Thursday, January 15, 2015

Aron Abraham - Amani'do Yetselem [2002] [eritrea]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

Aron Abraham - Asmara Shikor

       Aron Abraham is an Eritrean Tigrigna singer, who is known for his song "Asmara Shikor" and others.

01. Aron Abraham - Ayresaekuken (5:07)
02. Aron Abraham - Asmara Shikor (6:27)
03. Aron Abraham - Amani'do Yetselem (5:03)
04. Aron Abraham - Aydelen Edmeki (5:20)
05. Aron Abraham - Imuney (5:36)
06. Aron Abraham - Sieliki Ayamenin (3:54)
07. Aron Abraham - Abti Waziemaki (6:32)
08. Aron Abraham - Tshftoy (6:17)
09. Aron Abraham - Yemelales (5:54)
10. Aron Abraham - Jaguar (5:46)
11. Aron Abraham - Liela (5:28)
12. Aron Abraham - Instrumental (0:52)

Sami Berhane - W'lad [2005] [eritrea]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

01. Sami Berhane - Kuluye Zemale (6:52)
02. Sami Berhane - Aytsaweronye Ane (6:38)
03. Sami Berhane - Wulad (8:11)
04. Sami Berhane - Flyeti Btebay (7:14)
05. Sami Berhane - Ayney Blen (7:06)
06. Sami Berhane - Btaemiye Zfetweki (7:10)
07. Sami Berhane - Umrel Senin (8:19)
08. Sami Berhane - Abay Seb (8:07)
09. Sami Berhane - Gamey (7:27)
10. Sami Berhane - Ruhus Gama (7:03)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mystraw - Ethiobeats / part 1 DEMO [2014] [ethiopia+france]

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Discover the man: his name is William Bayakimissa.

       Driven by his relatives, he finally launches in a daring project. William presents the first part of Ethiobeats: substantive work, drawing on Ethiopian jazz samples (Mahmoud Ahmed, Mulatu Astake and other masters of the genre!). 

         Marvelous product from shoestring: iPod Touch first generation's hearts (It takes you to invest my guys if you read this). Although the project is still only a demo, it has strong arguments to make. The first track, fresh and rhythmic, introduced the album perfectly. It is composed by a dozen beats full of groove. By exploiting this rich resource of Ethiopian music, and successfully William offers us a varied program very attractive. The tracks keep coming one after the other and are not alike. In short, everything that we love.

        Ethiobeats is available at free prices. Do not hesitate to encourage, financially or verbally, the boy to buy some equipment. I think the iPod has been amortized by now.

01. Ethiobeat 01 - 02:05
02. Ethiobeat 02 - 01:57
03. Ethiobeat 03 - 02:58
04. Ethiobeat 04 - 01:47
05. Ethiobeat 05 - 02:01
06. Ethiobeat 06 - 02:33
07. Ethiobeat 07 - 02:02
08. Ethiobeat 08 - 02:13
09. Ethiobeat 09 - 03:01
10. Ethiobeat 10 - 02:28
11. Ethiobeat 11 - 02:12
12. Ethiobeat 12 - 02:40
13. Ethiobeat 13 - 02:55
14. Ethiobeat 14 - 03:08

Abraham Afewerki - Mistre Fekri [Secret of Love] [1998] [eritrea]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

       Abraham Afewerki is described as an Eritrean musical tour-de-force. 

      Held in high regard by his fellow Eritrean artists, his work garners appreciation and admiration from his peers. His musical influence also crosses borders to Eritrea’s neighboring countries where his music is reproduced by other musicians singing in a different language other than his native Tigrinya.

Abraham was born in Asmara, Eritrea. From an early age Abraham was fascinated with musical instruments and by age nine had learned to play a musical instrument independently. 

Due to the Eritrean War of Independence, Abraham, with his family, fled to Sudan and soon after to Italy, where he further pursued his dream to be a professional musician. While studying in Rome, Abraham continued to expand his musical skills by working with internationally known musical celebrities in live performances as well as recordings.

Abraham’s first CD, Kozli Gaba was released in 1991, which was produced and distributed by Virgin Records in Europe. The album was the first by an Eritrean artist that was produced by an International recording company and made available to the global audience. Abraham’s music, in due course, was covered by a number of International media outlets.

During the following 15 years Abraham released two more albums which further propelled his popularity among Eritreans. His songs were popular because his lyrics expressed strong and poetic images of Eritrea’s culture. His socially conscious words were evocative and his fans often described his music as inspiring. Abraham is also credited with being one of Eritrea’s master live entertainers.

01. Abraham Afewerki - Nay Mebtsaa Desiet (4:50)
02. Abraham Afewerki - Shikor (7:04)
03. Abraham Afewerki - Deki Errey (8:04)
04. Abraham Afewerki - Aygodelen (5:53)
05. Abraham Afewerki - Abella (6:49)
06. Abraham Afewerki - Hadera (5:23)
07. Abraham Afewerki - Ne'i (5:48)
08. Abraham Afewerki - Fekrey (6:38)
09. Abraham Afewerki - Fekriyu Menghedey (5:50)
10. Abraham Afewerki - Zeamna Haymanot (6:04)
11. Abraham Afewerki - Mistre Fekri (5:32)
12. Abraham Afewerki - Errena (5:40)
13. Abraham Afewerki - Hisebilu (6:54)

In his newest CD titled Semai ("Sky" in Tigrinya), Abraham collaborates with several Eritrean musicians, the result of which was an exquisite sound. Abraham continued to blend his music with jazz, R&B, and Reggae rhythms at the same time maintaining his music’s originality and authenticity.

In 2006, Afewerki drowned while swimming in Massawa during the filming of his next music video.

Monday, December 29, 2014

v.a. - new ethio grooves [2014] [ethiopia]

Warm regards to all the readers of my blog. 

Regular followers have probably noticed that the usual Christmas present is late this year, but it does not mean that it will not arrive.

And here it is !

It is only fitting that we end the year with a short overview.This time, it is a compilation of the recent work of the bands whose music is influenced by the Ethiopian sound.

I am not going to bore you a lot. You have come to know most of the authors form this compilation through the posts on my blog, but there is something completely new as well. You will find out for yourself what it is. 

I wish you lots of health, happiness and love in the new year. And lots of interesting music, of course. 


   cd 1  

01 - Nadav Haber - Nanu Nanu Jazz (6:13)
02 - Elias Negash - My Eyes Are Hungry (6:55)
03 - New Constellations - Rift Valley (4:51)
04 - Ethioda - Araray (5:09)
05 - Akalé Wubé - Kidus à cent dix (5:17)
06 - Akalé Wubé - Gab's Trap (4:00)
07 - Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Che Belew (4:02)
08 - Arat Kilo - Ankober Hotel (3:42)
09 - Les Frères Smith - Yègellé Tezeta (My Own Memory) (4:58)

   cd 2  

01 - KAZANCHIS +1 - Bilemo Bilee (6:00)
02 - KAZANCHIS +1 - Agerwa Wasa Magana (5:36)
03 - KAZANCHIS +1 - Astawusalehu (5:34)
04 - Feedel Band - Girl from Ethiopia (7:35)
05 - Feedel Band - Arayas Mood (8:24)
06 - Black Flower - Upwards (4:58)
07 - The Shaolin Afronauts - Abyssinian Suite, Pt. 1 (5:28)
08 - The Shaolin Afronauts - Abyssinian Suite, Pt. 2 (5:07)
09 - The Shaolin Afronauts - Abyssinian Suite, Pt. 3 (3:44)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Imperial Tiger Orchestra - [2013] - Wax [swiss+ethiopia]

Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Le Le Le

       After two albums and a short but well-documented history, Imperial Tiger Orchestra (aka the Tigers) strikes back with a mighty new album, “Wax”, comprising nine killer tracks of tight funk and free-spirited trance wrapped in luscious arrangements. Still inspired by African masters – but not necessarily those you might have thought of – The Tigers have this time delved into the traditional azmari repertoire to uncover astonishing nuggets of synth- and horn-heavy grooviness. Get ready for a journey into the heart of Ethiopia.

          When Imperial Tiger Orchestra first started unravelling the yarn of Ethiopian Music from the Golden Age (1969 – 1975), no one expected the thread to be so long and no one knew where it might end.

          Inspired by original albums that the band found while shopping for rare musical gems on a first visit to Addis Ababa in 2009, Imperial Tiger Orchestra released a first record in 2010, the aptly-named Addis Abeba, which explored

          Ethiopian music from the 70s – when traditional Ethiopian brass bands began feeding off American soul. The second release, Mercato, veered towards a more pop-inspired repertoire from the 80s, and the latest release goes one step further, taking the listener deeper into Ethiopian culture, from the unique sounds of the azmari repertoire to the hypnotic groove of the major tribes.

       After three years touring Europe, Imperial Tiger Orchestra has acquired a solid reputation as a mighty groove machine. The band has also taken its acid riffs to the African continent, touring South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe back in 2010. Having been invited to Addis Ababa by the renowned producer of the Ethiopiques series, Francis Falceto, the Tigers were proud to meet many of the local musicians who work to reshape traditional Ethiopian music. Based in and around Geneva, Switzerland, Imperial Tiger Orchestra has also worked with musicians and dancers from the Ethiopian diaspora, receiving their rewarding approval and blessing for their own original take on Ethiopian music.

        Wax: 80s synths meet traditional kebero percussions and daring rhythms. Gorgeous horn arrangements enwrap powerful bass lines and saturated electronic beats. All of this in a room where the sun pierces through the walls, where spirits dance and bodies are entranced.


1. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Konso    06:19 
2. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Lelele    04:55
3. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Yasheryshery   05:33 
4. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Bechereka moshete   05:15 
5. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Che Belew    04:01
6. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Shered    03:21
7. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Tgeregna   07:03
8. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - El Naas Elgiafa   04:38
9. Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Sudani Tune   04:16 

   band members :  

Raphael Anker - trumpet, keyboard 
John Menoud - sax, electronics 
Alexandre Rodrigues - keyboards 
Cyril Moulas - bass, phin, krar, guitar 
Luc Detraz - kebero, pads, kayamb 
Julien Israelian - drums, wax machine 
Getu Tirfe - dance 
Emebet Tezazu - dance