:00)
06. Dub Colossus - Selemi Pt 2 [Nick Van Gelder Mix] (3:23)
07. Dub Colossus - Wey Fikir [David Chazam Mix] (4:54)
08. Dub Colossus - Azmari Dub (Mista Savona Remix) (4:14)
09. Dub Colossus - Ekcentricity [Sumo Skank mix] (7:55)
10. Dub Colossus - Shegye shegitu [Blue Nile remix) (3:56)
11. Dub Colossus - Neh Yelginete (My First Love) (5:40)
12. Dub Colossus - Sima Edy (Plastic People Dub Re-Edit] (5:38)